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Menlo Park, CA

Personal Training Studio
Menlo Park, CA

Are you located in the Mill Valley area and in need of a new exercise routine? The Personal Trainers at the Mill Valley location of The Perfect Workout can help you improve your body and your health with 1-on-1 training sessions. Offering exercise for teens, ranging all the way up to seniors, slow-motion strength training is changing the way everyone exercises for life. We invite you to join us at the Mill Valley studio off Lomita Drive for a private workout session with a Certified Personal Trainer.

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    Menlo Park, CA 94303
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Trainers At This Studio

Rochelle Collinwood

Facility Manager 

Menlo Park, CA

Rochelle is a Certified Athletic Trainer. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Integrated Sciences in Human Performance, Sports Medicine, with an emphasis in Athletic Training at Weber State University, followed by a Master’s Degree in Athletic Training. Through her educational training she worked closely with the Weber State women’s volleyball, track and field, and softball teams. She performed clinical work with an orthopedic surgeon, and has also worked in a physical therapy office supervising rehabilitation workouts, reinforcing her education in intermediate and advanced rehabilitation techniques. She continues to study evidence-based research through continuing education conferences and studies, and The Perfect Workout. 

With her extensive educational background and love for exercise, Rochelle has combined her understanding of muscle, tendon and joint health with technique and proper form to maximize workouts with a reduced risk of injury.  

Being an athlete and highly educated in the field of exercise, Rochelle knew she would always have a career in the fitness industry. She wanted to create a career where she could help people develop body awareness and improve muscle strength. Personal Training seemed like the perfect fit! Rochelle got her Personal Trainer certification through the Athletics and Fitness Association of America and began helping people work toward their fitness goals.  

After a few years, Rochelle discovered The Perfect Workout. She was drawn to the  science-backed method which complemented what she was already teaching others. She decided it was the perfect place for her to continue her personal training career and took steps to get certified with The Perfect Workout. 

Rochelle officially began training clients at the San Mateo location in early 2018. She loves being able to help her clients at The Perfect Workout reach their full potential. She encourages each client to push overcome any roadblocks that may hinder their ability to reach their personal goals.  She has a tremendously loyal and candid nature that allows her to focus on each client. list Listening to their individual needs and creating specialized workouts tailored to each one of them.  

Rochelle believes that through discussion and education, each client can be provided the tools they need to be successful in their fitness journey. This mentality earned Rochelle a Facility Manager position. She briefly managed the Sunnyvale studio before getting the opportunity to become the Facility Manager of the largest studio in the company, Menlo Park.  

Rochelle has helped create a studio culture and environment that is friendly for clients, energetic for trainers, and supportive for everyone involved! “Everyone looks supports another.” 

Like most of the training team at The Perfect Workout, Rochelle loves to keep active. She enjoys sports, theater, travel, and hiking. “Anything that brings me a sweat brings me joy!” She has played and/or participated in gymnastics, swimming, diving, soccer, snowboarding, surfing and has run the Orange County half marathon. In addition to staying active, Rochelle loves to travel. After living in Argentina for over a year, she became fluent in Spanish.  

“Never finish learning,” is Rochelle’s motto and she intends on growing as Personal Trainer, a Facility Manager and to help each of her trainers reach their own goals! 

Gino Graziani

Personal Trainer

Menlo Park, CA

Gino Graziani is happiest and healthiest when on the soccer field. He played competitive soccer from a young age all the way through college. Gino loves athletics so it was natural for him to embark on a career in Fitness. For four years, Gino was a Physical Education teacher for kids K-6. He took great personal satisfaction in fitness and loved instilling that into a younger generation. 

As he continued to learn more about exercise and body mechanics, Gino wanted deepen his impact by working with individuals in a more personalized setting. He had been referred to The Perfect Workout by a friend and he felt like the slow-motion strength training was both extremely effective and aligned to his ideology of exercise. Gino became a Certified Personal Trainer and joined The Perfect Workout’s Menlo Park team where he’s been training clients since 2016.

“I love having the opportunity to really get to know the people I train. When I have a better understanding of someone’s behaviors and habits, it’s easier to help guide them with dietary advice and coach them through the workout towards the results they are looking for.”

Julia Leeper

Personal Trainer

Menlo Park, CA

Julia Leeper is originally from the UK. She moved to the U.S. 20 years ago, raised a family, and kickstarted her second career in the fitness industry! She had always enjoyed working out and being outdoors, keeping fit, and living a healthy lifestyle. Her nurturing tendencies and love for fitness became a seamless partnership when she stepped into Personal Training. 

When Julia discovered The Perfect Workout, she immediately wanted to share its many benefits with her friends, family and clients! She became a Certified Personal Trainer at The Perfect Workout in May of 2018 and joined the Menlo Park studio. Working with people 1-on-1 has been a wonderful way for Julia to guide others to reach their goals. “I love the relationships I have with each of my clients and I thoroughly enjoy being their coach.”

Julia says she owes slow-motion strength training credit for helping her create her strong shape and knows it has done the same for many of her clients. One client in particular believes that The Perfect Workout and working with Julia has changed her life in many ways. “She feels better than ever. She’s stronger and more confident.”

Working in the Menlo Park studio is not only gratifying for Julia, but a fun experience every day. “I love my coworkers! The atmosphere in our studio is super friendly and we all get along so well.” 

Since Julia is in her mid-50s, she feels that she has a good understanding of what women her age are going through and is in an ideal place to help them through challenges such as how to gain strength, prevent osteoporosis or have more energy. Julia’s understanding and patient nature makes her the perfect Personal Trainer to work with people of all fitness levels. “I will always listen attentively and give the best possible guidance I can to my clients. Success is inevitable at The Perfect Workout!”

Sandy Cowell

Personal Trainer

Menlo Park, CA

Sandy is Menlo Park’s resident Kiwi! She graduated from Huntington University as a Nutritionist and Health Coach and also holds her Personal Trainer Certification. Sandy has been working in the field of health and nutrition counseling since arriving in the Bay Area from New Zealand in 2008.

Her first encounter with The Perfect Workout was when Sandy was approaching her 50th birthday, She joined as a client because she was starting to feel the effects of aging. “I even thought my eating habits were good and I was doing regular cardio, but I felt that I was slipping backwards.” After about six weeks of slow-motion strength training, Sandy was amazed at how strong and powerful she felt. Strength training was the missing ingredient! 

Sandy has continued to build her strength in her twice-a-week workouts and is more future focused than ever. Using the slow-motion strength training has changed her body, her life, and zest for life. “I sure don’t feel my age anymore!”

Feeling strong and empowered, Sandy decided she wanted to help more people like her feel as amazing as she did. She dove head first into her Personal Trainer Certification and joined The Perfect Workout.

Sandy believes that everyone has the ability to improve their health as simply as she did. “Slow weight training is a safe and powerful tool for anyone, especially those of us over 40.” It’s the smartest way to develop strength, protect bones, and fire up the metabolism. “I love that it’s challenging, but not overwhelming. And as a trainer, I get to be  the one who helps my clients achieve things they never thought possible.”

In 2014 Sandy published her first book, “The Forgiving Fork,” aimed at young Kiwi women, and she has a second one in the works!

Maggie Yule

Personal Trainer

Menlo Park, CA

Maggie Yule is a nationally certified massage therapist and ACE Personal Trainer. She has been practicing Myofascial Release Massage, and teaching healthy lifestyle nutrition and weight loss since 1999. In 2014, she decided to obtain her Personal Trainer certification to augment her knowledge of fitness and begin helping more people.

As a massage therapist and Personal Trainer combined, Maggie has spent over 12,000 hours helping her clients safely restructure & repair scar tissue from injuries. She loved the strength, focus and energy that traditional weight training gave her over the years, but that caused her shoulder injuries.

Her own personal experience with that injury has given her a deep appreciation of the importance of exercising safely and the value of injury prevention. Slow-motion strength training at The Perfect Workout has helped her regain a great deal of strength, energy, and full range of motion in both shoulders—with no more injuries. 

In 2015, Maggie became certified with The Perfect Workout and she became a Personal Trainer at the Menlo Park studio. She is honored to bring her experience and passion to the team and be a part of revolutionizing how people exercise!

Daniela Gomez

Personal Trainer

Menlo Park, CA

Daniela is dedicated to health and fitness and has spent a great deal of time and energy researching exercise. She would take her learnings and “experiment” on herself at the gym. It was a great learning experience but a tough one. Being self-taught in the beginning of her journey, she learned the “hard way” and experienced frequent injuries. 

So, Daniela was amazed when she discovered the slow-motion method. “I had never seen as much progress in my own physique doing the traditional weight lifting methods I taught myself at the gym than I have doing this slow- motion workout method!” Not only was Daniela injury free, but she got stronger and her body fat percentage went down. She was even more motivated to compliment it with a healthier diet now that she began to see results. “I am in the best shape of my life. I am a true advocate of the slow-motion method and am sharing it with all my friends and family members!” Eventually Daniela began to train her sister and mother at the gym and that led her to become a Certified Personal Trainer.

Daniela joined The Perfect Workout and actively trains clients in the Menlo Park studio today. She enjoys meeting new clients and getting an understanding of their motivation for working out. ”I get inspired by hearing people’s goals so I can create an effective customized workout plan for each person.”

When Daniela is not changing people’s lives at work, she’s enjoying the outdoors, hiking, going to the beach, taking her dog out to new places, and exploring new restaurants with her sister and mother. “Listening to music puts me in a happy mood so you’ll always find me with a speaker playing my favorite songs and even dancing to them!”

Angie Ynostroza

Personal Trainer

Menlo Park, CA

Joan Joss

Personal Trainer

Menlo Park, CA