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Take Control of Your Health Today

LeAnne Fuller cares about your health!

LeAnne Fuller began her career with The Perfect Workout as a Personal Trainer and quickly progressed to Facility Manager of Redondo Beach, and has been Regional Manager of Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, SF Bay Area, Orange County and San Diego. LeAnne has implemented our slow-motion strength training method and seen amazing results throughout the years. She’s even been able to keep up with her workouts during rehabilitation from outside injuries.

LeAnne is giving you a FREE session to see if the method of slow-motion training from The Perfect Workout is the right fit for you to take control of your future health.

Work with the Team that can help you achieve maximum results!

With the right program, support and only 20 minutes, twice a week, you can be the healthiest and most energetic version of yourself, for the long haul! Don't wait, get started now.

Slow-motion strength training helps you stimulate optimum fitness improvements in your body from just two efficient training sessions per week. How is this possible?

Time Efficient

While most personal trainers are quick to "verbally" praise your improvements, we're extremely confident in pulling out the measuring tape and scale to show you exact numbers.

Measured Results

Another important aspect of slow-motion strength training is that it’s safer on your joints and connective tissues than just about any other exercise activity.

Less Injury Risk

Our expert personal trainers specialize in a unique slow-motion strength training method to help you get stronger, gain energy, and avoid age-related pain and health issues with just two training sessions a week.


What Is The Perfect Workout?

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Avoid health concerns that dictate your freedom and your future - In only 20 minutes, twice a week!

Reach Your Fitness (& Future) Goals With the Help of A Personal Trainer

We Can Help Remodel and Reshape Your Body

Adults who don’t strength train lose an average of a half pound of lean muscle tissue each year starting at age 25.

Supports Greater Health

Slow-motion strength training not only helps improve your appearance, but your health too.

More Fun

By getting stronger, you’ll experience less effort in your everyday activities.

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Why is it "The Perfect Workout?"

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