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Personal Trainer Mission Valley Facts – Overtraining Is Dangerous In Strength Training

Any good personal trainer in Mission Valley will talk about overtraining with clients because most beginners will end up training too much without even realizing it. Overtraining can be defined as a behavioral, physical and emotional condition. It will appear when the intensity and the volume of exercise exceed the body’s recover capacity. Whenever talking about strength or weight training, this is a condition that can appear and the people that reach this point will no longer make progress. It is also possible to lose fitness and strength.

Overcoming Training Addiction

Addiction is one reason why it is recommended to always work with a personal trainer from Mission Valley. Physical exercise is sometimes addictive because of natural endorphins that are generated when you work out. People can easily get hooked on training and it is really easy to end up over exercising. The personal trainer in Mission Valley can help you out by making sure that the body receives a lot of rest. Keep in mind that just because you can train does not mean that you are not over trained.

Overtraining Physiology

Strength and fitness improvements only happen after you give the body enough time to rest following a hard training workout. Sometimes it can even take days for this process to complete. For instance, with the SuperSlow system, the personal trainer in Mission Valley always recommends that you only train 2 times per week as the body does need more time to rest when compared with other systems. There are differences and some people will naturally need more rest than others.

When there is not enough rest, complete regeneration is not possible. When the imbalance continues for a longer period of time, the performance of an individual will decline or plateau. Even mild overtraining can lead to a need of around 1 week to rest. It can even lead to you performing at low activity levels. The personal trainer in Mission Valley will quickly tell you that if you do not pay attention to this and you keep training hard, fatigue is accumulated and you can end up with the condition persisting for weeks.

The personal trainer in Mission Valley is a really important person to talk to because he will take into account other psychological and physical stressors that can make you reach overtraining faster. The most common examples are illnesses, poor nutrition, overwork menstruation and jet lag.

There are various overtraining mechanisms that appear and that can negatively affect your body:

  • Muscle micro trauma is created faster and your body is not capable of healing it in time.
  • You use amino acids much faster than the speed at which the diet offers them. It is almost the same thing as protein deficiency.
  • Your body becomes calorie deficient. At the same time, muscle tissue break down rate increases.
  • Cortisol levels remain high for a long period of time.
  • The nervous system is more strained during exercising.

Always avoid overtraining as this can basically destroy the work that you put in till now. Talk to a good personal trainer in Mission Valley and ask him to monitor your performance so that overtraining is avoided.

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