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Important Personal Trainer Orange County Facts: Understanding What Physical Exercise Is!

Before you start any sport, it is important that you understand the foundation that it has. All physical activities out there are beneficial for your body but you cannot properly acknowledge why that happens without first knowing what physical exercise is. When you go to a professional personal trainer in Orange County, he/she will start to talk to you about this topic and you will be tempted to not pay attention to the explanations as you might not find this as being important. After all, we all tend to believe that we know what physical exercise is.

Physical Exercise – Definition

During that initial theory session, the personal trainer from Orange County will tell you that physical exercise can be defined as any activity that will maintain or enhance overall health, wellness and physical fitness. The activity is done because of many possible reasons like strengthening your cardiovascular system, strengthening muscles, improving athletic skills, losing weight or body maintenance. Some even do it for fun.

Regular and frequent physical exercise will basically boost your immune system and will prevent many different diseases like obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and heart diseases. At the same time, physical exercise can improve mental health, help you to deal with depression and promote high self-esteem.

Physical Exercise Types

Before talking to the personal trainer from Orange County, you might be tempted to think that all physical exercises are the same but that is totally false. In fact, there are 3 types of exercise that can be mentioned, based on how they affect your body. These are:

  • Aerobic exercises – they are focused on an increase in cardiovascular endurance. The most common examples are hiking, rowing, running, skipping rope, cycling, walking and tennis.
  • Flexibility exercises – exercises meant to improve joint and muscle range of motion. Stretching is the most common example.
  • Anaerobic exercises – these are the ones that you most likely know about as they are created in order to increase muscle strength on short term. Examples that are common include functional training, sprinting, high intensity interval training, eccentric training and weight training.

Physical Exercise Categories

Besides types, you will hear from your personal trainer in Orange County that there are also classes of physical exercise that can be highlighted. The really common ones that you surely heard about are strength, agility, interval, resistance, continuous and eccentric training.

Some personal trainers in Orange County will also talk about a categorizing into static and dynamic physical exercises. The dynamic exercise will usually produce lowering diastolic blood pressure while exercising because of an improved blood flow. Static exercise will usually cause the systolic pressure to go up a lot when training. The most common example of a dynamic exercise is steady running while a really good example of a static exercise is weightlifting.

No matter what physical exercise you do, in the event that you are a beginner, it is really important that you talk to a good personal trainer from Orange County to offer you the information that you need in the beginning. It is also recommended that you maintain a close relationship with the trainer as time passes. After all, your trainer is the one who can help you reach your goals.

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