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Rancho Bernardo Personal Fitness Trainer
Rancho Bernardo Personal Fitness Trainer

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Using Personal Trainer Rancho Bernardo Services to Create A Good Endurance Training Plan

Endurance training is not at all as easy as you might be tempted to believe. It is important to work with a really good personal trainer in Rancho Bernardo whenever you want to increase your endurance as it is a lot more complicated than regular strength training workouts that people can do. Working with a professional personal trainer from Ranch Bernardo basically guarantees that you will not commit any mistake and that your gains are the best that they can be.

Endurance Training Plans and Methods

There are many different common training methods that you can try. This includes hard easy, intervals, periodization, Tabata intervals and long slow distance. In most cases the personal trainer in Rancho Bernardo will use the periodization method. It is a really common one, the work of Tudor Bompa, and made out of time blocks, each of around 4 to 12 weeks. Three goals exist: race, build, base and preparation. The goal of such a structured program is to have the athlete reach peak fitness right during a race or event.

Just as the name suggests, preparation basically lays the heavy work groundwork. As an example, when dealing with a runner that wants to run a marathon, the personal trainer in Rancho Bernardo will create a plan that starts with a phase that has runs of around 1 to 4 miles for around 3 times per week. In addition, 2 or 3 days of strength training can be included.

The base phases will see the athlete putting an emphasis on cardiovascular endurance. This is achieved with long runs that are done while monitoring heart zone to make sure that it is within specific parameters. Every single week the personal trainer in Rancho Bernardo will add 10 percent more mileage. The base period also has a core strengthening period at the end.

As soon as the base phase is over, the athlete will have enough endurance and the build period can start. Run duration is now traded for intensity. Interval training routines are introduced to get the best possible results. This will basically help the athlete to get a higher lactate threshold while increasing VO2 max. While other parts of the endurance training plan can be done alone, this is where you do need to work with a personal trainer from Rancho Bernardo as interval training is really demanding on your body.

When you are close to the race, you will start the periodization race phase. The workout duration will increase but the intensity will stay the same. The approach is used to maintain a high lactate threshold while not getting the body too tired so that the best possible results can be obtained during the competition.

Working with a Trainer

It is really important that you work with a personal trainer in Rancho Bernardo whenever you are planning to start endurance training. You do need someone to monitor your efforts and to tell you when something is going wrong. It is not at all easy to do such training alone, no matter what you might be tempted to believe!

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