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Personal Trainer Del Mar Facts – Less Known Reasons why Strength Training is Beneficial for You

There is no denying the fact that a Del Mar personal trainer is a great professional to hire when you want to start strength training. There are so many different advantages that are linked to such a workout routine and some of them are pretty obvious. Even if most people focus on these benefits, you might want to also be aware of those that are less known so you understand exactly why you should train.

Bone Mineral Density Increase

Progressive resistance exercise effects are similar for both bone tissue and muscle tissue. The training stimulus that will increase the muscle protein will increase bone mineral content and bone protein. You can expect a visible increase after around 4 months of correct strength training under the watch of a personal trainer in Del Mar.

Gastrointestinal Transit Speed Increase

A very interesting study that was conducted in 1992 showed us that gastrointestinal transit speed was increased by over 50 percent after three months of strength training. This is quite important as low gastrointestinal transit speed will increase colon cancer risk, which is growing in occurrence at an alarming state at the moment.

Resting Blood Pressure Reduction

Under the supervision of a certified personal trainer in Del Mar, strength training routines will reduce blood pressure during resting periods. You will easily notice these benefits after around 2 months of such training and systolic blood pressure is expected to drop by around 4 mm Hg. while diastolic pressure goes down by around 3 mm Hg. Such a reduction might not seem much on paper but it is huge for those suffering from high blood pressure.

Low Back Pain is Reduced

This is actually a logical benefit. You do not need to be a personal trainer from Del Mar to realize that it is correct. Strength training will increase the strength of your lower back muscles and this reduces the strain that is put on the bones. After only 10 training weeks you can expect to see the lumbar spine muscles strong enough. Keep in mind that 80% of people living in the USA have low back problems. All adults should strengthen low back muscles in order to reduce the back pain that usually appears as they age.

Reducing Arthritic Pain

Tufts University highlighted the fact that strength training conducted under the supervision of a knowledgeable personal trainer in Del Mar will ease the pain of people suffering from rheumatoid and osteo-arthritis. Most people that are faced with these conditions need to go through strength training in order to develop stronger bones, muscles and connective tissues. This will immediately improve joint function.

Depression Reduction

This is definitely one of the really important advantages that nobody actually knows about. It is well known since the nineties that people that are depressed respond favorably when undergoing strength training. You will need 2 to 3 months of proper training to notice that you will no longer be labeled as suffering from clinical depression. Any physical functionality or muscle strength increase will improve emotional states in both women and men.

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