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Personal Trainer West LA Tips: The Importance of Warm Ups

Warming up is crucial and needs to be done before any training session that you put your body through. There is no personal trainer in West LA that will not put a lot of emphasis on that. Just like all machines, the human body needs to be ready to be used. Just as you rev the engine of a car before a race so that it is warm, the human body needs to be warm before any major exertion happens. This includes physical work that you do at home and not just the strength training routine that you do at the gym.

Warming Up – What Is It?

Your personal trainer from West LA will tell you that muscles are usually stiff when they are in a normal state. If you live a sedentary life, the stiffness visible is higher. When you are in this condition and you push your body into a sudden heavy duty series of exercises, you will end up with an injury as the muscle basically tears. For you to prevent such an unwanted scenario, you need to warm up before absolutely any major workout that you plan to do.

Warm Up Exercises

Your warm up session does not have to be long. It just has to include suitable warm up exercises and you need to perform them for around 10 to 20 minutes. The personal trainer in West LA usually recommends these common routines:

  • Jogging or brisk walking – performed for around 10 minutes
  • Special athletic exercise with special focus areas – these exercises will basically work on the body area that you plan to work on.
  • Body stretching exercises – in this case the personal trainer from West LA will usually recommend dynamic body exercises because they are much better than the static ones when your goal is warming up.

Warming Up Benefits

Besides the reduced possibility of ending up with an injury, the personal trainer in West LA will also recommend warm up exercises because of other benefits that are associated with the process. This includes:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Better muscle contraction
  • Better relaxation movement
  • Better muscle oxygen absorption
  • Higher blood circulation caused by the muscles having a higher temperature
  • An increased heart rate that will promote heavier exercise use
  • Better exercise movement because the normal muscle stiffness was eliminated
  • Increased metabolism – this facilitates energy production and you need that when performing some of the tougher muscle building exercises.

The personal trainer from West LA will put a main focus on warming up because the benefits that were mentioned above simply cannot be overlooked. You should never work out without warming up first and you will also want to cool down as soon as your workout routine is over. Keep in mind that a warm up is not only necessary before working out in the gym. The personal trainer in West LA will always recommend warming up before other activities like participating in team sports or even when doing your chores. Injuries also happen outside the gym. Lower your chances of suffering from one by warming up.

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