Ultra-marathoner improves her time (SMST)

by Jordan Thomson

ultra-marathoner improves times with slow-motion strength training After battling running injuries and overcoming an eating disorder, ultramarathoner Emma Cruz turned her health journey into a career helping others. In high school, Emma was a runner and suffered from an eating disorder. “I discovered that running was amazing, but the eating disorder was not.” Emma decided […]

Strength Training: Exercise for ALL Ages

by Sean Preuss

Strength Training for all Ages My friend recently decided to “retire” from playing full-court basketball. Since his 43rd birthday, he’s suffered a few aches, pains, and minor injuries after each day of full-court games with younger friends. He is now going to opt for half-court games with friends, which involves much less running. “Full-court basketball […]

Exercise Equipment for Virtual Training

by Jordan Thomson

Exercise equipment: what you need to know Virtual Personal Training with our slow-motion strength training method has proven equipment is not necessary… Results can be achieved without using an exercise machine or equipment! Read more here about how you can get a great workout with or without equipment. But that doesn’t mean people don’t want […]

Now Lives The Life She Wants

by Jordan Thomson

how she overcame her health issues & now lives the life she wants When Cynthia Crossland realized she had some major issues stopping her from living the life she wanted to live, she decided to make a change. Cynthia was recently retired and looked after her 2 year old granddaughter. She struggled to pick up […]

What Happens When Personal Trainers Go Above & Beyond

by Jordan Thomson

what happens when personal trainers go above & beyond Angela Kading grew up overweight, except she didn’t realize her weight was affecting her health until her parents took her entire family to Weight Watchers. After losing 55 pounds at age 18, Angela felt like her life changed for the better. She decided to learn as […]