Karen’s Back Pain Disappeared and She Lost 12 Pounds!

Karen says, “The Perfect Workout gets down to the mechanics of the muscles, to make sure they’re working correctly every time.” Now that Karen’s lost 12 lbs. in three months, she’s a believer. Her confidence has increased, and at 49, she has more energy than ever.

When Karen Edwards started going to The Perfect Workout’s Park Cities studio in February, she didn’t expect such rapid results. A friend had told her how effective the training was, but Karen was skeptical. Karen works a high-stress job as a nurse, and before The Perfect Workout, “My body would be so tense all the time, it was hard for me to keep up.” Her back issues used to prevent her from doing strength workouts—she gave up lifting weights because it made the inflammation worse. She tried going to a physical therapist, but “they only focused on the now— how my body felt in the moment. The Perfect Workout gets down to the mechanics of the muscles, to make sure they’re working correctly every time.” Now that Karen’s lost 12 lbs. in three months, she’s a believer. Her confidence has increased, and at 49, she has more energy than ever.

With the help of her trainer, Emily, she’s been able to overcome her back issues to take on all of The Perfect Workout’s strength exercises. In fact, slow-motion strength training has made her pain disappear altogether. “Emily knows me so well. She always works hard to balance my workouts and respond to my body’s needs. Her personal attention has been the biggest help in getting rid of my back pain.” One of the biggest surprises for Karen was realizing she actually enjoys working out. “I love how much Emily pushes me to be my best. The arm workouts are my favorite—they stretch out my shoulder blades and make me feel great. Muscle success? Bring it on!”

Karen is seeing the results of her training outside the studio, too. Her clothes fit better, and she’s happier with the way she looks. Plus, she has more energy to do the things that give her joy, like playing with her ten nieces and nephews, and going out to dinner with friends. Her newfound strength has also made her more effective at refurbishing furniture, a favorite hobby she taught herself how to do a few years back. Not worrying about throwing out her back in the process has made her more focused on the work, which she finds enjoyable and lets her show off her toned muscles. The people in Karen’s life have noticed the changes, too. They see how energetic she is now, and have commented on her slimmer figure. “I’ve told everyone about The Perfect Workout. Even my boss wants to go!” Karen isn’t stopping here. “I want to keep up my momentum and stick to my two workouts a week with Emily. I know I’m going to get stronger and stronger!”

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I Got More Results in 1 Month Than I Did Working With a Personal Trainer For 6 Months At My Former Club!

Michele Rosenbloom, 51, has lost 15 lbs. and 3 dress sizes and says, “I used to come
home exhausted (after work), but now, I still have energy after a 10-12 hour day.”

When Michele Rosenbloom went to Hawaii last March, she wanted to cry. Even though she had been working out, she didn’t feel good about herself. As she put it, she had saggy “chicken arms” and her legs were “jiggly” all the time. “At age 51, I shouldn’t feel embarrassed. I was worried that I’d end up wearing old lady ‘fat’ clothes!”

By August, Michele had had enough. Another upcoming trip to Hawaii to celebrate her 28th wedding anniversary made her realize that she needed to do something this time. She saw an ad for The Perfect Workout in the paper and thought, “Yeah, right!” Like most people, she figured she needed to spend hours in the gym to look good. Skeptical, Michele looked it up online and got more information. It sounded good, but she still put it off. Finally, her girlfriend who lived next door said, “We need to do this,” and they went in together.

Michele was amazed with the results! “I had a personal trainer a year ago at another fitness center, and in the first month working out at The Perfect Workout I got more results than I did in six months with the other trainer. Within the first month, I saw huge changes in my body! After two months, I had already lost 11 inches and gone down three pant sizes, and I have more energy than before. I used to hate working out, but I haven’t missed a session yet.”

All that made for an incredible anniversary trip to Hawaii recently. “This time, I felt great!” says Michele. “Overall, my whole body looks and feels different. I used to ‘jiggle’, and I don’t have that anymore. Now I have definition.”

Slow-motion strength training at The Perfect Workout has changed Michele’s body, it’s changed her eating habits, and it’s even changed her attitude. “I feel very good about my body now. Overall, I look happier. My whole being is happier, and it overflows all areas of my life. My three kids are so proud of me, and my husband is, too. He called me ‘slim’ the other day, and he hasn’t said that in years!”

She’s come a long way in a short time since that first trip to Hawaii back in March. All from her quick, intense, 20-minute workouts every Monday and Thursday. “I love the program, and I love the people. You can have the body you want to have, at any age, without spending six hours a week in the gym! I think everyone should experience The Perfect Workout.”

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