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Why Does the Personal Trainer in Newport Beach Consider Weight Training Better than Cardio for Losing Weight?

Just like with everything in life, there are differences between exercises. Some will bring in benefits only for a small part of the body while others like weight training and Olympic lifting will basically train most of the muscles and offer you whole body benefits. The best possible advice that the personal trainer in Newport Beach can give you is the fact that performing full body workouts help you to lose weight faster. However, this can lead us to thinking that we should do aerobic workouts but that is not actually the case.

Cardio workouts are good for your cardiac system. They will make the heart work better and nobody can deny that. When your heart is not fit, you will basically live a shorter life and this is definitely not something that you want to see happening. But for losing weight, it’s not the best option.

Why Is Weight Training Better Than Cardio?

The personal trainer in Newport Beach will tell you that the main reason why weight training is recommended is that it burns the most number of calories and will force your body to do so even after the exercises are over because of an increased metabolic rate. The problem is that most people think that this is not true when they first start to train.

It is normal to experience weight gain when you start working out. Muscles are heavier than fats and it is a well-known fact that you can easily gain pounds of muscles really fast. After that, you just gain one pound monthly and the fat loss becomes more evident. You do lose body fat as soon as you start training and after just a couple of months, you will notice it when looking at yourself in the mirror.

Full Body Workout Benefit

When you train with the use of cardio routines you are not actually burning that many calories. This is something that you have to understand. It was proven through numerous studies that this fact is true and you simply cannot compare the amounts burned when looking at weight lifting. Weight training stands out as a complete body workout that is beneficial for overall health and not just for weight loss. You will gain more muscle and you should never think that this means getting too bulked. The bodybuilders you see on TV take supplements and some even use steroids in order to achieve huge muscle mass increase.

Weight Training Is Simply Better!

Any good personal trainer in Newport Beach will tell you that there are many different things that you can do in order to lose fat and many workout routines are possible. However, nobody can deny the fact that weight training is the best option that is available. Unfortunately, some people cannot do a strength training workout due to medical reasons. In this case you will have to opt for something else and stay focused on respecting absolutely all the indications that you receive from your personal trainer as his expertise is crucial for success in this case.

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