Using Heavier Weight Loads

by Dr. Sean Preuss Ed.D, M.S

Using Heavier Weight Loads Mission Monday Episode 10 The Perfect Workout helps you achieve great health and fitness through challenging but safe workouts. Part of the challenge that leads to such great results is working against a relatively high amount of resistance on each exercise. However, this challenge can be tough to adjust to… Use […]

Hustling Between Exercises

by Dr. Sean Preuss Ed.D, M.S

Hustling Between Exercises Mission Monday Episode 9 “CAN I CATCH MY BREATH?!” Did you ever ask that question while training at The Perfect Workout? We wouldn’t blame you if you had. The Perfect Workout keeps you moving quickly during the session. This is a strength of our exercise program. Moving Quickly Between Exercises Hustling through […]

Hip Strength And Mobility

by Dr. Sean Preuss Ed.D, M.S

Having strong hip joints & surrounding muscles helps mobility and daily activities…

Potential COVID-19 Protection

by Dr. Sean Preuss Ed.D, M.S

Potential COVID-19 Protection Mission Monday Episode 8 We’ve unfortunately battled a severe pandemic in the past two years. Worldwide, about 220 million people have tested positive for COVID-19. Almost 5 million people have passed away from it and we hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe. Fortunately, there’s promising new research showing […]

His Plan to Getting Strong: 20-Minute Workouts

by Jordan Thomson CPT

20-Minute Workouts – His Perfect Plan to Getting Strong David Garner, age 59, exercised his entire life. But after a really bad car accident, he felt weak and out of shape. In just one month of training at The Perfect Workout, he noticed his strength and definition coming back. Here is his story… — “After […]