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Professional Personal Trainer Laguna Niguel Advice: Building Strength for Knee and Ankle Stability

Alignment is nowadays a really big issue. Obesity is known to cause knees, back and hips misalignment so it is obvious that losing weight and getting within a proper body fat range is the first step that needs to be done in this case. The problem that the personal trainer in Laguna Niguel will highlight is that it is hard to do cardio or suitable workouts to lose weight if you are faced with pain in the ankle, knees or back.

Taking a Step By Step Approach

The only thing that you can actually do when you have such joint problems is to basically try to build a suitable step by step training approach. Your goal is to gradually improve the knee and ankle conditioning so that you will eventually reach fat loss or muscle building goals. The personal trainer from Laguna Niguel might recommend that you do plyometrics, as they are great for people that are not obese. The problem is that you cannot do them if you have deconditioned legs as this can easily lead to injuries.

Simple Exercises to Use

We realize that most people will not work with a personal trainer in Laguna Niguel. If this is your case, you can at least perform the best possible exercises. Think about choosing comfortable footwear so that you feel no discomfort.

You can start building your knee and ankle strength by making use of these muscles in an indirect way. For instance, performing bicep curls with body balls with one leg kept off the ground is a great way to start. Try to do 10 to 12 repetitions for each leg and focus on posture. The next exercise can be shoulder dumbbell raises. This time you do this standing but on one leg. The other one has to be kept bent towards the back at an angle of 90 degrees.

As you start to improve, you can move towards leg hack squats performed with a single leg. This is where form is crucial and it is recommended to have a personal trainer from Laguna Niguel watch over your training session. There is the possibility to include dumbbell side lunges too as they help the ankle and the inner knee area a lot. However, in this case you need to only use muscles when you get back up and try to avoid using your momentum.

One of the really common exercises that are regularly utilized during rehab and physio-training is the one leg press. It is easy to do them with the use of the inverted machine. In this case what is important is to make sure that proper alignment is present and that you do not use too much weight as it is a common mistake among people that are not supervised by a professional personal trainer in Laguna Niguel.

There are many other exercises that can be used. It is really important to pay attention to proper form and that is why you need to work with a certified personal trainer from Laguna Niguel that knows how to create a suitable plan. This will guarantee that you get your knee and ankle power as high as possible.

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