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Burke, VA

Personal Training Studio
Burke, VA

The Perfect Workout offers Personal Training in Burke, VA! Our private fitness studio, located off of Fern Park Drive is the ideal environment for 1-on-1 training sessions. Working with a Personal Trainer doing slow-motion training sessions produces optimum results in minimal time. Join The Perfect Workout Burke to begin hitting your goals today!

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  • 8992 Fern Park Dr.
    Burke, VA 22015
  • (703) 350-4270

Trainers At This Studio

Tracey Taliaferro

Personal Trainer

Burke, VA

Tracey was born into a military family on Andrews Air Force Base. Growing up mostly in the Maryland area, Tracey has always been physically active, including gymnastics, step, varsity basketball and cheerleading.

At the age of 19, Tracey enlisted into the military: active duty Army. She worked diligently for 6 years to work towards her Nursing degree and becoming a non-commissioned officer. Tracey had soldiers that she was responsible for that were not meeting the Army’s physical standards. She trained with them in the gym and went on to create personalized workout plans to build their strength. Realizing how much of a positive impact she was having on their lives, she fell in love with fitness training.

Tracey also was training with her own Personal Trainer to compete in her very first Fitness Figure Competition. Thanks to hard work and dedication, she won 2nd place! Upon her completion of 6 years in the Army, Tracey returned to school full-time to finish her Nursing degree to become a Registered Nurse. But she still had a desire to help others achieve their own physical fitness.

In 2018, Tracey joined The Perfect Workout after earning her Personal Trainer certification and currently trains clients in the Burke studio. The Perfect Workout’s slow-motion strength training has been a perfect match for what Tracey believes in from a workout -safety, effectiveness, and even time-saving! 

Her favorite part about working with clients 1-on-1 is helping them reach their goals. “Just like I had a goal for my competition; a goal for my soldiers in passing their next army fitness test; and a goal in my life to finish my Nursing degree, I love hearing about the client’s goals because there is a drive and a passion behind it.”

Tracey’s future goals are to become a Registered Nurse; compete in a state-side body building competition, and buy her dream home in Florida. But for now, she is dedicated to helping each one of her clients change their life one workout at a time!

Brandon Taylor

Facility Manager & Personal Trainer

Centreville & Burke, VA

As a multi-sport athlete, health and fitness was always important to Brandon. Coming from a small town in South Carolina, where sports was a huge part of the community, Brandon spent a good deal of his time strength training and running for endurance to improve his athletic skills. 

After severely injuring his elbow and having to have “Tommy John” surgery at the age of 16, Brandon became very passionate about using strength training to become stronger and healthier. Brandon pursued an education and later, a career where he could share his passion and help others stay healthy, all while staying injury-free. He received an education in Athletic Training, Physical Education, and graduated with a degree in Exercise Science from Winthrop University.

Brandon’s Exercise Science and athletic background helped him learn and understand the mechanics of working out and used that to his advantage. He experimented with different styles of training, coached different sports, tried many exercise methods and even worked with different age ranges. He found that all of the training styles that used explosive movements, caused repeated injuries of his shoulder and elbow. He became familiar with slow-motion strength training and, after doing the workout consistently, he quickly saw it was the smartest way to exercise.

He fell in love with the slow-motion strength training and was intrigued at how such a high intensity workout could be completed without damaging his joints further. “I have worked out my whole life being a high school and collegiate athlete. After tearing both my rotator cuff and labrum, my workouts got very inconsistent due to pain in my shoulder. I would workout hard, the traditional way, for a week and then have to take a week off due to the pain. Since I started The Perfect Workout’s regimen I have not had any shoulder pain!”

Brandon became certified as a Personal Trainer and joined The Perfect Workout in February 2017. He began training clients in the Centreville studio and is now also the Facility Manager. “It is amazing, not only do I get to connect with clients, but I also get to connect with my trainers and help them grow.”

Working with clients individually is especially meaningful to Brandon. “When training a group of people, you don’t get the opportunity to connect everyone in the room, but when you train 1-on-1 you get the chance to connect with every single person you see on a day to day basis. “

Brandon now lives in Clifton, Virginia with his chocolate lab, Rileigh, and is pursuing his passion for helping others reach their goals and improving their “quality of life”. Brandon also enjoys traveling and spending time hiking with his dog.

Jasmine Davis

Personal Trainer

Burke, VA

Andrew Bozza

Personal Trainer

Burke, VA

Lucas Wilks

Personal Trainer

Burke, VA