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Not only did The Perfect Workout make me stronger, it also helped me lose weight! In my first two years, I lost 90 lbs. from sticking to my 20 minutes, twice a week regimen and improving my nutrition. At 60 years old, I have a much more defined figure, I look younger than I am, and I have a tiny waist!

I had a very inactive life before The Perfect Workout. Now, I have lots and lots of energy. I sleep better. I'm more relaxed. I lost 47 pounds since starting The Perfect Workout- something I wasn’t able to achieve on my own. I'm in my 60s and happier, healthy, and living life as I wanted.

I suffered from chronic pain from the moment I woke up til I went to bed at night. After four months of The Perfect Workout, I told my chiropractor what a difference it made after he complimented my strong back muscles. Being pain-free in my 50s is an amazing improvement.I feel great and I owe everything to The Perfect Workout.

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. My body was weak and very fragile. I was falling quite a bit. After I started The Perfect Workout, I went back to the doctor for another bone density exam. I went from osteoporosis to NO OSTEOPOROSIS. I've gotten stronger and stronger. Instead of feeling 63, I feel like I'm 45.

In my 60's and my body is poppin', mind is transformed. And it's all because of The Perfect Workout, which is only 20 minutes, two times a week. For real, that's all I work out and I'm down 60 lbs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible. We recommend working with a Personal Trainer to ensure you are achieving the full benefits of slow-motion strength training, both safely and effectively. It can be challenging to accomplish a productive workout both physically and mentally, and even more challenging to achieve that on your own. However, if you want to incorporate our methodology into your other workouts our Personal Trainers are able to provide you instruction.

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