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Glen Ellyn, IL

Personal Training Studio
Glen Ellyn, IL

With 8 locations in the greater Chicago area, this Glen Ellyn fitness studio has been helping people reshape their bodies since for years! Just off Roosevelt Road in the Roosevelt business complex, our bright and spacious studio is filled with Personal Trainers and equipment designed to help you get in a quick and effective workout. If you are in the Glen Ellyn area and personal training is something you’d like to try, join us for your first workout!

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  • 799 Roosevelt Rd. Building 6, #207
    Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
  • (630) 948-8442

Trainers At This Studio

West Jackson

Facility Manager

Personal Trainer at:
Glen Ellyn, IL

West was born and raised in Naperville, IL. He’s played rugby since the age of 14 and went on to coach the sport. West decided to invest even more in fitness by matriculating to Illinois State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion & Education. With a degree in his back pocket and a desire to help people transform their physical health, West set his sights on creating a career for himself as a Personal Trainer.

West’s experiences in education, coaching and exercise led him towards evidence-based practices. Coming from a sport like rugby, where strategy is highly important, West knew he needed the proper strategy to coach people to better health. Through research and experience, West found that the proper evidenced based strategy was slow-motion strength training.

He knew that anyone who properly applied slow motion workouts could achieve strength gains. But his research also revealed that lifting at slow speeds to muscle failure also helped people reverse osteoporosis, lose weight, and was ideal for beginners and seniors. He was amazed to find a workout that can help virtually everyone the way slow-motion strength training does.

West was recruited by a Personal Trainer at The Perfect Workout in Westmont and he immediately began his certification process. He quickly became a successful coach and began changing lives. One of his clients, Julie, lost 40 pounds with the nutritional guidance and strength coaching she received from West. “I love working with people 1-on-1. It gives me an incredible opportunity to play a part in their journey to becoming the person they want to be.”

In early 2019, West began managing the Glen Ellyn studio where he continues to apply all his coaching tools and experience to every training session. “Working at The Perfect Workout has helped me become even more disciplined in many areas: nutrition, exercise, coaching and getting bigger and stronger! It helps apply everything I’ve ever learned for my clients benefit.”

Having the opportunity to coach clients and trainers makes coming to work even more exciting for West. He loves creating a studio culture that feels both fun and professional. “We get to talk about one of the things we all love—exercise! It’s a collective focus and that keeps things exciting for us.”

West is still very involved in Rugby and continues to coach the sport when he’s not in the studios working with clients. Having spent a summer living in New Zealand, he’s got the travel bug and loves to carve out time to travel and cook new foods. His goals are to keep exploring, growing and eventually become a registered dietician so he can be an even bigger asset to his clients!

Kevin Wierzgac

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer at:
Glen Ellyn, IL