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Entry Level Personal Trainer Job Application


Matt Hedman, Founder

Looking for a new career? Interested in fitness?

We are a growing personal fitness training company, currently with 24 private fitness studios located in California and Texas (LA, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area and Houston Area). We’re looking for enthusiastic people who want to enter the field of personal fitness training. If you have the qualities we’re looking for, we will hire you and teach you everything you need to know in order to become a top-of-the-line trainer. Enjoy the opportunity to interact with our clients, help them change their bodies, and get paid to work in a field that you love.

No experience required. The following qualities are what we’re looking for:

  1. Friendly and outgoing communication skills
  2. Being in reasonably good shape (or strongly committed to getting in shape)
  3. A desire to learn about effective exercise methods
  4. Reliability and honesty

Full time and part time positions are available.

Compensation: $8 to $23 per hour plus bonuses


We ask each candidate applying for this position to complete our company’s employment application. To get a copy of our job application, enter your name and email address in the form below, and then click “Submit”. We will immediately email you a copy of our employment application to fill out.

Thank you for your interest in our company!

Warmest Regards,
Josh Hedman
The Perfect Workout

5 San Diego Locations: Carlsbad, Del Mar, La Jolla, Mission Valley, and Rancho Bernardo
6 Orange County Locations: Anaheim Hills, Huntington Beach, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, and Tustin
3 Los Angeles Locations: West LA, Thousand Oaks, and Redondo Beach
8 San Francisco Bay Area Locations: San Francisco, Sunnyvale, Southwest San Jose, Menlo Park, Oakland/Peidmont, Walnut Creek, Danville, and San Mateo
4 Houston Area Locations: River Oaks, Memorial and 2 new locations opening soon near Sugar Land and The Woodlands

2 Dallas  Area Locations:  2 new locations opening soon near University Park and Plano


Sound Too Good To Be True? See What Our Clients Are Saying...
  • “I’ve lost 32 pounds so far, and I’ve never had this type of sculpting to my arms and shoulders! It’s all due to The Perfect Workout.”

    Joan Black
    Del Mar Studio

    “As a cardiologist, I used to do running and bicycling exercises, and I found out as I grew older, they did me more harm than good. Now I do The Perfect Workout.  It’s really amazing what they can accomplish with you during 20 minutes.”

    Howard Dittrich, MD
    La Jolla Studio

  • “I’m hearing comments like, ‘Your arms are so toned,’ and apart from the obvious change in my body shape, beaming confidence and exuberant feelings of well-being abound!”

    Janet Loyd
    Newport Beach Studio

    “In five months I lost 10 pounds and three inches around my waist, and went down two pants sizes and two blouse sizes. The Perfect Workout is a no-brainer. You’re going to get results. ”

    Sarah Slevkoff
    Tustin Studio

  • “My doctor was shocked! I went from a cholesterol level of 292 on January 8 to 207 in June, without any medication. On top of that, my triglycerides went from 276 to 107 in that same timeframe. I think The Perfect Workout is phenomenal!”

    Doug Hansen
    Mission Valley Studio

    “I started at a beginning weight of 179 pounds, 83 pounds of which was body fat. So far I’ve lost 38 pounds, about a pound a week steady, and I’m still going!”

    Nancy Taylor
    Mission Valley Studio

  • “The trainers are very encouraging. They keep a record of your progress, give you feedback, keep track of the amount of weight. It’s also very personal, and I like that. They’re very positive, you can tell they enjoy their job and enjoy working with people.”

    “I usually can’t walk and am very sore the first day of skiing, but this year I was okay. I am a lot stronger!”

    Marcie Pettigrew
    Redondo Beach Studio

    “I’ve gone down two clothing sizes and lost 25 pounds in six months. I plan on doing slow-motion strength training forever. It’s that great for me!”

    Kelly Dieterich
    Anaheim Hills Studio

The Perfect Workout utilizes slow-motion strength training as featured in...

BusinessWeek CNN
Newsweek NPR NY Times