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The Perfect Workout offers 1-on-1 training in your Arlington Heights neighborhood! Just off of Dundee Rd. and Arlington Heights Rd is a semi-private fitness studio for your health and fitness needs. Certified Personal Trainers are helping the people of Chicagoland get stronger, leaner and in just two, 20-minute workouts a week. If you are in the Arlington Heights area and are looking to get better results, schedule your first session with a Personal Trainer today! TrainersHow It Works

  • 3365 North Arlington Heights Road Suite E
    Arlington Heights, IL 60004
  • (847) 754-4071

Trainers At This Studio

Eric Stencel

Facility Manager

Personal Trainer at:
Arlington Heights, IL

Eric grew up near Chicago, IL where he has spent most of his life involved with his close-knit family. He grew up playing sports and competitive lacrosse player. Eric pursued both his education and lacrosse by attending Greensboro College in North Carolina where he received a degree in Exercise and Sports Studies and a minor in Health. In addition to his studies, he also managed to play Division III lacrosse all 4 years of his college career. Managing to successfully earn his degree while maintaining a full-time commitment to athletics, Eric gained valuable life skills that have contributed to his success at The Perfect Workout.

After college, Eric moved back home to the Arlington Heights area. As an athlete he was well versed in strength training and had spent most of his time learning power lifting techniques. He had been introduced to slow-motion strength training and recognized that this type of weight lifting was something that was perfect for both college athletes like himself as well as seniors like some of his family members.

As Eric began to incorporate more slow-motion techniques to his own workout routine he fell in love with the method. “I’ve noticed that going through Super Slow workouts I have worked my muscles in a way I have never experienced before. I love adding the slow-motion method into my workout routines and hitting muscle failure.” Changing the way he strength trains has helped Eric focus on the importance of form and eliminating injury-causing movements in his own workouts.

Having gone to college for Exercise Science, Eric knew he always wanted to have a career in health and fitness. So, when The Perfect Workout expanded to Chicago around the time he was building his career, he knew it was a sign for him to join the team!

In June 2016, Eric became a certified Personal Trainer at The Perfect Workout and has been customizing workouts for clients at The Arlington Heights studio ever since. He absolutely loves working with the clients at his studio. Not only does he get to help them improve their physical health, but he enjoys getting to learn about their lives. “I feel like there is a mutual investment in each other, and that connection feels good.”

Within the first year of helping clients, Eric began taking on more responsibility at the studio and worked his way up to become the Facility Manager of Arlington Heights. He loves having that extra level of commitment to the clients and trainers on his team. “I feel like we have all grown so much, yet there’s still room for more growth. I know how much I love being a Facility Manager, and I want to help other trainers have an opportunity to experience it too.”

Being a naturally active guy, Eric is always outside—when the Chicago weather is forgiving! He enjoys camping, off-roading , playing sports, working with horses, and spending time with his family and friends.

Andrew Passarella

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer at:
Northbrook, IL
Arlington Heights, IL

Andrew was born and raised in a small suburb on Chicago’s border called Elmwood Park. His fitness journey began immediately after high school. He wanted to make some personal changes so that he could live his healthiest, best life. Andrew used fitness techniques he learned playing high school sports, strength training, and a ton of self-education to bring his weight down over 140 pounds in the following year-and-a-half.

After creating such a significant change in his own life, Andrew wanted to help others! He began a career in the Healthcare industry but after a couple of years he felt like he could be having a bigger impact in people’s lives. He wanted to work more directly with people and coach them on how to live a healthy life too.

Andrew asked himself, “What would I need to know if I was just beginning my fitness journey again?” The answer was how to utilize diet and exercise to reach his goals. His next question was, “How could I be a resource for someone like that?” The solution was clear - become a Personal Trainer!

Still actively strength training and eating nutrient dense foods, Andrew added more and more knowledge of exercise and health to his repertoire and began applying them at the gym. Andrew learned about The Perfect Workout and realized there were a handful of training studios in the Chicago area with plans to expand even more. The more he learned about the company, the more he felt aligned with it.

In October of 2017, Andrew was selected to join the Chicago team and he went through an extensive Personal Trainer certification. Once certified, Andrew began training clients in the Arlington Heights location where he still continues to train today.

Being a Personal Trainer at The Perfect workout has been such a fun experience for Andrew. “I love working in the studio. It’s fun and exciting to see people making changes in their health every day.”

Andrew loves being both a coach and a relatable resource for his clients, as they try to improve their health and their lives. He knows what it’s like to have big fitness goals, and what it takes to achieve them. Having conquered so much on his own fitness journey, Andrew brings a high level of compassion to his clients. He understands what challenges his clients may face, and how to overcome them.

Andrew is still continuing to make changes himself! Since joining The Perfect Workout he’s lost another 40 pounds himself, having successfully dropped 200 pounds! “I am stronger than ever, and I feel so much more fulfilled.”

Aside from his own incredible changes, Andrew is proud to be a part of his clients’ successes. One of his senior clients told Andrew she was able to get up the stairs without using the railing for the first time in years as a result of their training together.

In late 2018, Andrew was promoted to become the Facility Manager of the Northbrook studio where he also trains clients. He was inspired by the idea of “running his own business” and leading a studio. “It’s been rewarding to see our studio culture come to life.”

Andrew’s dream is to help empower others to experience the same type of transformation that he experienced. He always says that he could never have accomplished such dramatic results without the support of all the people in his life who were there for him every step of the way. His desire is to provide the same encouragement and support to each one of his clients at The Perfect Workout.