The Perfect Workout for Aging Women

by Jordan Thomson

I’ve been spending the last 20 years trying to lose the same 10 pounds over and over again. You don’t want to be the person chasing the same quick fixes for weight loss and health your whole life. Especially if you are in your 50s and 60s. We know you want something that works for […]

Depression & Anxiety Reduced in 20 Minutes

by Matt Hedman

If you feel stressed, anxious, or sad during this quarantine/COVID-19 period, you are part of the majority. Fortunately, you have the power to improve and maintain your own mental health. Several activities have been proven to reduce anxiety and improve overall mood. One of these is… a 20-minute strength training session! (Come on…you knew I […]

Would you have the strength to avoid a Debilitating Fall? He did.

by Jordan Thomson

One of the biggest fears seniors have is taking a fall that will negatively change the course of their life. A few of John Abel’s friends had experienced falls that left them either disabled in a wheelchair or battling a stroke. Falling became very possible and scarier than ever for John. One day John slipped […]

Living Longer, Stronger & Smarter with Founder Matt Hedman Pt. III

by Jordan Thomson

Patient: “I need something that is going to help me live longer, get stronger, become healthier, remain injury-free and help my brain stay sharp as I get older. Do you have something for that? Doctor: “Yes!” Patient: “Great! What’s this magic pill called?” Doctor: “Slow-Motion Strength Training.” If you have any desire to age with […]

Helping Others Improve Their Lives: A Trainer’s Privilege

by Jordan Thomson

  It’s exciting to anticipate the physical changes that come from exercise- seeing muscle definition, watching inches drop from your waist, becoming strong enough to carry all the groceries from the car and finally fitting into that outfit hanging in the closet… you know the one. 😉 But what if we told you that many […]

More is NOT Better. How to Maximize Your Workout Efforts & Save Time

by Jordan Thomson

If you could save hours each week doing more of what you love, would you? We know you value your health and exercise should be at the top of your priority list,  but it doesn’t need to fill up your calendar. Imagine what you could gain from saving time in your week getting a more […]

At 80 Years Young, Strength Training is Her Anti-Aging Tool

by Jordan Thomson

When you’re in your 20’s you worry about what your career will look like, who you’ll marry and how many kids you’ll have. When you’re in your 40’s you worry about having enough saved up for retirement and where the kids will go to college, if they go to college. When you’re in your 60’s […]

Losing 50lbs and Maintaining it for Decades with Founder Matt Hedman Part II

by Jordan Thomson

  “I want to lose weight!” We hear this every day in our studios, and chances are you’ve spoken those words too. But have you ever said, “I want to lose weight, gain it all back and do it over and over again?” Of course not. Two of the most sought after goals our clients […]

How We’re Ensuring Safety In Our Studios After COVID-19

by Jordan Thomson

Updated Wednesday July 22, 2020 You might be thinking, is it safe… or even smart to return to the studio when it opens back up? Can I trust the equipment will be clean enough to use? Will my gym let just anyone in? How can they make sure we are safe? 🙅🏼‍♀️ What if you […]

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