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Jenkintown, PA

Personal Training Studio
Jenkintown, PA

Are you interested in working with a Personal Trainer in the Jenkintown area? In 20 minute workouts, the Personal trainers at the Jenkintown location can help you reach your health and fitness goals. Our semi-private studio off Greenwood Ave is the ideal place to receive 1-on-1 customized workouts. If you live in the Jenkintown area and want to enhance your workout routine, book a session with a Personal Trainer!

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  • 101 Greenwood Ave #210
    Jenkintown, PA 19046
  • (215) 529-8171

Trainers At This Studio

John Verlinghieri

Facility Manager

Jenkintown, PA

John played competitive soccer from early childhood through high school. After high school he went on to attend Bloomsburg University and began his studies as a Business major, later transitioning into Exercise Science. After college, John started working as a full-time Personal Trainer while attending graduate school at West Chester University. He found personal training to be rewarding and was able to utilize his Exercise Science degree right away. 

With years of experience in Personal Training, John had become familiar with slow-motion strength training. In fact, he utilized the special exercise protocol with many of his personal clients. He was introduced to the Perfect Workout and felt the semi-private studios offered him an enticing opportunity- to continue personal training with like-minded trainers and immerse himself in slow-motion strength training.

John joined The Perfect Workout in 2018 and began training at many locations across the Philadelphia region. He loves the 1-on-1 approach with each client and the unique experience it offers. “The great thing about coaching is that no relationship is exactly the same and understanding that helps me relate to our clients in a more impactful way. When clients relay their successes to me it is extraordinarily rewarding to know that I had something to with that success."

John has seen improvements in his own strength and stamina since consistently working out at The Perfect Workout “Power is something that is required for rock climbing and the other sports that I am involved in, and slow-motion strength training has boosted my performance. “

John thoroughly enjoys working with his clients and fellow trainers. “By nature, I am a social person and like communicating. While there is work to be done at the studio, we have built great relationships amongst the team and with the clients. And we have some fun too.” He thrives on providing great service to his clients and feels like there is nothing more energizing than having a hand in someone reaching their health and fitness goals. 

After dedicating himself to his clients and the entire Philadelphia region, John was promoted to Facility Manager. In late 2018 he began leading the Huntingdon Valley and Jenkintown locations. Leading both studios has come completely natural to John. He enjoys coaching different personalities and leveraging each person’s individual strengths. “The biggest goal in my career has always been staff development. I want to provide them the support and leadership they need to get where they want to go”. 

While John has many hobbies, rock climbing is his favorite. It requires patience, strength, situational awareness and mental fortitude. “I enjoy the hard work of putting the pieces of the puzzle together that it takes to get there.” Along with his passion for personal training and rock climbing, John enjoys mountain climbing, kayaking, white water rafting, and hiking.

John is constantly working toward being able to create great relationships with every client in the studio. He’s also got growth on his goal list! “Growth within my role is very important to me and also growth within the organization”. He strives to be the best he can each day and wants his work as a Personal Trainer and Facility Manager to demonstrate that. “The most important thing to me is that I am with an organization that has a great culture and that appreciates the effort of its employees...and with The Perfect Workout I have that.”

Deb Flynn

Personal Trainer

Jenkintown, PA

Deb Flynn’s friends would agree that she is a lifelong fitness and nutrition advocate. She has always enjoyed the outdoors and participating in sports, and now enjoys watching her children play their favorite sports of soccer, lacrosse, basketball, gymnastics, and track.

Through the years, Deb challenged herself with various exercise programs, including long distance running, Taebo, P90x, Piyo, 21-Day Fix Extreme, and T25. Deb noticed that she developed pain and injuries while doing all of these programs, forcing her to take breaks to allow for healing. She wanted to find something that provided efficiency, effectiveness, and safety and spent time researching numerous forms of exercise and nutrition..

When she discovered The Perfect Workout’s approach of super-slow-motion strength training Deb immediately realized that  it was unique and a ‘perfect’ match for her. She knew that she had to be part of this revolution! Deb completed the rigorous personal training certification for The Perfect Workout and also earned her personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). She is currently pursuing two additional NASM certifications in Fitness Nutrition and Corrective Exercise.

Deb joined The Perfect Workout team in 2018 and began helping clients immediately in the Jenkintown studio. “Thinking about clients’ successes makes me smile. The ones that stick out the most are those that involve clients returning to the studio and sharing an unexpected compliment they received or a positive change they have noticed that makes life more enjoyable. That is why I do this!”

Being in the studio with her fellow trainers is one of Deb’s favorite parts about being on The Perfect Workout team. “All of us can be great as individuals, but we know we can be even better as a team. I feel that all my fellow trainers follow this train of thought: “how can I help, encourage, support, teach, and guide our clients to realize their best possible self?’  With the ultimate goal being to change people’s lives for the better!”

Deb finds so much joy helping others, and is excited to be part of her clients’ triumphant journeys to healthier, stronger, happier, and more confident lives!

Robert Fitzgerald

Personal Trainer

Jenkintown, PA

Robert Fitzgerald grew up the youngest of 3 brothers with two physical therapists for parents. After high school, Robert joined University of Maryland’s wrestling team, and went on to have a successful career, despite multiple season-ending injuries. After graduating from college, Robert worked as a Division 1 coach and youth mentor before earning a full scholarship to Drexel Law School. While he is still pursuing his Law Degree, Robert wanted to put his passions for fitness and helping people to use and began his career in Personal Training.

Robert has been utilizing slow-motion technique for strength training himself for years, so he knew The Perfect Workout was a team he wanted to join. Since graduating from Maryland, Robert has used the slow-motion technique to eliminate the chronic joint pain and ligament soreness from his injuries. Now, he is excited to bring the same relief to others, by introducing them to safe and effective slow-motion strength training at The Perfect Workout.

Having an evidence-based workout isn’t the only thing that drew Robert to The Perfect Workout. The 1-on-1 training sessions with every client also makes a big difference. “I love having intellectual conversations aside from the workout, and seeing the smile on a client’s face when they reach their goal. That’s not something you get from group fitness classes.

Robert has helped many clients reach goals such as dropping over 30 pounds, losing inches off their waste, gaining strength and muscle mass, rehabilitating knee replacements, and even helping a client decrease their migraines. Robert is thrilled to be part of a team that is changing lives every day and wants to help many more do the same.

Kyle Ea

Personal Trainer

Jenkintown & Huntingdon Valley, PA

Kyle Ea was a total gym fanatic. He used to work out 1 to 2 hours a day, 6 days a week. After doing that consistently for a year, he started to notice pain in his left wrist when he lifted. Even a wrist safety band didn’t help.

At his first session with The Perfect Workout, Kyle was taught about the slow-motion technique. He could feel his muscles getting stronger and his wrist didn’t hurt at all! That’s when he replaced all his old gym training methods with slow-motion training. “I’m stronger, I sleep better and I exercise 20 minutes twice-a-week instead of 2 hours every day.”

Kyle felt so strongly about The Perfect Workout that he decided to join the team and become a Certified Personal Trainer. In 2018, Kyle joined the Philadelphia region and has been working with clients all over. He really enjoys working with each client directly as opposed to working with group classes. “1-on-1 gives me the opportunity to really engage with clients and learn about them. It’s distraction free for the both of us and I think it is one of the keys for us getting great results for our clients.”

One of his clients, Clare had been a powerlifter years ago and had hurt her knees, elbows, and wrists. After the first 4 months of training with Kyle, she didn’t have elbow or wrist pain anymore, and her knee pain improved immensely!

Kyle believes that The Perfect Workout is the safest, most effective and least time-consuming workout ever and looks forward to sharing it with as many clients as possible.

Kris Rivera

Personal Trainer

Jenkintown, PA

Diane Truskin

Personal Trainer

Huntingdon Valley & Jenkintown, PA