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Mill Valley, CA

Personal Training Studio
Mill Valley, CA

Are you located in the Mill Valley area and in need of a new exercise routine? The Personal Trainers at the Mill Valley location of The Perfect Workout can help you improve your body and your health with 1-on-1 training sessions. Offering exercise for teens, ranging all the way up to seniors, slow-motion strength training is changing the way everyone exercises for life. We invite you to join us at the Mill Valley studio off Lomita Drive for a private workout session with a Certified Personal Trainer.

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  • 147 Lomita Dr. Suite L
    Mill Valley, CA 94941
  • (415) 423-1198

Trainers At This Studio

Daniela Lavagnino

Facility Manager

Mill Valley, CA

Daniela was born and raised in California. Growing up, soccer was Daniela’s favorite sport. She played from age five through high school. Unfortunately, a torn ACL prohibited her from competing in college. She continued to exercise but struggled to find a challenging workout that wouldn’t cause more injury to her knee. Then she found slow-motion strength training! Daniela now has much stronger knees, better posture, has built up her muscles, and she’s sharing all she knows with her clients!

Daniela received her Bachelor’s Degree in AG Business from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. After graduating from college, she ran her own business in the wine industry in Paso Robles. As a busy business owner, she recognized the challenges of taking the time to care for your own health. However, she also realized that she was a much more productive and happier person when she took the time to exercise.

Because she was so busy with her business, Daniela turned to The Perfect Workout to fit in her workouts. She knew she needed to keep her leg muscles strong in order to keep her knee stable and continue to participate in all the activities she loves. 

Daniela became so passionate about slow-motion strength training and its efficiency, she decided she wanted to get more involved with the method and share it with others. She went through a hands-on Personal Trainer certification and joined The Perfect Workout Mill Valley in 2017.

When clients come in to train with Daniela, it’s not just about the workout itself. “Clients have different issues going on in their lives. I make sure they feel they can open up and trust me to talk about whatever’s going on. It helps them look forward to their session!” 

Daniela had one client who, when he first started with The Perfect Workout, didn’t have much energy and had trouble walking up the stairs. After only two weeks of working with Daniela, her care and personal attention to his training created a transformation. He began coming in full of energy, happy, and joking around with everyone in the studio. He even brought his wife in to experience the same great results he was experiencing. “I love seeing people’s confidence grow so quickly once they try these workouts.”

After becoming a Personal Trainer for The Perfect Workout, Daniela became a Certification Supervisor, teaching new trainers the slow-motion strength training method, and then was chosen as the Facility Manager for the Mill Valley studio. Being Facility Manager has been a new exciting challenge in addition to still training clients. “As a trainer, I get to help my clients - now as Facility Manager I get to help the other trainers and touch even more lives!” 

When she’s not in the studio, Daniela loves hiking on the coastal trail by her house. She also gardens and just started growing her own vegetables. Her dog, a golden doodle named Luna also keeps her busy. Daniela is thrilled for her journey ahead with The Perfect Workout, meeting new clients, growing the Mill Valley studio, and pursuing the things she loves outside of fitness. “I’m just so grateful to have this community.”

Alyssa Harrison

Personal Trainer

Mill Valley, CA

North Carolina native, Alyssa Harrison moved to the Golden State a couple years ago. She was raised in a military family and has had the opportunity to live in many locations including: Germany, North Carolina, and New Mexico. Alyssa loves to dance and has had a passion for physical movement from a very young age. An  avid ballet dancer through high school, Alyssa found a deep connection to modern dance while in college at Texas Tech University. 

Within her dance training, Alyssa took many classes utilizing slow exercises/combinations that focused on form and gaining strength. So applying that same concept to weight training made complete sense to her when she was introduced to The Perfect Workout. 

In early 2018, Alyssa earned her Personal Trainer certification and joined the Mill Valley studio. With a background in dance Alyssa is able to bring her knowledge of the body and form into her personal training. “I love it and believe in it!”

When it comes to training clients, Alyssa loves that she gets the 1-on-1 time to give each person her undivided attention. “This means I am really able to observe their form, challenge them in the exercise, and know I am giving 100% for that client.”

One of her favorite parts about being a Personal Trainer is seeing the expressions of joy and accomplishment on her client’s faces when they notice strength gains, or that their everyday activities have gotten easier. “It feels so good to be a part of The Perfect Workout family and have a role it someone else’s journey to better health.”

When she’s not training clients, Alyssa can be found attending an art event, exploring gorgeous California, hanging with friends, and, of course, dancing! 

Charley Sklar

Personal Trainer

Mill Valley, CA

Charley Sklar was born and raised in Napa Valley. Since she can remember, she loved participating in everything active that beautiful Northern California had to offer. She loved to hike, climb, snowboard, and surf. Most of all, she loved to dance. At fourteen she left home after receiving a scholarship for a pre-professional ballet and modern dance program in Southern California. After regular high school classes in the morning, Charley would spend six hours in the studio training in hopes of being offered a spot in a professional company. The program expected perfection and the dancers were taught to work through pain, and Charley was not immune, she found herself dealing with regular foot pain.  

Over a year later, she finally went to a doctor after a fall in rehearsal was causing spasms in her back, and she was told that she had been dancing on an untreated foot fracture. Charley tried everything from physical therapy to acupuncture, but after a few more months, she made the difficult decision to leave dance.

Charley’s pain continued for three years. It was difficult to get through a simple workout in the gym and nearly impossible to enjoy all the outdoor activities she had always loved. However, after only one training session with The Perfect Workout, Charley was amazed at how intensely she was able to work her body without any discomfort from her old injuries! With two sessions a week, she has now been able to resume her old hobbies with more strength and less pain than ever before.

“I am so grateful that I found slow-motion strength training. Learning how to properly engage these muscles has helped me maintain proper alignments in day to day life.” Inspired to keep getting stronger, Charley wanted to learn more about the exercise. She took steps to become a Personal Trainer and in 2018 she became certified with The Perfect Workout.

As a trainer in the Mill Valley studio, Charley loves helping others reach their own goals and improve their quality of life in a supportive and safe environment. “I love getting to know the clients so that I can make a plan to best serve them. Also, hearing about how our program has brought them so much joy by helping them do the things that they love to do brings me joy too!”

Charley wants to continue to expand her knowledge of healthy habits and how to help people implement them. She plans to complete her Yoga teacher certification and health coach certification so she can better help people create a healthier lifestyle and prevent injuries.

Gregory Erker

Personal Trainer

Mill Valley, CA

Family man, Greg Ercker, currently lives in Mill Valley after relocating from the Midwest. He graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Biology. After graduating he worked in medical research at Washington University School of Medicine. After a few years he went to the University of Vienna, Austria and was hired in the travel industry, which eventually evolved into a career in the real estate industry.

There has always been one constant passion for Greg, which was staying healthy and fit. This desire to be involved in fitness started at a very young age, and involved a number of sports including baseball, wrestling, track and field, skiing (water and snow), and swimming.

Greg’s passion for health and wellness has always been a part of his DNA. “Having personally dealt with some minor injuries over the years, I cannot stress the importance of being able to bounce back by strengthening the muscles in our bodies.”

His habit of working out became a routine and top priority. And when Greg pursued becoming a Personal Trainer, he felt like The Perfect Workout’s methodology was the perfect style of exercise for both him and prospective clients. In 2018, Greg became certified and joined the Mill Valley’s team of Personal Trainers. Greg’s professional training through slow-motion exercise, stressing the correct techniques and the importance of safety, allows him to truly help his clients reach their goals.

As an empty nester, and father of 3, Greg knows how important getting stronger is to become healthier. “I especially enjoy watching clients improve their strength which leads to a much more fulfilling lifestyle for them. It changes who they are, and its rewarding for the both of us!”

One of Greg’s favorite successes is when he sees his clients getting stronger and healthier. “It’s especially satisfying when they invite their friends and family in. They are a testament to our mission of revolutionizing the way people exercise.”

Eduard Kotysh

Personal Trainer

Mill Valley, CA