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Home Workout Tips from a Top Personal Trainer in Santa Clara

Santa Clara is a city in the state of California. It is situated in the middle of Silicon Valley, surrounded by the headquarters of some of the top notch companies known all over the world. This is the reason why a great number of Santa Clara’s population is busy professionals who rarely have time to exercise. If you are among those busy individuals who cannot find time to go to the gym, check out these home workout tips coming from a top personal trainer in Santa Clara.


If the weather is great, then get out of your home and enjoy the scenery walking around with your kids or with your dog in tow. But if you are someone who do not adore outdoor exercises, then make use of your stairs at home. Go up and down the stairs for several times each day before heading to work. Doing this can help to tone your legs and walking is actually a great aerobic exercise.

According to the personal trainer in Santa Clara, aerobic exercises will not only make you stay fit, but it is good for the heart, too.


Pushups are not a favorite of many people since it can be a bit difficult to do. But do you know that doing pushup exercises every day can help you to shed off up to ten pounds of your weight in a month?

Well you do not really need to follow what those people in the military do. Do not be too hard on yourself because you are doing it not as a form of a punishment but simply to exercise and stay fit. Start at a low pace and stop if there is a need to. The personal trainer in Santa Clara will also recommend pushups to those who want to have a stronger arm and muscles on the chest area.


Crunches are among the best exercises that could help to strengthen and build muscles on the abdominal area. When you are still on the first stages, you might find it a tad too difficult to do crunches. But as you go on, your body will get used to this form of exercises and it will eventually be easy for you to do.


Squats are the perfect exercise for the legs and buttocks. According to the personal trainer in Santa Clara, you can do squats in a sitting or standing up position. Both are effective for as long as you are able to perform a few repetitions each day. Doing squats every day will certainly have great benefits for your health and body.

While doing these exercises religiously might be difficult for others especially since they are preoccupied with their daily tasks at work, the personal trainer in Santa Clara advises that you should force yourself to do these exercises even for three to four times each week only. You might not realize the importance of regular exercise now, but you’ll be thankful that you did later on in life.

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