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D.C. Metro

Falls Church, VA

Personal Training Studio
Falls Church, VA

Are you looking for a workout that fits your schedule? The Perfect Workout has many fitness studios in the D.C. Metro area including your Falls Church neighborhood. Personal Trainers are customizing workouts and helping people just like you exercise safely and efficiently. Located off the SE corner of Columbia and Washington, the Falls Church studio is the perfect place to begin or enhance your fitness journey. If you are looking for 1-on-1 training while doing effective, 30-minute sessions, call the Falls Church location to book your first session.

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  • 400 N. Washington St. #206
    Falls Church, VA 22046
  • (703) 775-2256

Trainers At This Studio

Biffy Rublein

Facility Manager

Falls Church, VA

Biffy was born in Texas and eventually moved to North Carolina where she received a degree in Fashion Design and Styling. She always loved the idea of tailoring style to an individual and would later use that ability to personalize in her personal training career. Years and years before Biffy became a Personal Trainer she experienced her own personal body transformation and weight loss of over 60 pounds. This was the catalyst that changed her career path. She learned as much as she could about exercise and nutrition and started her own coaching business helping others improve their own physical health on the inside and out.

Within her business, Biffy created a unique curriculum to help people work through both emotional and mental blocks and move more freely toward their fitness goals. The success of her clients made it quite clear that coaching people was her true calling.

In 2016, Biffy left North Carolina and moved to the D.C. Metro area, and discovered high-intensity super slow strength training at The Perfect Workout. After recognizing that this is the safest, most efficient way of strength training she ever experienced, she fully dedicated herself to the method. She personally recognized incredible strength gains and wanted to become a part of the team that coached others through this impressive workout. 

Biffy decided to take her coaching skills to get her Personal Trainer certification. Once certified, she officially joined The Perfect Workout and immediately began changing lives at in the D.C. area

Her favorite part of her work is connecting with her incredible clients, providing motivation and encouragement, and celebrating successes along the way. “I’m a firm believer that everything done can be done with love, and that anyone can improve their health at any point in their lives.”

Biffy got into Personal Training because she loves helping facilitate healthy change in others and she’s seen many clients make significant improvements over the years. She helped one of her clients, Irene, successfully workout without feeling any pain in her arthritic knees. In her first 5 months working with Biffy, Irene felt much stronger and her lower back is now pain free.

After helping many clients reach their goals and providing immense support along the way, Biffy was promoted to Facility Manager where she now leads her the teams of trainers in Alexandria and Falls Church. 

Biffy believes The Perfect Workout provides the perfect environment, equipment and most efficient, safe method to truly change people’s lives… and she is thrilled to be a part of it!

Kenny Wilson

Personal Trainer

Falls Church, VA

Kenny Wilson was an All-American in Basketball and an accomplished lyricist who enjoys motivating his clients to become their best selves. The Perfect Workout is the perfect environment for Kenny to combine our slow-motion strength training method with his multifaceted background to help his clients become healthier psychologically, emotionally, and physically. Kenny loves being a part of the great team of Personal Trainers at The Perfect Workout.

Nicolas Rhodes

Personal Trainer

Falls Church, VA

Matt Freeman

Personal Trainer

Falls Church, VA