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A Personal Trainer from Redwood City Shares Some Fitness Tips for Busy Individuals

Redwood City is a city in California that is situated right in the San Francisco Peninsula. Today, the city is famously known for being the home of some of the biggest companies worldwide. Among these are Oracle and Electronic Arts. Because of the presence of these companies, most of the people in Redwood are busy professionals who cannot even think of their health and wellness. But despite how busy you might seem to be, your health should be your top priority, because as they say, health is wealth. So here are some fitness tips for busy individuals as shared by a top personal trainer from Redwood City.

Ride Your Bike to Work

Instead of taking a cab or driving your car to work, do yourself a favor and ride a bike instead. Well, if your office is just a walking distance from home, then why not walk? If you cannot find time to exercise, then doing these things can somehow help to shed a few pounds off. Aside from helping yourself, you are actually helping the environment as well as this helps to lessen the pollution.

Sit on an Exercise Ball

Instead of sitting on your usual office chair, invest on an exercise ball and use it as your office chair instead. Furthermore, the personal trainer from Redwood City suggested that you look for that ball that is huge enough to allow you to reach your desk, forcing you to engage on your task so you can sit up. These balls are often used by yoga enthusiasts and it is guaranteed to improve your posture.

Exercise with your Family

Why not use one of your rest days to bond with kids and your husband by exercising together? The personal trainer from Redwood City recommends activities such as jogging in the park, swimming in a pool, trekking, biking and other sports which the entire family will love. This will not only benefit you but your entire family can benefit as well.

Use the Stairs

Always take the stairs whenever you are in your office building, at home or in the mall. This can somehow help you to shed off a few pounds. Others would in fact, use the stairs to exercise every day. So if you have stairs at home, the personal trainer from Redwood City suggested that you take the stairs up and down for up to five times each day as this can make for a good exercise. This should take only a few minutes of your time each day but the benefits that you can gain in the future could be huge.

If you are really determined to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle, then there are absolutely lots of ways to that, despite of your busy schedules. But as much as possible, try to allocate even two or three days in a week to train with a personal trainer from Redwood City. Because no matter how rich you are, if your health is not in good condition, all the money that you have saved for could be taken away from you.

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