Is Virtual Personal Training Worth it?

virtual personal training

2020 has brought us a world of virtual fitness options. Amidst all the possibilities you might be wondering if Virtual Personal Training (VPT) is actually worth it.

Every athlete has a coach, every actor a director, and behind every success story at The Perfect Workout is a team of Personal Trainers.

We think it's safe to say that having a Personal Trainer in general is 1000% worth it. But is it the same for virtual?

Here are 8 reasons why the answer is a resounding YES.

8 Reasons why Virtual Personal Training is Totally Worth it.

1. Virtual Personal Training is Smart

Personal training is not a class. It’s not a video. It’s a real live Trainer coaching you through a personalized workout.

  • Personal Trainers at The Perfect Workout use our signature slow-motion method that actually generates guaranteed results
  • The purpose of each exercise is to achieve muscle success which is scientifically proven to help build muscle, bone strength, and boost metabolism
  • We walk you through every exercise and demonstrate proper form & technique
  • You get personalized coaching from a Certified Personal Trainer
  • The workout is tailored to your abilities and goals
  • As always, it takes 20 minutes, twice a week

What more could you want from a training program?


2. You Don't NEED Any Equipment

The purpose of every workout you do (ever), is to achieve temporary muscle failure, or muscle success. Although our Nautilus machines in the studio are ideal for achieving that purpose, it can absolutely be achieved with other mediums such as free weights, resistance bands, kettlebells, and bodyweight. 

You’d be amazed at how heavy we can make a resistance band feel, all while getting you to safely reach muscle success.

Equipment is just a small part of the equation. Working with your trainer to properly execute the super-slow strength training method and keeping up with 1-2 sessions per week are what matter most.


Virtual Personal Training

3. VPT is NOT like Other At-Home Workouts

You may view at-home workouts as a waste of time because the at-home workouts you’ve seen or done before didn’t work for you in the past. 

Our Virtual Sessions are not just at-home workouts, they’re proper Personal Training Sessions focused on you and you only.

Videos, classes, and guides can be great resources in a pinch. What you don’t get is the customized approach. You don't have someone completely focused on you to see if you’re doing an exercise correctly or safely. 

A video doesn’t know your goals, injuries, limitations, or how you tend to hold your breath a little before you hit muscle success. Your Trainer does.

There’s just no way watching a video will ever be as effective as working with a coach in a live personal training session. Think about how hard you can be pushed when you are working with your Trainer– it's always more than you thought you could do! Know that a video will not render that same kind of effort and certainly not the same results.


4. Virtual Workouts Are Very Customizable

The exciting thing about our Virtual Personal Training sessions is that they’re extremely customizable. In-studio workouts are customizable too but our Virtual Sessions require a high level of ingenuity to provide you with a specific program based on your goals, limitations, and the equipment you have available.

Your Trainer works very hard behind the scenes to make your workouts as perfect as possible for you, and that may mean even more intense than expected.

Need more proof? Watch this video below of our client Sherry Chriss’ experience:


5. You Can Be Location Independent

You can travel the world and still have access to your routine workouts with the Personal Trainers who know every detail about your fitness journey. You can’t beat that.

And you certainly can’t travel with your Peloton…. Just saying.

6. You Don't Need Much Room

Most, if not all of the exercises require little to no space. Because we don’t incorporate movements like jump squats, sprints, or tire flips, space isn’t really needed.

Think about the size of our studios. The only reason they need to be as big as they are (which is not all that big) is to fit the machines in them. However, when you’re on each of those machines, you are in a static position- meaning you’re fixed in one place, not needing much space for movement. 

That goes for any slow-motion or static exercise your Trainer gives you. All you need is a space to fit the length of your body.

And if you’re willing to try, we can always make more space! Objects like coffee tables and chairs are moveable and if you’ve been training with us, you’ve got muscles to move them!

7. It’s The Safest Way To Exercise At Home

We specialize in slow-motion strength training and exercising safely is under this method’s umbrella. In addition, you have a Certified Personal Trainer observing you, coaching you, and correcting you every step of the way to ensure your safety.

We’ve never shied away from working around an injury. It’s our philosophy that anyone can do this workout. Most of our clients have come to us with an existing injury, condition, pre or post surgery and we’ve been able to help them exercise just as effectively. Our Trainers are thrilled to get innovative for you as well- just ask them!

Most importantly, if you have an injury or condition preventing you from being as mobile as normal, are challenged with deterioration, or injury gets worse with sedentarism, then there’s even more reason to keep exercising!

We can’t help but emphasize how important it is to maintain normal routines right now, and your workouts are no exception. This is a vital component of stress management and helps to keep anxiety low.

8. It's The Way of The Future

Seriously. There are plenty of gyms, personal trainers, and studios that have gone out of business this year. Then there are private fitness facilities like us that follow Medical Fitness Association guidelines and have thrived through innovation.

The Perfect Workout isn’t going anywhere.

In fact, we’re growing so we can continue to serve you.

Here’s the short version of what you need to know!

  • Virtual Sessions are still 1-on-1, appointment only, LIVE with a Personal Trainer, and always using our slow-motion method.
  • The workouts are customized, intense, and actually produce results.
  • You don't need much space, or any equipment; however, we can and will work with what you do have.
  • Workout videos, guides, and manuals are better than nothing, but they cannot match the coaching you receive from a Trainer. Your 1-on-1 sessions will always provide more value for you than a video or guide ever could.
  • You can do Virtual Personal Training from anywhere.
  • It’s the safest and smartest way to exercise at home.
  • Virtual Training is the way of the future and you can get it NOW!

We can all agree that NOT working out is not an option.

No matter what, keep working out. And the best way to continue working out is with your Trainer using a method scientifically proven to get results safely.

Have questions? Most of our client’s concerns and questions are resolved in their first Virtual Session.


The Switch From Big Box Gym to Private Training Got Her Results

private personal training facility

Paulette Arana had worked with a trainer for years doing a combination of cardio and weight training, but she never got results, and one day she simply got tired of it.

“I thought, this is kind of silly. So I just stopped- even though I still had more sessions. I don't want to go back to 24 Hour Fitness…plus, it was so dirty.

So, she decided to try something else and found The Perfect Workout.

After switching her workout routine to slow-motion strength training, working 1-on-1 with one of our Personal Trainers and upgrading to a facility that follows the Medical Fitness Association guidelines- Paulette finally started to see results.

“I can see more definition. My watches are loose now. I can see more definition in my hands and my arms. I've got space between my thighs. I’m reshaping my body. I just feel better.

Being able to see and feel changes in her body is exactly what she’s been looking for all these years from her workouts.

And while she is building muscle each week in her strength training sessions, she’s also building confidence in her body as she gets older. 

Many people in their 50s, 60s, 70s, even 80s, share a common thread – they struggle with balance and the fear of falling, fractures, or worse. 

Read more….

Now, Paulette is able to catch herself easily and feels much more confident she would be able to avoid a situation like falling.

“That's one of the reasons why I chose this. I think it's a great discovery. I really do.”

Haven’t discovered The Perfect Workout until now? 

Book an intro workout for yourself.

Exercise or Recreation? Why You Need to Know the Difference

exercise recreation personal training

If you’re new around here, there’s a chance your fitness routine might include more recreation than actual exercise. 

When our founder, Matt Hedman first read Ken Hutchins’ “Exercise vs. Recreation” article in 1996 his paradigm of exercise was forever changed.  

These principles of exercise vastly improved his quality of life and chances are they will for you too.


Exercise Vs. Recreation

Exercise is an activity that is performed to improve the body physically – increase strength, endurance, cardiovascular efficiency, help with fat loss, preserve or increase bone density and lean muscle tissue, etc.

Recreation refers to things that we do for fun and enjoyment which are psychological purposes.

In his essay on the subject, Ken identified 5 key differences between what appropriately qualifies as “Exercise” and what qualifies as “Recreation”:


Exercise is Logical. Recreation is Instinctive.

Recreation is whatever you feel is fun for you whereas proper exercise results from a logical approach of looking at how to efficiently, effectively, and safely load the muscle and joint functions of the human body.

The principles of Exercise are Universal. Recreation is Personal.

The muscle and joint functions of the human body are essentially the same for everybody, so the requirements for effectively loading the muscles to provide effective exercise is universal. Recreation, on the other hand, is personal. What your neighbor likes to do for fun may be very different from what you enjoy.

In a sense, effective exercise is the same for everybody. We make exercise available for everybody too- try Virtual Personal Training.

Exercise has General transfer to other activities. Recreation is Specific.

The benefits of exercise - stronger muscles, more endurance, better cardiovascular efficiency, etc.- will enhance your ability to perform any physical task like running a race or carrying groceries from your car to your kitchen. Recreational skills are specific to that activity itself, and the motor skills learned from one task don’t transfer well to other activities. For example, learning the skill of swinging a golf club will do little to enhance your bowling game.

The purpose of Exercise is Physical. The purposes of Recreation are Mental.

The fundamental purpose for exercise is to improve the body physically. Recreation is for fun, leisure, relaxation, etc. (i.e. mental and psychological reasons).

Proper Exercise is Not Fun. Recreation is Fun.

Recreation had better be enjoyable for you – that’s the whole reason for doing it! Exercise is all about loading the muscles of your body in a demanding manner, and that is not fun when you’re doing it effectively. How much fun is that last, impossible repetition on the leg press? The results and benefits of exercise are certainly fun, but if the process of exercising is fun, chances are it’s not challenging enough for the muscles to qualify as meaningful exercise. Get started with Personal Training.

What Now?

Now that you know the difference between exercise and recreation, how does this information shape the way you exercise?

Only certain versions of strength training (including slow-motion strength training) qualify as “exercise.” And it’s not useful to consider other activities as “exercise.” That doesn’t mean other activities are “bad.” It just means they’re not useful for exercise.

Significant problems often occur when people mistakenly confuse and mix exercise with recreation. 

For example, Matt Hedman used to play a lot of basketball both because it was fun and also because he thought it was good exercise. Now, we can see that compared to proper strength training, basketball provides haphazard, inefficient, and often low intensity muscular loading.


personal fitness trainer

Also, the high-force pounding the joints experienced from thousands of hours of running and jumping resulted in him starting to feel the effects of osteoarthritis in his knees at age 23. Read more about his story.

Instead of an improved body, basketball had given him the exact opposite result as far as his prematurely worn out knees were concerned.

He would’ve been better off if he’d separated exercise and recreation, stimulating change in his body from proper strength training, and only played basketball to the degree that it was fun for him.

When Matt became convinced of Ken’s ideas on the subject and quit all the non-strength training activities he’d previously considered to be “exercise,” he didn’t get stronger or weaker, and he didn’t get leaner or fatter after ceasing those activities. 

The only difference was his knees started feeling better after eliminating the pounding they were taking from the jogging and other similar things he’d been doing. 

Exercise for him now is safer and more effective, and the things he does for recreation are more fun because he does them for fun and not because he feels like he needs to do them for exercise.

Exercise to Improve Your Body

Our recommendation is to perform sensible strength training for exercise to improve your body physically, and then make great use of your fitter body to enjoy all of the other activities you like to do for recreation – whatever they may be, including swimming, basketball, running a marathon, badminton, etc.

If you mix exercise and recreation, exercise is less effective as well as more dangerous, and recreation is less enjoyable. 

Keep them separate, and you’ll be better off.

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How She Beat a Lifelong Struggle with Weight Loss

strength train for weight loss

“If you've ever struggled with weight, it's a lifelong, constant battle.”

Those are the words of our client, Tiffaney Quintana.

After trying every diet and workout under the sun, she found that her sessions at The Perfect Workout were a missing piece to getting in shape and leaving behind her weight loss struggle for good.


She’s Tried it All

When it comes to diet and exercise, Tiffaney had tried it all. From weight training classes to kickboxing and DIY at-home workouts. She would try something new and give it up shortly after, making it a struggle to ever see results.

“I remember one time I had multiple memberships to gyms, and I ended up not going to any of them.” 

Without a workout program to stick with and many failed diets under her belt, Tiffaney found herself 50 pounds heavier than her “normal” body weight.

Then she heard a radio ad for The Perfect Workout near her home in Menlo Park, CA and decided to give it a try.

She Keeps Coming Back… Twice a Week

Tiffaney joined The Perfect Workout in 2014 and her 20-minute, twice a week workouts have been the one thing she has consistently come back for, over and over again.

When asked why she is so successful with slow-motion strength training, Tiffaney says the 20-minute duration is hard to find excuses to not stick with. In addition to her workouts being time efficient and effective, she highly values the connection she makes with her personal trainers.

And one of the biggest reasons she has stayed consistent for 6 years has been her ability to continually gain strength. That feeling of being strong keeps her coming back for more.

40lbs Down and Sustaining

In addition to her personal training sessions, Tiffaney began a medically supervised weight loss program earlier this year which helped her drop over 40lbs to date. 

She realized that she was just as successful with her weight loss as her workouts because she gets the same features with her nutrition plan as she does at The Perfect Workout:

  • Accountability of a Fitness Trainer
  • Consistency of weekly scheduled 1-on-1 workouts
  • Simple, evidence-based program

Crushing it During Corona

Like many of our clients, Tiffaney was concerned about her workout progress when COVID hit. As a self-proclaimed lover of our Nautilus machines, she was skeptical about Virtual Personal Training and the idea of working out from home… but she was pleasantly surprised. 

“I almost feel like I've even gotten more out of the in-home workouts than I was in the studio. I really, really love them and it's all your own body strength.”

After challenging her body in a different way and realizing that she could still gain strength with bodyweight exercises, Tiffaney now views her body and her Virtual workouts with a greater appreciation.

Empowered & Strong

One of the things that Tiffaney has noticed is she no longer exercises solely for intent of weight loss. 

“I want to see the fat loss. I want to be healthier. But it's about doing it because you feel better. It's not about the weight anymore.”

There's nothing more empowering than feeling strong. Whether you're training 1-on-1 in one of our studios or getting virtual personal training, you will get stronger.

“My whole body feels different. I feel lighter. And I don't feel as tired. I'm not apprehensive about group activities where before I'd be like, this is gonna be painful.

And that's a really big deal.”

How Tom Got Diabetes & Blood Pressure Under Control, Naturally

A Mediterranean escape on the itinerary.

A plan to get in shape.

A perfect workout to help get him there.

Then COVID hit.

Read about our client Tom Curry’s story of keeping up with his get-in-vacation-shape plan during quarantine and the surprising health improvements he made training at home.

His Vacation Motivation

Tom’s story started with his wife, Cathy. She had been training in our West Plano studio for about a year and a half before she finally got Tom to try it out. The only exercise Tom had been doing was walking his dogs twice a day. It was better than nothing, but not nearly enough to get in shape for a big trip they had planned.

Going to Greece was on the horizon for the Curry’s and Tom had made it a goal to get in shape for it. 

“We were going to be doing a lot of walking and I just wanted to make sure I could handle all of that for the trip.”

Tom had done weight training before but never tried the slow-motion strength workout we do at The Perfect Workout. In less than a year, it’s proven to be more effective than anything else he’s done.  

With just two, 20-minute workouts a week, Tom feels like he has more energy each day, especially the next day after his workout. And he is getting the benefits of a cardio workout with strength training. 

“I never was a big cardio fan. The idea of getting on a treadmill and doing that was not ever very much fun. I'm getting cardio with this workout, because I can certainly tell my heart's beating faster!”

Tom got in the groove of training at the studio twice a week and felt excited about his new workout regimen and how it would help him tackle the hills of Greece, and then COVID hit.

COVID Didn’t Halt his Progress

“I was skeptical of this at home (Virtual Personal Training) at first just because I'm not very good at doing things here at the house.”

Many people struggle to keep up with their workouts at home, which is why having a Personal Trainer, even via video, makes each session productive and worthwhile. 

“It’s motivation knowing that I'm connecting with somebody, even if it's on a computer screen.”

Luckily, being a resident in West Plano, TX, Tom didn’t have to quarantine nearly as long as other parts of the country, so he was back in the studio as soon as it opened back up.

After going back [to the studio] I didn't lose any ground. That was nice not having to start all over again. I can certainly tell now that I'm back in the studio that I'm a lot stronger than I was.

Tom Curry

But Tom is considered “high-risk” in COVID-terms so he needed reassurance that the studio would be a safe place for him to workout if he returned.

Tom was in excellent hands returning to the studio since we are by-appointment-only and adhere to all CDC guidelines on distance, masks, and sanitation, We've even gone one step further and installed HEPA air filters in each room, which cleans the air every 2-3 minutes, just like on airplanes and in hospitals. See what else we’re doing to keep you safe.

“They're doing a great job keeping it clean and the number of clients down. I'm in one of those categories they say you got to be really careful So far, I've felt safe.”

Diabetes & Blood Pressure Under Control

Tom has Type II Diabetes and almost a year ago he was having problems managing his A1-C levels. His Doctor was changing his medications to see if they could get it under control. After dropping one type of medication, his A1-C levels spiked up to 7.4 (anything over 7 is considered “bad.”) 

During quarantine and over the course of his Virtual Training Sessions, Tom was able to lower his levels back down to 6.4. 

“I dropped a full point during the pandemic doing things at home!”

In addition, his blood pressure dropped as a result of his 20-minute strength training workouts.

Feeling Good About Health Again

“I sing the praises when somebody asked me about [The Perfect Workout] because I think it's, far easier to go do something like this than to spend 45 minutes in a gym- 25 minutes on a treadmill and, and then trying to pick out your own routine with weights which you're inevitably going to screw something up.”

Tom is extremely happy with all of the Personal Trainers he’s worked with. They’ve all been very encouraging and are personally invested in his progress. He feels like the entire team has been very engaged in helping him make positive changes in his health.

“I really feel good about my health.“

Are you at Risk? Osteoporosis Doesn’t Just Target Older Women

In recognition of World Osteoporosis Day (10/20/20) we at The Perfect Workout want to shed even more awareness on Osteoporosis, and that starts with knowing the risk factors. This sneaky disease often creeps up on the people it affects.

Check this list of common risk factors to see if you are at risk of developing Osteoporosis.



Osteoporosis affects Men and Women, but women (especially White or Asian) are at higher risk.


Older individuals, especially women past menopause are considered high risk. Young adults can take precautions now to prevent Osteoporosis.


Thin, frail body types and underweight BMI’s can be a risk factor for having low bone density which is a contributor to fractured bones.


Having lower estrogen levels for women, and low testosterone for men can contribute to Osteoporosis and fractures.

Family History

Osteoporosis runs in the family. If you have a family history of the disease, your risk factor increases. Read about our Founder's family history below.

Vitamins & Minerals

Getting in adequate amounts of sunlight (Vitamin D) helps absorb Calcium, a necessary building block for healthy bones. Not getting enough calcium can also lead to deficiency.

Other Diseases

Diseases such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, digestive conditions, cancer and rheumatoid arthritis have also been linked to Osteoporosis.

Smoking & Alchohol

Excessive smoking and drinking can lead to a slew of health problems including negatively impacting bone health.

Lifestyle & Exercise

The more sedentary you are the higher the risk of muscle and bone loss which can lead to osteoporosis, falls and fractures. This is where your strength training sessions are vital. Each slow-motion strength training workout helps to battle muscle and bone deterioration and will actually help to increase both.

Millions of people’s bodies will become fragile as they get older due to Osteoporosis.

Luckily, there's an easy solution to prevent and reverse Osteoporosis and it only takes 20 minutes. 

Learn More about Osteoporosis and how The Perfect Workout:

  • uses a method designed to build bone density
  • helps clients reverse their Osteoporosis
  • helps clients get off medication and build bone density through exercise

Whether you are already battling Osteoporosis or you have decades before that feels like a serious concern, the number one thing to help prevent, improve and reverse bone density loss is strength training. 

Keep up with your workouts help spread the awareness and share this with a friend today!

How Susan Tripled Her Leg Strength After Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement can sound really scary to those who face it.

Major surgery. Painful recovery. And little certainty that everyday activities will get easier.

Susan Kubiak knew she needed an expert to help her beyond rehab. Read on for her journey of building incredible strength physically and mentally at The Perfect Workout.

Susan Kubiak was coming out of a total knee replacement in July 2019. After three and a half weeks in skilled nursing she transitioned to a formal rehab program to continue strengthening her knee. 

Once that program ended, Susan started looking at alternatives that allowed her to continue exercising twice a week with an instructor- two things that had worked for her during her 3 months of rehabilitation.

Susan researched big box gyms, Crossfit, personal training and her search ultimately led her to The Perfect Workout. 

“One of the things that was so attractive to me about it is that I had been using the Nautilus equipment for the leg press. That was an identical piece of equipment that I had used in my physical rehabilitation program. I was confident that that was a solid way to go.”

Data-Driven Motivation

“The other thing that I really like about the program is the ability for it to keep data. I really appreciate looking at that. It's highly motivating to me to see that I am making progress.”

At The Perfect Workout we track the amount of weights that you're lifting so we can see your strength progress, but we track so much more than that. We also track:


  • Workout Settings: Our staff keeps a detailed profile on your seat settings, modifications and overall program so you can get the same excellent workout with any trainer, at any of our locations.
  • Time under Tension: which is the amount of time spent on the exercise, and we use this as a benchmark to understand if it's time to increase resistance or scale it back
  • And other measurements such as body measurements, weight tracking, and before and after photos if its a method you’re interested in… but no pressure from our Trainers!

This is a science-backed program and we want our clients to have access to this data to really understand what slow-motion strength training is doing for your body.

Stronger Than Ever

One of Susan’s proudest achievements so far has been building up strength, particularly on her favorite machine… The Leg Press. 

When she left physical therapy, Susan was pushing 80 pounds (on the same leg press we use in the studio). Six months later, she is pushing 225 pounds. In that short amount of time she’s been able to increase her strength by 280%. Impressive!

Now that she’s proven her body won’t let her down with this safe and effective method, the thing Susan is most proud of is her mental strength.

“You can be your worst enemy, if you will trust your head, your body will follow. I can physically perform these tasks in the right way with encouragement and education. I don't let my head get in the way of letting me down.”

The trainers at The Perfect Workout have been able to help Susan create a stronger muscle-mind connection and it has left her feeling strong and empowered.

“The positive nature of the trainers and the background that they have is just so encouraging for me, and particularly in something that I'm not an expert in. They're the experts, I need their help. I need their guidance.”

Susan recently celebrated her 66th birthday and feels like having an exercise program that allows her to perform strength training safely, but intensely is vital.

“And the science behind this is just incredible.”

How to Build Strong, Defined Thighs

Want firmer thighs and a lifted booty? The Leg Curl is an exercise you don’t want to skip.

If you’ve been training with us, you know our 20-minute workouts target the entire body including one of the biggest muscles- the hamstrings.

If having a strong, firm thighs and a lifted backside is something you’re striving for… keep reading.


The Muscles Used

The hamstrings are large muscles that make up the back of your thighs and are the primary movers worked in the Leg Curl. In addition to the hamstrings, this power exercise also targets the calves.

These main muscles targeted by the Leg Curl are largely responsible for the appearance of your thighs and lower legs and train the muscles that are responsible for running speed.

To learn how to target the hamstrings along with your buttocks, read our article on the Leg Press.

How it Works

The hamstrings contract to provide knee flexion, which is the technical name for the movement performed during the Leg Curl. Each hamstring is a group of four muscles that start on your pelvis (around the bottom of your buttocks), cover the backs of your thighs and attach to the lower leg, just below your knee. The hamstrings have two major functions: to flex your knee, and pull your thigh backward (hip extension).


Performing the exercise looks like this: 

The Leg Curl (seated in particular) begins with you seated and legs stretched out in front of you in between two pads. Your feet are flexed with toes pointing straight up to engage the muscles in the back of the leg and upper body is upright and relaxed.

As you begin to move the weight, you’re trying to pull your heels close to your buttocks, keeping your toes pointed up throughout the entire range of motion. Once you have reached your full range of motion- you’ve brought your heels back as far as they can go, you want to squeeze your hamstrings in the contracted position for approximately 3 seconds and slowly resist the weight back to the beginning position.

Like all exercises, you avoid resting in between repetitions and slowly push yourself to reach Muscle Success.



Why Do It?

Building the muscle fibers in the hamstrings can provide a firm appearance to the backs of the thighs, and can also create an ovular shape. This can be seen if you look at the back of someone’s thighs from a side view.

The Leg Curl is a very efficient exercise, in that the calves (gastrocnemius) assist the hamstrings in flexing the knees. Many women wear high-heeled shoes because the elevated heels force the calves to contract, making the leg look more defined and shapely. Using the Leg Curl can create that same muscularity in the lower legs without needing the shoes.



Hamstrings in Day-to-Day Function

The hamstrings are a major muscle group responsible for pulling the leg down after the knee rises. The foot drives into the ground and propels you forward. The acceleration comes from the leg and foot being pulled down as fast as possible. The faster the foot can move downward, the greater the acceleration.

For any athlete who sprints, such as those playing baseball, softball, and football, the Leg Curl trains a muscle that is critical to maximizing acceleration.

You don’t need to be an athlete or play competitive sports to benefit from this exercise. Performing the Leg Curl regularly will help to improve leg strength and overall mobility for anyone.


Maximizing Your Leg Curl in 2 Minutes or Less

In order to get the most out of your 1-2 minutes on the Leg Curl, your coach will help you achieve these three things:

  1. Full Range of Motion: A full range of motion helps to give a thorough workout to the targeted muscles. Think “heels to butt” and give those hammies a big squeeze as you strive for each repetition.
  2. Flex Your Feet: A fuller range of motion can be accomplished when the ankles are dorsi flexed, meaning the tops of your feet are pulled towards your shins. If your toes are pointed down as you flex your knees, your calves will be multitasking with two responsibilities, and they will do poorly in each. Keep your toes up to make sure your calves can do their best in flexing your knees.
  3. Muscle Success: You knew it was coming! Achieving muscle success by fully fatiguing the hamstrings will help you build the strength you’re looking for.


Whether you desire firm, rounded thighs or to run faster during your favorite sport, the Leg Curl is a quick & efficient way to achieving strong and sexy stems.

Strengthen your legs and define your entire body with a 20-minute workout.

get started senior workout


Trainer Helps Mother-Daughter Duo lose 40lbs with Virtual Training


“You helped me.”

“You helped me finally lose the weight.”

“You helped me change my life.”

These words are magic to a Personal Trainer’s ears and Gary Suka of Del Mar, CA is one of the incredible Trainers at The Perfect Workout helping clients make these changes in their lives – including a mother & daughter who lost 40lbs with Virtual Training.

Here’s his story…



Gary Suka was training to become an amateur boxer when he was first introduced to slow-motion strength training. His friend Anna, a Personal Trainer in our Mission Valley studio, put him through a workout, leaving Gary feeling “humbled.”

“I was kind of skeptical. I think anyone coming from working out twice a day, six to seven days out of the week would be.”

At the time, Gary normally bench-pressed 225lbs. When Anna got him in for his first slow-motion strength training session she gave him a weight of 125 pounds. After just 90 seconds, Gary fatigued out. He couldn’t push anymore.

It was at that moment Gary decided to shift his six-days-a-week training protocol to the 20-minute, twice a week approach we offer at The Perfect Workout.

“I have not done traditional weightlifting in over five years. I haven't done anything like that. And at the age of 34 I am in the best shape of my entire life.”

After a rigorous certification process, Gary joined the team and became a Personal Trainer in our Mission Valley studio. 4 years later, he took over our Del Mar studio as Facility Manager where he still trains today.


A Life Improved

One of Gary’s clients from Mission Valley used to come to her workouts using a walker. She had a frustrating experience at the grocery store where another car blocked her handicap access and she couldn't get up on the curb alone, forcing her to wait until the car left. She told Gary she wanted to be able to tackle that curb if it happened again.

A few months down the road, she came back into the studio and she was in tears, smiling. She said, “Gary, I need to share something with you. The same thing happened at the grocery store and I didn't even think twice about it. I just went up to the curbside and stepped up and pushed myself onto the sidewalk!”

A lot of us might think that it is a small goal, but those are the meaningful things that many of our clients love. Those are things that they need to improve their quality of life.


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Reshaping Bodies Virtually

Gary currently trains a father, mother, and daughter trio. During two months of sheltering at home, Gary was able to help the mother and daughter collectively lose 40 lbs with Virtual Training.

“It's a resource during a lot of uncertainty. I really hope that people see the importance of doing Virtual Training.”

Most of Gary’s clients have been floored (in a good way!) at their Virtual Training experience and how intense the workouts are.

“It brings a lot of value to what we do as a company and our method. You can workout on our Nautilus machines, with your body, or you can use free weights. We truly believe it is the correct way of working out meaningfully.”


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Who Should Work with Gary?


“It doesn't hurt to just try it and you have nothing to lose. And it's going to probably be the most fulfilling thing that you've ever done for yourself. You improve your health and you improve your life. 

Together, let's give it a shot!”



How this couple maintains Strong Surfer Bodies in their 60s


Having a strong, sculpted body was possible when you were 20 or 30. But not now, right?


Mark & Debbie Gale are proving that building strong bodies, sculpted muscles and the stamina to do the activities they love is possible at 60, and they’re doing it with slow-motion strength training.

Mark and Debbie Gale are a surfer couple through and through.

For 30 years, they’ve been hitting the SoCal waves on their tandem surfboard and enjoying the sun. For them, the most important thing is to be able to keep doing what they love for as long as possible.

Four years back, they started noticing that they didn’t have as much stamina while surfing as they used to.

Debbie says, “The hardest part is paddling out to catch the waves. And I realized I had wet spaghetti arms! I got tired so quickly.”

A friend of hers had told her about The Perfect Workout and Debbie figured she’d give it a try. She went in for an intro session at the Tustin studio and was hooked.

“I’ve always hated weight training, but I liked The Perfect Workout because it doesn’t matter how many reps you do. It’s all about hitting muscle success. It’s a tangible goal, not some intangible number!”




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Mark was skeptical that 20 minutes, twice a week could do any good, but he couldn’t deny the results he was seeing in his wife.

“Her glutes were back up in the air!”

He also noticed that Debbie could paddle better than he could and he wanted some of that stamina for himself. A year after Debbie started, Mark began working out at the Laguna Niguel studio and loved the short, challenging workout.

“I used to get up at 4:30 in the morning to go to the gym for two hours every day before work. Now I get better results in 20 minutes? I feel like I wasted so much of my life not doing this!”

With the help of his trainer, Mark has reached 110 lbs. on the Lat Pulldown and close to 450 lbs. on the Leg Press machine.



For Debbie, her biggest weakness was her core and when working out on her own in the past she had done crunch machines with her back. Her trainers were able to work on her posture and help her move with better form, which has strengthened her core immensely. “I found muscles I never used in my lifetime!”

Recently, Debbie and Mark went surfing and surprised themselves when they realized they’d been in the water for two hours. Mark asked Debbie if she was tired and she wasn’t at all.

Mark says, “We had never lasted that long! Usually when you take a break from surfing for a few weeks, the first day back is extremely painful. Now because of The Perfect Workout, we can take time off and feel great when we come back!”

They’re riding better than they ever have and Mark is lifting Debbie over his head with ease, a trick he learned in his youthful ice skating days.

At 64 and 60, Mark and Debbie are stronger than they’ve been in decades. Debbie says, “We’re never giving up The Perfect Workout. It makes a huge difference in our health and our enjoyment in life.”



locations the perfect workout


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