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The Perfect Workout began in La Jolla and has expanded all across San Diego and the rest of the United States. Just off Pearl Street, next to Café Milano is the foundational training studio that started it all. We provide a unique delivery of personal training with a special method of exercise. To work with a Personal Trainer about our La Jolla location, or anywhere in the San Diego area, give the studio a call. Trainers   How It Works

  • 715 Pearl St.
    La Jolla, CA 92037
  • (858) 257-0430

Trainers At This Studio

Caitlin Benson

Facility Manager

Personal Trainer at:
La Jolla, CA

Caitlin has always been passionate about living an active lifestyle. She began swimming competitively at a very young age and ultimately became a high school All American. Caitlin took her active lifestyle and expanded her knowledge of fitness with a B.A. in Exercise Science from Point Loma Nazarene University. After graduation, she began her career in a physical therapy clinic.

During her time in physical therapy, she was introduced to The Perfect Workout and was instantly hooked on the method. The slow-motion strength training method that The Perfect Workout uses, allowed her to enjoy strength training in a safe, effective, and time-efficient manner. “I feel way stronger when I engage in everyday activities as well as when I swim and run!”

In March of 2015, Caitlin decided she wanted to use her exercise science and physical therapy background and start working with fitness clients 1-on-1. After getting certified as a Personal Trainer, Caitlin began training clients at The Perfect Workout’s first location, in La Jolla, CA. After 6 months, Caitlin was promoted to Facility Manager and has been overseeing the La Jolla Studio ever since. “I absolutely love it. The La Jolla team works so well together!”

Always enthusiastic to help others transform their lives to be healthier and happier, training clients at The Perfect Workout is tremendously rewarding for Caitlin. “Seeing them progress so quickly before your eyes, and getting to know them well. They almost become like family!”

Living an active life is still an integral part of Caitlin’s life. When she is not training clients, she likes to swim, run, ride horses, go to the beach, surf, hike, camp, and enjoy the outdoors with her husband and puppy!

But Caitlin isn’t stopping here: “I would like to eventually get my doctorate in physical therapy one day and incorporate what I learn there into working with clients”

Rainier Cardin

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer at:
La Jolla, CA

Native San Franciscan, Rainier Cardin’s passion for physical fitness began in high school, where he lettered in baseball and football. After a rotator cuff injury ended his pitching career, he became a standout rugby athlete at the University of San Francisco. He left college early to enlist in the US Marine Corps, and was ultimately stationed at Camp Pendleton, where he served as an infantry squad leader. During this time, Rainier learned how to push past his perceived physical limits, and the importance of strengthening his body through weight training.

Between playing collegiate rugby and serving in the Marine Corps, Rainier has put a significant amount of mileage on his body in a short amount of time. He discovered slow-motion strength training in his search for a fitness routine that would enable him to continue to gain muscle and strength while also repairing the damage done to his back and joints. After just one experience with the 20-minute workout, Rainier was enamored with the slow, deliberate motions of the method.

After leaving the Corps, Rainier returned to school full-time to become a physical therapist, in hopes of one day returning to Camp Pendleton to help Marines and sailors get back into the fight. His care for others and his commitment to his duties have made him an exceptionally detailed and passionate Personal Trainer who puts his clients’ success, goals, and safety above all else.

He decided to take his knowledge of Personal Training and passion for serving others to The Perfect Workout where he now helps his clients change their lives, every day.

Nicole Rascon

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer at:
La Jolla, CA

Isaiah Hilton

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer at:
La Jolla, CA

Isaiah Hilton graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. Isaiah's passion around challenging himself, exercising, and helping people lead him to a career in Personal Training. As a Personal Trainer at The Perfect Workout, Isaiah is able merge his passions together by helping people exercise and achieve their health and fitness goals. Outside of The Perfect Workout, you can find Isaiah coaching high school track or studying in the library in pursuit of a Master’s degree in Teaching from the University of San Diego.


Kaila Grabot

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer at:
La Jolla, CA

Kaila Grabot knows what it takes to transform your body, first-hand. After losing 50 pounds in her early twenties through weight training and a healthy diet, Kaila became committed to adopting a healthier lifestyle.

While working out on her own, she intuitively began slowing down the speed of her weight lifting – cutting off momentum. “I didn’t think much of the change I had made but when I was introduced to The Perfect Workout their protocols it absolutely made send to me.”

Kaila was passionate about the changes she was living out and wanted to help others do the same. When she explored the idea of becoming a Personal Trainer, she knew it was the right path for her. “This was the perfect marriage of what I already excelled at (relationship building) and an industry I was becoming deeply interested in.”

Something clicked when Kaila learned more about The Perfect Workout. She liked how the method wasn’t trendy – it was science- based and focused on safety and effectiveness. “That really resonated with me and the more I learned, the hungrier I became to further educate myself and become a part of the team.”

Kaila joined The Perfect Workout in 2015, and has been building relationships with clients ever since. “I have built a family out of the clients I work with.”

Not only has she built relationships, but Kaila’s helped clients achieve life changing results. Some of her clients have recovered at record speed from joint replacements. She’s seen clients shrink numerous clothing sizes and shed 10, 20, 30, even 40 pounds. Clients that have stopped needing their medications because their cholesterol or blood pressure are now at manageable levels. Clients have improved their range of motion in a frozen shoulder, lifted suitcases over their head, and picked up grandchildren. “I’ve had clients that have slowed down or even reversed their osteoporosis.”

Many of Kaila’s clients tell her the Mission Valley studio’s culture is unlike any gym they’ve been to. “You build deep and dynamic relationships with trainers and fellow clients. You truly form a sense of friendship and family within this small community.”

Kaila’s goals are to continue to grow alongside The Perfect Workout. She loves working in an environment where she is constantly being challenged, builds meaningful relationships, and learns skills that carry far beyond the walls of this business. “I believe being in the fitness industry and having compassion for others go hand in hand. It’s all about sharing your knowledge and connecting with others to help them find and reach their potential – and I’m incredibly honored to be a part of a team that does just that!”

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