Meet Taylor Fleming Personal Trainer at The Perfect Workout’s Studio in Sunnyvale, CA

sunnyvale-trainer-taylorTaylor Fleming couldn’t be happier training clients and working with great colleagues. “The best thing about The Perfect Workout is that it’s like a family. I feel that this is my calling.”

On the surface, Taylor Fleming looks like you’d expect a personal trainer to look. She’s been in shape her whole life, and you can see the toned results of her recent slow-motion strength training workouts. Yet when you hear the passion in her voice as she starts talking about things like the solitude of fitness and mindful eating, you get the feeling that she’s in exactly the right place.

Taylor was intrigued by the scientific research that backed up slow-motion strength training. As a runner, she had some knee problems and was actually over-working her body. Since changing to slow-motion, Taylor has increased her muscle mass and decreased her body fat by three percent. Even more impressive, she can now leg press the entire stack of 487 pounds for two minutes and her right knee pain is gone. “The methodology works,” she says.


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Always striving to learn more, Taylor is taking classes through Integrative Nutrition, one of her passions. A few years back she overcame an eating disorder and now looks at food as fuel. When her clients ask her about nutrition, she advises them to avoid mindless eating and suggests some general rules that she follows: Drink a gallon of water a day. Eat five small meals a day, two of which are snacks. Stick to a high-protein, complex (not low) carbohydrate plan. “It’s that simple. It’s a lifestyle, not a diet,” Taylor says. Her advice on working out is similar. “Make small changes over time. Consistency is the key.”

Taylor lights up when she talks about her clients, including a 62-year old who came in quite fit from another popular workout, but with a lot of pain in her joints. Working together, they started small and worked up. She’s now leg pressing 400 pounds, almost four times her 102-pound body weight. Another client in her early 70s had a desk job and never worked out, causing her muscles to atrophy. She’s very committed to increasing her muscle mass, and never misses a workout, and now bicep curls 40 pounds and lat pulls 90 pounds. Seeing her clients’ commitment to the program gives Taylor the most satisfaction. “That progress over time, seeing how devoted they are inspires me. That’s why I’m in this industry.”

locations the perfect workout

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