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Personal Trainer Redondo Beach Exercise Myths You Have To Be Aware Of

The world of strength training is filled with exercise myths. There are basically hundreds of false beliefs that a personal trainer from Redondo Beach has to deal with every single day. People tend to believe what others are saying and since there is a clear lack of information held by most people in regards to working out, it is common to end up believing things that are not true. It is always better to get advice from your personal trainer from Redondo Beach instead of blindingly trusting what you read in magazines, on the Internet or what is said on TV. Let us see some of the most common myths that you need to dismiss as soon as possible.

Fat Will Turn into Muscle

This is probably the most common myth that a personal trainer from Redondo Beach has to deal with. If this was real, it would mean that every single fat person out there would immediately get to transform the body into a powerhouse that is filled with muscles. Just like you cannot turn regular metal into gold, you cannot turn fat into muscle. The only thing that you can do is lose the fat and build the muscle!

Women Cannot Bulk Up When Lifting Weights

There is an ounce of truth in this statement but the personal trainer from Redondo Beach will quickly tell you that things are not actually that simple. When talking about women, the body is built differently than that of a man. Women can bulk up but they will need to work very hard in order to do this.

Most women will never get bulky and big just by lifting weights. Only those that have a genetic predisposition for that will end up with really big muscles without the use of steroids. However, this does not mean that it is impossible. You will need to be under the supervision of a personal trainer in Redondo Beach to make sure that the proper amounts of muscles are developed, according to your own personal tastes as a woman.

Cardio Workouts Are the Best at Burning Fat

Unfortunately this is a myth that is still considered as reality by so many people these days. There are many scientific studies that were conducted and that proved the fact that cardio workouts are inferior to proper strength training when one wants to lose body fat. This is due to the fact that you burn much more calories when you do strength training routines and the metabolism will burn even more after the workout is over. In addition, putting on muscles will make the body burn even more fat as extra energy is necessary to keep that muscle alive.

Before you blindly trust anything that you hear about building muscle and exercising, you need to discuss that with a personal trainer from Redondo Beach. Never trust anything except what the professional tells you as this is a guarantee you will not end up with mistakes that would make you lose time and money while performing workouts that are not efficient and that will not help you to reach your goals.

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