There are thousands of exercises you could do. Take this quiz to find out your top exercises and discover The Perfect Workout for you.


What’s The Perfect Workout for You?

Take this FREE assessment to discover The Perfect Workout for you and get your printable workout guide.

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There are thousands of exercises you could do. Take this quiz to find out your top exercises and discover The Perfect Workout for you.


What’s The Perfect Workout for Your Needs?

Take this FREE assessment to discover The Perfect Workout for you and get your printable workout guide.

Or give us a call at
(888) 803-6813

Using Our Science-Backed Method As Featured In:

Your Results from The Perfect Workout Quiz include step-by-step instructions showing you How to…

…and more!

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method of Exercise

What makes this workout so “perfect?”

Developed in a study at the University of Florida, our slow-motion strength training method was originally designed to help older women with osteoporosis build bone density safely.

One of the best parts is that this method of low-impact, high-intensity resistance training can be adapted to just about any fitness goal or medical need – because it is so safe and so effective.

The quiz will pair our slow-motion method with your needs to determine the best exercises for you.

The Perfect Workout Quiz takes into account:

  • Your age
  • Your biological sex
  • The changing and adaptive nature of the human body (your workout should evolve with you!)

It then picks your exercises, combining the above data with additional factors, including your:

  • Health and fitness goals
  • Injuries, conditions, or limitations

The result: If you choose, you can skip hours in the gym – as well as the hassle of figuring out which exercises will work and how to avoid injuring yourself. Instead, you can use our signature slow-motion method to achieve your safe, effective, and efficient workout.

This unique approach takes the hassle out of figuring out which workout is right for you, making it easier for you to lose weight, gain muscle, feel better, and get The Perfect Workout.

The benefits of
The Perfect Workout

Some people have great genetics and haven't lost muscle or gained weight with age. They're able to maintain their strength and figure for decades – without lifting a dumbbell or visiting the gym once.

Unfortunately, these “genetic lottery winners” make up only a tiny segment of the population. The rest of us typically need help safely staying in shape as we age, in the form of outside accountability and guidance, at least temporarily. This quiz can help you:

  • Identify the right exercises for your unique goals
  • Stay safe and work around any limitations
  • Improve your health and reshape your body in 20 minutes, twice a week

That's why we created this exercise quiz. It gives you a custom workout blueprint for achieving your exercise goals and, at the same time, helps you develop the structure and safety you need to exercise at any age.

(For optimal results, it's best to combine this exercise guide with support from personal trainers certified in slow-motion strength training and proper nutrition coaching – both of which we can help you with.)

The problem with
most workouts

Most people know they need to exercise. If you don't take care of your body's systems with exercise, it breaks down: You gain weight, lose strength, and can't do the things you want to do. If you take care of your body with exercise, it stays strong and healthy.

(This sounds simple, but as you may have experienced, there are so many types of workouts that make choosing the right one… not so simple.  Learn more here.)

By exercising, you can maintain or improve your health. However, there are disadvantages to choosing unsafe exercises or the wrong workout.

Most notably: Other types of workouts aren't customized to your body, goals, and limitations. Depending on what you're trying to achieve, this can negatively impact your results, safety, metabolism, and muscle engagement.

And that can make it harder to lose weight, gain muscle, feel better, and improve your health. (Want to skip the stress? Take the first step with this 2-minute quiz.)

Why doing The Perfect Workout
gives you an advantage

Just in case you're not sure, let's start by defining what exercise is.

There are three major factors of quality exercise: Safety, efficiency, and effectiveness.

If you exercise unsafely, you risk injury and being taken out of commission with imposed recovery time from rehabilitation and surgical procedures. You'll probably agree, safety is a must.

And what good is exercise if you can't keep up with it? If you can't sustain an exercise program due to the required hours in the gym every day, then it's not worth doing and not effective for you.

Lastly, your body needs sufficient stimulus to activate its metabolic, muscular, and cardiovascular systems. This means you need just the right amount and type of exercise, and no more, to make it truly effective.

When you use slow-motion strength training, as featured in this quiz, you don't need to count reps and sets or run a certain number of miles. Instead, you aim for temporary total muscle fatigue – what we call “muscle success” – by moving slowly, keeping the muscles engaged and loaded, and stopping when you reach fatigue. (Not just when you “feel like it.”)

That's because muscle success provides certain signals to your body:

  • Get stronger
  • Boost metabolism & burn calories
  • Improve artery expansion and blood flow
  • Build bone density
  • And so much more!
before and after photo of female client

As a result, any exercise performed with slow-motion strength training means you're automatically reaching that stimulus. And with your custom exercise guide you're ensuring the right muscles are targeted.

For example, let's say you do three exercises:

  • Leg press
  • Leg Curl
  • Leg Extension

Your workout would consist of only lower body exercises.

By adjusting which exercises you do based on your age, sex, goals, and limitations, and pairing it with slow-motion strength training, you can optimize your exercise plan.

If you're trying to lose weight, you might do more exercises that target the glutes (your rear muscles), since they have the largest impact on your metabolic system. Or if you want to get better at lifting luggage overhead or carrying a grandchild, you might want more upper body exercises to improve your upper body strength.

The good news: Our exercise quiz will figure all of this out for you.

Just answer a few quick questions and, within moments, you'll get an exercise guide that's customized for your body, goals, and limitations.

Like any workout, though, traditional strength training has its downside. Perhaps the biggest challenge: Because quality exercise results require careful positioning and consistency, most people won't stick to it for long.

Many say, “I know what to do, I'm just not motivated to do it,” which can limit any workout's effectiveness to very short periods of time. That's where slow-motion strength training comes in.

Slow-Motion Strength Training:
The quickest and safest way to reshape your health & body

When we created this exercise quiz, we asked:

How can we help people figure out the best exercises for them, but without the burdens of…

  • unsafe and inefficient trial and error
  • using a stinky, uncomfortable gym
  • finding exercise equipment
  • or wasting hours they don't have?

Our solution: pair our 20-minute method with personalized recommendations not just for exercise machines, but also alternative exercises without equipment. That way, you can use whichever you prefer.

And our members constantly tell us, “Only 20 minutes? That's doable. I can do anything for 20 minutes.”

Based on the results you get from the quiz, all you have to do is follow the recommended exercises twice a week. (Again, we'll show you how to put this 20-minute method fully into practice once you put your information into The Perfect Workout for You Quiz and receive your free guide and printable.)

How effective is slow-motion strength training for getting stronger & losing weight?

Research shows slow-motion strength training is 60% or more effective at improving your health and reshaping your body compared to traditional weight lifting–with substantially less effort and time involved.

If weight or fat loss is a goal of yours, a critical part of toning and maintaining strength as you lose fat is strength training. (Learn more about losing fat and only fat here.) Though 80% of fat loss relies on proper nutrition, strength training is the most efficient way to boost your metabolism at rest.

Plus, our signature slow-motion method allows you to easily modify your workout to further optimize your results, no matter what limitations or goals you have.

Ready to get started? Go ahead and enter your information into The Perfect Workout for You Quiz here and we'll do the rest, providing you with a free exercise guide customized just for you.

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