At 66, Strength Training is Making a Lifelong Passion Possible Again

by Jordan Thomson

  Rich Turner’s passion was running. But after 25 years and thousands of miles, injuries from running started to shut his body down. After giving up his love of running and undergoing knee surgeries, Rich Turner had come to terms that running might not ever be possible for him again. Now, 10 years later at […]

7 EXERCISE MYTHS: How Slow-Motion Strength Training is the Solution to them All

by Jordan Thomson

  We’re going to make a BOLD statement here… Slow-Motion Strength Training is the best possible form of exercise you can do. And today, we are going to prove it. One of the most common things we hear after someone tries our method for the first time is, “I’ve been exercising the wrong way my […]

81 Year Old Cancer Survivor is Staying Strong at The Perfect Workout

by Jordan Thomson

  The day she took another fall was the day she decided to do something about it. She needed to get stronger. She knew she had to build muscle and improve her balance. She made a plan to work with a Trainer to get there. What she didn’t plan on was facing an unexpected battle […]

NO Excuses. How to Workout Anytime, Anywhere, No matter what.

by Jordan Thomson

Having coached over 8,000 Virtual Training sessions in the past couple months, we are confident about what we are about to share with you… You need very little to accomplish a workout that creates body-shaping results. Most gyms and personal trainers over-complicate the process of working out safely and effectively by adding ropes, boxes, sandbags, […]

The Science Behind Slow-Motion Strength Training and Why it’s Perfect For You

by Jordan Thomson

  “For years I spent hours in the gym, 5 days a week, not getting the results I wanted. It felt like a waste of time.” But what if there’s a way to workout more efficiently? “I’ve been a runner, tried all the bootcamps, and even spent my precious Sunday mornings slowly dying alongside all […]

One Couple’s Story of Feeling Safe & Strong at Home

by Jordan Thomson

We’re all trying to figure out what our priorities are right now. But there’s one thing that’s at the top of everyone’s list- safety. Am I safe from this virus? When will it be safe to go places? Are my friends and family safe? There are a lot of questions up in the air– but […]

How a Virtual Personal Training Session Works

by Jordan Thomson

  After weeks of social distancing, no strength training sessions and more social media than you ever thought you’d consume, you may be feeling a little off track… Maybe some of your regular routines aren’t so habitual anymore. High intensity workouts have just become walks through the neighborhood and weekend wine tasting has become a […]

The Power of a 20 Minute Workout with Brucie Melvin

by Jordan Thomson

When she first heard about Virtual Personal Training, Brucie was not convinced it would be a good workout. After all, she’d been training at The Perfect Workout studio for 3 years. “I kind of “poo-pooed that like I poo-pooed, well, the 20 minutes.” How can working out at home be nearly as challenging as on […]

What is Virtual Personal Training and is it For You?

by Jordan Thomson

Many of our clients have seamlessly incorporated our new Online Virtual Workouts with their Trainers into their new normal of “quarantine life,” while others still struggle to find a routine outside of the studio. Some may think that it’s not possible to get a quality workout at home, and others simply just might not understand […]

The Perfect Workout helps Eddie match her grandkids’ energy

by Amelia Sokoloski

Eddie Newman is a fit woman. She’s always liked working out and, at 70 years old, she’s healthier and more vibrant than most people her age. So why did she feel the need to change up her regular gym routine and try out The Perfect Workout two years ago? “I wanted to go further. I […]

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