Meet Kathryn Prickett, Personal Trainer at The Perfect Workout’s Carlsbad Studio

kathryn-trainerWhile a client at The Perfect Workout, Kathryn Prickett lost 17 pounds and gained strength. Now that she’s been a trainer since 2012, she says, “I love seeing clients gain a sense of confidence as their strength and fitness improves. It's the greatest thing!”

Kathryn Prickett really understands and identifies with her clients. It's easy since she is in the same age group of many of the clients and up until a couple years ago, she was a client herself at The Perfect Workout. After putting on about 17 pounds several years ago, she realized she needed to do something about it. In the past, Kathryn had done traditional weight training, and even had a Universal machine set up at home, but slow-motion strength training was a new concept to her. “It gave me quick strength,” she says. “I strength trained for six months before climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, and I almost ran up the mountain!” She also got back down to weighing 113 pounds.

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After working out for a few years at The Perfect Workout, Kathryn decided she liked the idea of helping other people achieve their own goals in fitness. Certainly her passion for fitness and nutrition, a background in pharmaceutical chemistry and health sciences, and her own slow-motion strength training results were a perfect fit for becoming a trainer, and her clients are glad she did. Kathryn says, “The first thing clients usually notice is their muscles getting stronger, and then they begin to lose inches, usually in the hips and waist area. Their pants fit looser. Losing more weight only happens if they take the next step and really focus on their diet.”

Kathryn has had numerous success stories, including a client who came in for 24 sessions needing to lose a lot of weight. “The client worked very hard during her training and I definitely pushed her to stay focused and push to that point of muscle failure. She lost 10 pounds, and was so motivated by what we did that she lost another 10 pounds on her own.” Kathryn calls slow-motion strength training “a marriage between mind and body.” She listens to her clients, tries to understand their mental strengths and weaknesses and then works hard to push them physically past where they think they can go. “The learning curve in the beginning is tough, it takes a while. Once they get it, I'll start pushing more. And it gets harder as the weights go up.”
Make no mistake, this is not a casual or typical workout. The results aren't typical either, and Kathryn is proof of that. She continues to defy her age and keeps in great shape which certainly helps make all her world traveling adventures less difficult. Kathryn's ongoing professional goal is to continue understanding more about nutrition and fitness, and to continue helping clients at The Perfect Workout achieve their goals.

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