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Benefits of Stretching According To a Personal Trainer in San Jose

San Jose, California is located south of San Francisco. Like in other cities near the bay area, weather in San Jose is generally fair and does not go below zero degrees. Be active and take advantage of the pleasant weather in San Jose. Remember to do stretching exercises after your workout for quick muscle recovery.

If you’re a beginner, you should hire someone to guide you. In fact, you can benefit from hiring someone to guide you even if you’ve been working out for a long tie already. For example, you can be guided on the proper stretching techniques.

Hire a personal trainer in San Jose and let him show you the different stretching exercises and poses for a more flexible you. Flexibility is defined as lengthening your muscles to its fullest. You can become flexible by doing varied stretching exercises that would challenge your muscles to elongate by pulling and pushing and holding the stretch for a few seconds to a minute. Stretching has many benefits and you should include it in your workout regimen.

Improves circulation

A personal trainer in San Jose will tell you that stretching will greatly improve your blood circulation. When you stretch, more blood is pumped into your heart and increased blood flow means more nutrients are delivered to the muscles and tissues. The nutrients you get from food and supplements are properly and evenly distributed in your system.

Improves balance

When you do stretching, there are some poses which require you to focus and hold the pose for a while. In turn, you gradually develop your sense of balance which is very important for it is needed to reduce the risk of falling easily.

Helps relieve body aches

An achy muscle is due to stiffness. Ask a personal trainer in San Jose to show you various stretching exercises to alleviate muscle ache. When you do stretching exercises, your muscles become relaxed. This is because more oxygen is pumped into your blood and stretching squeezes out the lactic acid build up in your muscles. The lactic acid is the one that causes muscle ache. So instead of taking analgesics, try stretching and it would definitely cure you from body aches.

Decreases the chances of injury

If you are flexible, you can easily perform various activities with so much ease. This is because your joints and your muscles are not stiff. It is the stiffness of the muscles and joints that limit your movements for it causes pain when challenged to perform a different range of motion like bending or reaching. You can easily get injured with stiff muscles so always stretch and elongate your muscles with the proper guidance of a personal trainer in San Jose.

Increases level of synovial fluid

This fluid is found in the joints and is responsible for giving lubrication. Reduced level of this fluid causes the joints to swell because of constant rubbing of knee joints when moving. Through stretching, the level of synovial fluid is increased because the nutrients are properly circulated in your system.

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