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The Science Behind Our Workout

The Perfect Workout® uses our proprietary Fast Fit Machines™ to deliver results faster and safer than traditional strength training.

Compared to other workout classes or methods like Pilates or HIIT, our method and technology provides perfect resistance for every exercise

This creates the safest, most efficient, and effective workout compared to anything else you’ve probably tried.

All 20-minutes of your workout are spent boosting your metabolism, burning more fat, and building more strength than you’ve ever experienced before.

Members spend 72% less time exercising

They achieve 3X the fat loss

They add twice the amount of
lean muscle

Four times the decrease in waist circumference

3X the VO2 Max improvement

Results based on 2021 study by Western Colorado University*

What to Expect In Our Workout

Full Body Compound Movements

Develop total strength, boost metabolism, and elevate your heart rate.

Toning Movements

Develop shape, mobility, and fitness.

Metabolic Conditioning

Boost your metabolism and burn more calories.

Female trainer and member on a Fast Fit Machine at The Perfect Workout and
Ideal Intensity for Aerobic Training

Elevate your heart rate to a perfect aerobic training zone.

Four Ways to Train In Our Semi-Private Studios

Membership options starting as low as $99/mo! You can choose to train by yourself, with a small group, a partner, or privately with your own trainer.


Dedicated 1-1 training with a trainer.


Train with 3 other members and the guidance of a trainer.


Side-by-side training with one other member and a trainer.


Confident on your own? Great! This is for you.**

Guaranteed results in just two, 20 minute workouts per week.

If you’re not measurably stronger after just 30 days of training with us, we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Senior male client performing triceps exercise with the guidance of a female personal trainer at The Perfect Workout studio.

Start with a Free Trial Workout

A no-obligation way to explore if The Perfect Workout® is for you.

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Over 59,000 Lives Changed with The Perfect Workout®

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand the skepticism surrounding a 20-minute exercise routine. It goes against the grain of traditional beliefs. 

The truth is, if you’re doing more exercise than needed, your workout may not be intense enough. With many traditional methods, a lot of time spent during your workout is “rest time.” More rest during a workout can reduce muscle growth and cardiovascular impact. 

So you can either work hard during exercise, or you can work out for a long time – but you can’t do both. Intensity is key if you want to effectively boost your metabolism, improve VO2 max, and not only build lean muscle but support your skeletal health. 

Our approach is not only unique, it’s grounded in research.

We train all major muscle groups through 5-8 exercises with minimal rest between sets. Our method and technology provide the perfect resistance for every exercise, eliminating virtually any risk of injury. So you’ll spend your sessions burning more fat and building more strength than traditional weight training.

But don’t take our word for it! Come in for your own free Introductory Session. Experience the methodology first-hand, without any obligation.

This is especially for you.

Our approach is low-impact and safety-based, making it a great option for those who have injuries or limitations to accommodate.

We work with many members who require modification to their routines. Our team of Personal Trainers are qualified to support your unique health history.

Want to speak with a certified trainer about your specific injuries or limitations? We recommend reserving a spot with a free introductory session and calling us at 844-693-0220. We’ll help establish important health history details before you even walk into your session.

Pricing is based on your preferences, goals, and needs.

And with options starting as low as $99 monthly, we have a fit for every budget. 

Finding your perfect membership starts with a free Introductory Session. Experience a custom-tailored workout and discover training options that support your lifestyle. 

Choose a package that reflects your priorities, such as your goal, budget, and how often you’d like to train. Training options are flexible and range from $99 to $839 monthly, so no long-term contracts. All subscriptions can be modified or canceled with a 30-day notice.

Our memberships adapt to life’s changes, supporting you at every stage.

Plus, our method is so effective, that if you aren’t stronger after 30 days of consistently training with us, we’ll refund every penny.

The Perfect Workout app lets you book your sessions based on trainer availability or your preferred time. This way, you can create a schedule that works best for you!

We recommend working with multiple trainers to get the most out of your workouts. Each trainer has unique tips, techniques, and perspectives that support your overall progress.

Our studios are semi-private and provide an ideal environment for exercise: clean, cool, and distraction-free.

Unlike big box gyms, we’re appointment-based, so you’ll only see a couple of people in passing, engaged in their own training session. This means you can enjoy a focused workout without waiting for equipment or planning around busy times.


Try The Perfect Workout® for free today, no strings attached.

Schedule a Free Trial Workout at our Lakeway Texas studio today.

*Results from Western Colorado study, 2021
**Requires a minimum of 4 sessions with a trainer before a trainee can perform self-guided training

Any specific member results or claims on this page are unique to those members and are not guarantees of specific results for any other individual person. All health and fitness results and changes are based on individual people and are not guaranteed by The Perfect Workout®.

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