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Long Beach, CA

Personal Training Studio
Long Beach, CA

Looking for a personal trainer in the Long Beach, California area? Located on E. Spring Street near the Long Beach Airport, this location offers a team of Personal Trainers ready to help achieve your fitness goals. Our slow-motion strength training routines produces weight loss results and improves muscle tone when performed for 20 minutes twice a week. If you are in the Long Beach area and would like to learn more about this location and slow-motion strength training workout methods, schedule your learning session today!

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  • 3296 E. Spring Street
    Long Beach, CA 90806
  • (562) 606-0677

Trainers At This Studio

Raymond Dumaua

Facility Manager

Personal Trainer at:
Long Beach, CA

As the youngest of five kids from a close-knit Filipino family, Raymond had been coaching friends and family for years before joining The Perfect Workout’s team of Personal Trainers. Raymond has worked with clients of all ages from 16yrs old all the way up to training seniors in their 90’s. He is known for his caring approach and sweet disposition, all while having the drive to help clients lose weight, gain confidence and reach their fitness goals.

Raymond had always been active in sports which led him to coach middle school and high school basketball. Ray realized he had a natural gift to teach and coach others and wanted to apply them even more, so he began taking steps towards creating a career in Personal Training. During this time, he had been experimenting with his own health and fitness. He was already active, but when he discovered the power of a healthy diet and partnered it with slow-motion strength training, he saw instant results. “This is the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life. I've incorporated slow-motion strength training at least once a week. Initially, it helped me lose an additional 10 pounds and now helps me maintain strength and weight. It has helped build a mind-muscle connection.”

In 2013, The Perfect Workout opened up studios in the Los Angeles area. Raymond joined the Personal Training team and was one of the first trainers to work in the West LA studio. For the first 5 years with The Perfect Workout, Raymond helped clients of all ages and fitness levels in West LA. He is widely known for his loving and charismatic way of coaching from both clients and fellow trainers. “I love working 1-on-1. Having to build specific relationships with each individual is key in helping them reach their goals. “

Based on his great work ethic and glowing feedback from his clients, Ray was selected to become the Long Beach Facility Manager in early 2019 and has been helping the studio grow ever since. “Long Beach is a very welcoming, upbeat and family-oriented environment. Everyone loves to come to work! I love passing on my knowledge and seeing my team grow professionally and personally.”

In addition to training clients Ray also volunteers for non-profit health organizations and does important work in HIV prevention. Raymond spends most of his days off playing basketball, cycling, or hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains or San Bernardino Mountains. One of his favorite outdoor excursions was the Na Pali Coast hike on the island of Kauai, named one of the 20 most dangerous hikes in the world by Outside magazine. He would love to get back to Hawaii and hopes to travel to his family’s home country of the Philippines soon.

For now, Raymond is looking forward to helping the Long Beach studio grow, and gives a ton of credit to his colleagues, who have helped him tremendously in learning the tools to do so. Whether he’s volunteering with young people or showing clients how to get results, he says, “I feel like my purpose is to inspire and motivate people.”

Maggie Brown

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer at:
Long Beach, CA

Sean Piedra

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer at:
Long Beach, CA

Sean was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He always stayed active by going on hikes and playing baseball and basketball. His passion for health and fitness started at the age of 10, when he was teased for being on the chubby side. Being bullied, however, was a blessing in disguise, because it motivated him to make positive changes to the course of his overall health and fitness.

He attended college at San Jose State University, and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Health Science. After graduating, Sean decided to move to Southern California for a new adventure.

Despite already working out, Sean was determined to get even stronger and healthier. He watched YouTube videos, worked with personal trainers at the gym, and learned from others with years of experience. He incorporated what he learned into his exercise routine.

His desire to constantly improve himself also helped him find the passion to help others with their fitness goals. When Sean was introduced to slow-motion strength training, he knew it was a game changer. “I love the feeling of complete muscle fatigue after doing a slow-motion strength training workout. This training method has allowed me to workout virtually pain-free compared to traditional workouts which always seem to cause injuries.”

When Sean found The Perfect Workout, he loved the mission and saw that his vision and the company’s values were identical. In early 2018, Sean joined the team as a Personal Trainer and has fallen in love with the method, the studio, the team, and his clients. “I really enjoy working with clients in a 1-on-1 setting. The personal time allows us to really focus and produce better results.” Sean likes how the semi-private facility allows him to tailor the workout to specific personal fitness and health goals. “I give them my full attention and it gives me the ability to provide specific solutions.”

One of Sean’s clients began at The Perfect Workout with low energy, was overweight, and struggled with self-confidence. After training consistently with Sean for about a year, he’s lost over 25 pounds, gained muscle mass and is much more confident.

Client successes make Sean’s role as a Personal Trainer incredibly gratifying and he looks forward to the many more people he will impact at The Perfect Workout. “I will always be in a career where I help people. I strongly believe that you pay kindness forward and life will reward you in the future.”

Robert Travis

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer at:
Long Beach, CA

Rob Travis dropped 100 pounds in his first year at The Perfect Workout and now teaches his clients everything he learned from that experience. Rob played sports and has weight trained since he was young but after a knee injury curtailed his activities, he found himself weighing in at 300 pounds. Rob’s dedicated nature fueled him to change his body and lifestyle altogether. He went to the library and read everything he could about nutrition. He watched videos, taking a little something from each one, and then put his plan into motion.

While Rob was on his weight loss journey, he performed strength training 5 to 6 times a week for 2 to 3 hours a day. Although he was losing weight he found it hard to build muscle. He could no longer lift his old bench press weight of 185. Then Rob found The Perfect Workout!

After 6 months of slow-motion strength training, only 20-minutes twice a week, he walked back into his old gym to see how much he had improved. 160 pounds felt very light, so he raised it to 185, then to 200, then 225…finally maxing out at 260! He had never seen such a drastic improvement in his entire life! He was amazed, and became 100% sold on slow-motion strength training.

In March of 2017, Rob joined The Perfect Workout and has been an integral part of the Long Beach training team ever since. He loves having a private setting to candidly discuss clients’ goals and the obstacles they may be facing.  He uses his training and his own experience to set an example for his clients. “As trainers, I believe we need to walk the walk for our clients, and this has helped me be accountable to my clients and myself as well.”

With amazing support from his team at The Perfect Workout, Rob knows he can achieve anything for his clients. He firmly believes in evidagain–and his results can back that up! Rob wants to devote his life to showing others the method that has helped him maintain his weight loss and add 30 pounds of muscle to his frame.

Rob firmly believes that his weight loss journey has helped shaped him into the best trainer that he can be for people trying to lose weight, or who are injured and wary of strength training. “Working out is possible even when you are injured, and it is essential to your recovery!” After losing his weight, Rob’s own back and knee pain have almost disappeared.

When not in the gym, Rob loves to get outdoors. He goes backpacking, hiking, camping, and rock climbing. He loves to swim and play sports like beach volleyball, tennis and flag football. He’s up for anything active! When recovering from his workouts, you can find him playing chess or relaxing with a good Sci-Fi book. He even hopes to write a book about his own journey one day!