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Why Do Personal Trainer Mission Viejo Workouts For Fat Loss Include Weight Training?

We all know the fact that millions are currently struggling with obesity. So many people try to lose weight but they have no real idea how to do that. You would be surprised to see just how few will go to a professional personal trainer from Mission Viejo for help. You should know that a good personal trainer should be able to provide you priceless information that can help you reach your goals.

How do you Lose Body Fat?

Every single personal trainer in Mission Viejo will tell you that you have to burn more calories than what is consumed if your goal is to lose fat. You will need to combine a restrictive diet with working out in order to achieve your goals. The human body naturally burns calories in order to function normally and when you exercise, extra calories will be burned because it will convert glucose to energy.

Exercising To Lose Weight

There are various exercise types that are really effective. In the past people would recommend aerobic exercises but it was proven that they will not help much. The same thing can be said about endurance activities that are performed at lower intensities. Your personal trainer in Mission Viejo will tell you that one of the most important parts of your workout should be weight training if you want to lose weight but why is that?

Why Weight Training?

When you start doing weight training, the body will naturally burn more fat and you will also have the extra benefit of ending up with an increase in lean muscle mass. This is important because it increases resting metabolic rate. You will basically burn more calories even as you rest. By simply adding one pound of muscle to your body, you will end up burning around 100 calories more daily.

To put it simply, you can lose around 9 pounds more per year while you sleep for every single extra pound of lean muscle mass that you add to your body. An average individual will usually gain around 3 pounds of good muscle per month through weight training. After an increase of around 8 pounds, the body will start to gain just 1 pound per month but you can do the math and see for yourself that the extra fat burning benefits will be quite high.


There is no personal trainer in Mission Viejo that will not recommend weight training as a part of a fat loss program. If you use the latest training methods, you will be able to stimulate your metabolism even more and extra calories can be burned hours after the workout is over. In addition, when you perform weight training routines, the fat that you get rid of will not come back as long as you continue with your healthy lifestyle. This is a huge problem that appears when you choose to do aerobic exercises. Because the metabolism is not affected much, the pounds that are shed with that method will eventually come back. Weight training truly is superior from all point of views.

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