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Naperville, IL

Personal Training Studio
Naperville, IL

If you are looking for a safe and efficient workout in the Naperville area, The Perfect Workout has the perfect solution for you! Just a short drive down East Ogden Ave from Portillos is the Naperville training studio, specialized to help you get a super effective, full body workout in just 20-minutes. Whether you live, or work in the Naperville area, we have Personal Trainers available to help you reach your fitness goals. If you are ready to begin your new health journey, schedule a session with a Personal Trainer today!

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  • 710 East Ogden Ave #550
    Naperville, IL 60563
  • (630)-622-0816

Trainers At This Studio

Stephine Williams

Facility Manager

Personal Trainer at:
Naperville, IL

Born and raised in Southeast Michigan, Stephine earned her college degree in Apparel Merchandise and Design. Her experience in the fast-paced fashion industry, and her own personal journey into fitness, helped her develop the tools to be an effective and efficient Personal Trainer. This Chicago Facility Manager is known for her attentive and nurturing coaching style and loves helping our clients transform their lives every day.

Although Stephine was always active in sports she knew there was so much more she could learn about how to stay healthy, so she educated herself in both fitness and nutrition. She applied her learnings of proper diet and exercise and lost over 100 pounds. “I love sharing my story! My before and after pictures have become a badge of honor. I not only hope to inspire others with my story, but also focus my passion to train others to reach their own personal goals.”

Now she has kept the weight off for years and she credits strength training for maintaining her strong and lean body. “I could feel how effective strength training was immediately, that coupled with nutrition has been the key to my success. I try to incorporate my own personal learnings into my work with my clients.”

Stephine had first heard about The Perfect Workout while living in California after the birth of her daughter. “I was looking for a fast and effective workout that didn’t keep me away from my newborn for several hours, five days a week, every week. The 20 minutes a day, twice a week schedule sounded perfect!” But before she got the chance to join a studio for a workout, she and her husband made a quick decision to move back to the Midwest to raise their daughter closer to family.

Stephine was a kickboxing instructor for a year before she became a trainer at The Perfect Workout! “I loved the energy that kickboxing gave me and I loved motivating and pushing people to finish their workout!” Then, less than a year later, The Perfect Workout had come to Chicago! It was meant to be. Not only did she finally get to experience the workout, but she joined The Perfect Workout team as a Personal Trainer!

Stephine became a Facility Manager in the Chicago region within her first year at The Perfect Workout. After seeing how she could influence and help the region grow, she knew it was an opportunity she could not pass up. “This role has helped me develop new skill sets I never knew I could have!”

For Stephine, going to work doesn’t feel like work. “I get to hang out with some of my favorite people, share stories, and laughs all while getting a great workout!” Each client has their very own goals, struggles and successes and Stephine strives to be the very best trainer for all our clients. She loves the personal connection with each client, reaching goals together, being a part of their lives, and helping them to conquer personal and physical mountains. “There is so much I love. I am truly very grateful for each and every client!”

Stephine is very proud of being one of the original five Personal Trainers to open the Chicago region in 2016. She began her training career with The Perfect Workout in the Glen Ellyn studio and opened up a studio in Naperville where she has been ever since. “I take a ton of pride and ownership in the Naperville Studio. I want every client to feel like they are part of a workout family and feel comfortable every time they walk in.”

Sarah Loar

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer at:
Naperville, IL