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San Diego

Mission Valley, CA

Personal Training Studio
Mission Valley, CA

Working out has never been so easy to fit into your active San Diego lifestyle! The Perfect Workout’s own Mission Valley studio is offering 20-minute workouts, where you can trainer your entire body, efficiently and effectively. With just two training sessions a week, the Personal Trainers at The Perfect Workout can guide you to strength gains, weight loss, better sleep, and much more! If you are in the Mission Valley area, join us for a workout in our training studio off Camino Del Rio South for a private training experience.

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  • 2635 Camino Del Rio S #201
    San Diego, CA 92108
  • (619) 757-1001

Trainers At This Studio

Amelia Hassoun

Facility Manager 

Mission Valley, CA

Once Amelia discovered a love for fitness, she knew she wanted to turn her passion into a profession. She instantly made the career change to become a Personal Trainer. After finding The Perfect Workout, she felt like the 1-on-1 strength training approach in semi-private studios were an ideal fit for her personal training style. Amelia hit the ground running, and poured everything into her certification, and eventually her clients. After only three months of being a trainer, Amelia was promoted to Facility Manager at the Mission Valley studio and has been training there ever since.

Amelia has kept up her own regimen of working out for 20 minutes, twice a week at The Perfect Workout and it’s made a big difference for her health. “I gained 50 lbs. with my first two pregnancies. But with my third pregnancy, after I started at The Perfect Workout, I only gained 9 lbs. I left the hospital smaller than when I first got pregnant!”  

 Now, she’s getting stronger with every workout, and she loves discovering how her body responds to each exercise. Her own personal experience in the workouts helps her bring even more knowledge to her training sessions with clients. 

 Amelia loves connecting with clients and digging deep with them to get clear on their specific goals. Not just their basic fitness goals, but their vision of who they will be once they’ve hit those goals. That vision is the ultimate reason why they want to get in shape and make a change in their life. “There’s nothing more fulfilling to me than helping people mentally and physically. I really want to get to know the people I train, and watching their journey is so gratifying.” 

 For Amelia, investing in her trainers is one of her top priorities as well. “The Mission Valley studio is known for being close. We’re like a big family.”  She makes sure everyone feels uplifted, supported, and has the tools they need to grow.  

 “The people I’ve met at The Perfect Workout have become some of my closest friends. Seeing my clients and fellow trainers evolve through fitness inspires me every day, and I’m in this for the long run.” 

Anna Rahim

Personal Trainer

Mission Valley, CA

Climbing Mt. Fuji in Japan, swimming semi-professionally in Australia, or training clients at The Perfect Workout; no matter what she’s doing, Anna Rahim throws herself into it with passion and enthusiasm. If you stop by The Perfect Workout’s Mission Valley studio, you’ll know Anna – she’s the fun, vivacious one with the cheerful Australian accent.

Fitness has been in Anna’s blood since childhood. From the age of six, she swam for ten years in her native Australia, even competing against future Olympians. After training clients and teaching fitness classes in Australia and Japan, Anna was planning her move to the U.S. and wanted to continue her career as a Personal Trainer. 

“When I heard about The Perfect Workout, it made sense to give it a try!” Anna says. “I stopped my other fitness activities and focused only on slow-motion strength training. I was absolutely amazed by the results! I'm the strongest I've ever been and I've learned the most effective workout that I can. I will do it for the rest of my life.”

Anna had acquired multiple certifications in personal training, fitness instructing and boxing/kickboxing and added slow-motion strength training to her repertoire. Anna came on board with The Perfect Workout, and went through the rigorous in-house training program. “This was definitely one of the hardest certifications I’ve had to get, and it’s the one I’m most proud of.” 

Her enthusiasm rubs off on her clients and Anna has already helped produce a number of success stories. “One woman shared with me that her husband told her this morning, ‘Wow! Your legs look great!’ Another client went to dinner and took off her jacket, and her friends couldn’t believe her new look, saying, ‘Look at your arms! What are you doing?’ That kind of feedback is what I like most about my job.”

Working with clients 1-on-1 is amazing for Anna. “I get to develop deep connections with my clients that turn into incredible friendships. I get to do that while helping them reach their goals, it's the best! It’s hard work but it’s fun and rewarding!”

Patricia Kelly

Personal Trainer

Mission Valley, CA

Pat’s philosophy is, “It’s never too late.” She saw evidence of that while teaching adult community college students. The students that inspired her the most were the ones that came back for help a second or third time. Their perseverance is what changed their lives. Pat started her teaching career after graduating from Boston State College with a B.S. in Education. She also got her Master’s Degree in Multicultural Education from San Diego State University. 

Pat took a leave from teaching to serve a two-year stint in Honduras with the Peace Corps in the 80’s. Packing for Honduras was a challenge, but Pat made sure to include her Jane Fonda workout tapes in her luggage! Amazingly, those tapes gave her the opportunity to get to know the indigenous Garifuna women and their culture because they wanted to exercise with her. The exercise classes with the Garifuna women are some of her fondest memories of her time in Honduras.

After retiring from teaching, Pat was inspired to make some lifestyle changes. She changed her diet and began to exercise. She felt incredible and wanted to teach others how to make these changes, no matter what life stage they were in. Having 40 years of teaching experience, it was a natural fit for Pat to become a Personal Trainer. She joined The Perfect Workout in 2015 and has had a positive impact on countless clients over the years. 

All of her clients inspire her One client that made her particularly proud is Janet.  . “Janet is one example of a client who never gives up. She was diligent and worked hare but it paid off with her losing about 40 pounds and getting in the best shape of her life.”

In addition to strength training, Pat began running as a part of her new and healthier post- teaching career lifestyle.  Eventually, she was running 5k’s and liked the camaraderie of running in a group. Entering races kept her motivated to train, and she enjoyed watching her times get faster. However, once she discovered Master’s Track & Field, she traded 5k’s for 100, 200, and 400 meters. In her first year of track, at the age of 64, she was ranked as All-American in each of her events! 

Pat has always played softball and her Senior Women’s Softball Team, California Spirit, has won many regional and national titles, including a gold medal at the U.S. Senior Olympics.

She also enjoys relaxing with her husband and preparing delicious and healthy meals to share with family and friends. Whether it is teaching, running, or exercising, it is never too late. Pat is excited to be part of the Perfect Workout team and is eager to work with even more clients to help them get fitter and healthier, regardless of age or fitness level.

Kerry Linne

Personal Trainer

Mission Valley, CA

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Kerry Linne is the oldest of five highly competitive and athletic siblings. He ended up excelling at soccer and began traveling around the west coast  for tournaments. At the age of 17, Kerry’s premier soccer team won the Washington state championship!

Kerry, has a passion for food and nutrition and, after graduating from high school, he spent 5 years at a variety of culinary establishments. Ultimately,  he decided to go back to school and combine his passion for food with health and wellness. Kerry moved to San Diego where he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Food and Nutrition at San Diego State University.

With over 10 years in the hospitality industry and previously certified as a Personal Trainer, Kerry decided he wanted to help people become their own health and wellness champions. He was familiar with slow-motion strength training, so when he found The Perfect Workout, he knew it was a perfect fit. Kerry joined the Personal Trainer team in 2016 and began working with clients in the Mission Valley studio. 

Through slow motion strength training and proper nutrition, Kerry helps his clients live the healthiest lives they can. When Kerry isn’t training clients, or cooking up a delicious meal he enjoys hiking, playing golf, and exploring the beautiful city of San Diego.

Kaila Grabot

Personal Trainer

Mission Valley, CA

Kaila Grabot knows what it takes to transform your body, first-hand. After losing 50 pounds in her early twenties from through weight training and a healthy diet, Kaila became committed to adopting a healthier lifestyle. 

While working out on her own, she intuitively began slowing down the speed of her weight lifting – cutting off momentum. “I didn’t think much of the change I had made but when I was introduced to The Perfect Workout their protocols it absolutely made send to me.”

Kaila was passionate about the changes she was living out and wanted to help others do the same. When she explored the idea of becoming a Personal Trainer, she knew it was the right path for her. “This was the perfect marriage of what I already excelled at (relationship building) and an industry I was becoming deeply interested in.”

Something clicked when Kaila learned more about The Perfect Workout. She liked how the method wasn’t trendy – it was science- based and focused on safety and effectiveness. “That really resonated with me and the more I learned, the hungrier I became to further educate myself and become a part of the team.”

Kaila joined The Perfect Workout in 2015,  and has been building relationships with clients ever since. “I have built a family out of the clients I work with.”

Not only has she built relationships, but Kaila’s helped clients achieve life changing results. Some of her clients have recovered at record speed from joint replacements. She’s seen clients shrink numerous clothing sizes and shed 10, 20, 30, even 40 pounds. Clients that have stopped needing their medications because their cholesterol or blood pressure are now at manageable levels. Clients have improved their range of motion in a frozen shoulder, lifted suitcases over their head, and picked up grandchildren. “I’ve had clients that have slowed down or even reversed their osteoporosis.”

Many of Kaila’s clients tell her the Mission Valley studio’s culture is unlike any gym they’ve been to. “You build deep and dynamic relationships with trainers and fellow clients. You truly form a sense of friendship and family within this small community.”

Kaila’s goals are to continue to grow alongside The Perfect Workout. She loves working in an environment where she is constantly being challenged, builds meaningful relationships, and learns skills that carry far beyond the walls of this business. “I believe being in the fitness  industry and having compassion for others go hand in hand. It’s all about sharing your knowledge and connecting with others to help them find and reach their potential – and I’m incredibly honored to be a part of a team that does just that!”

Chad Perez

Personal Trainer

Mission Valley, CA

Chad was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in sunny San Diego where he ultimately attended San Diego State University, majoring in Communications.

He was first introduced to strength training as a freshmen in college—fueling a new passion for health and fitness. Chad was referred to The Perfect Workout by a San Diego Personal Trainer and he immediately fell in love with the method and the company. After going through an intense, hands-on certification, Chad joined the team and began training clients in the Mission Valley studio.  “I really enjoy getting to know my clients on a personal basis and having a part in helping them with their health”

Having battled pain from a dislocated shoulder, Chad was thrilled to continue his workouts with the slow-motion methodology. “The Perfect Workout helped me rehabilitate my shoulder and steer clear of injuries.” 

In addition to rehabilitation, The Perfect Workout’s science-backed method helps clients achieve strength gains, bone density gains, and even weight loss. One of Chad’s clients, Nadine, began working with him in February 2019 and within her first 6 months, she’s dropped from 250 to 210 pounds!

Chad is grateful to be able to work with each of his clients at The Perfect Workout. Enabling them to safely and effectively work to improve their own personal health and fitness.

When Chad isn’t in the studio helping clients with their fitness goals, he’s traveling the world as one of the lead vocalists in a world-class band. “Slow-motion strength training has helped me get in the best shape possible, helping me by my best both on and off the stage.” 

Rene Ballejos

Personal Trainer

Mission Valley, CA

Ray Martinez

Personal Trainer

Mission Valley, CA