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Common Personal Trainer Solana Beach Strength Training Concerns

The most common strength training concerns that appear when working with a personal trainer in Solana Beach are linked to bodybuilding, nutrition and sex differences when looking at muscle gains. It is important to at least know the basics of these 3 concerns so that you would understand the correlation with strength training.

Bodybuilding and Strength Training

Bodybuilding is a sport that basically uses strength training principles in order to increase muscle definition and size. Muscle and strength endurance are increased but this is not the main goal. The bodybuilders work with a personal trainer in Solana Beach in order to maximize muscular size while also reaching low body fat levels.

Strength trainers will only try to improve endurance and strength. They are not that interested in keeping body fat levels as low as possible. Strength training focuses on the use of compound exercises with the goal of building strength while bodybuilders often utilize isolation exercises. This is done in order to improve the symmetry of the muscle groups and to visually separate muscles.

Nutrition and Strength Training

Any personal trainer from Solana Beach will put an emphasis on nutrition because of the fact that dietary changes have to be made in order for the workouts to be really effective. The strength trainer will usually consume a diet that is based on a high protein intake of around 1 to 4 grams per body weight kilogram daily. The protein that is not needed by the body and is consumed in excess is stored by our bodies as fat.

Besides protein, the strength trainer has to take in enough water and suitable quantities of carbohydrates as an energy source and in order for the body to find it easier to restore muscle glycogen levels. There is always a light meal that is balanced properly and that is eaten before a strong workout. The personal trainer from Solana Beach will make sure that you eat properly and that you avoid dehydration.

Mass Gain Sex Differences

There are androgenic hormonal differences that you should also take into consideration since they will have an impact on how the bodies of men and women react. Women usually cannot develop a large muscle mass, no matter what strength training program is utilized. In most cases the look that will be obtained by a woman is similar to what a fitness model looks like. Muscle has a density that is higher than fat. This basically means that a person that builds more muscle will remain at almost the same body weight and show less volume occupation.

Female bodybuilders have atypical results and only some women will be able to reach this due to a genetic muscle building ability. The work of a personal trainer in Solana Beach in this case is to make the woman work hard as she will need to train more than a man. Sometimes it is necessary to take anabolic steroids in order to reach bodybuilding success in the female world. To put it really simply, men will find it much easier to build muscle mass when compared to women.

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