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Spend less days in the gym and more days at the beach! The Perfect Workout Newport Beach has a private training studio off Irvine Avenue, just a few minutes away from John Wayne Airport. Personal Trainers are certified and prepared to train all age and fitness levels to reach successful fitness goals. Slow-motion strength training is the method The Perfect Workout has been using for over 20 years and has helped thousands and thousands of people change their bodies and their lives. If you are in the Newport Beach area and you would like to learn more about this method, schedule an appointment today. Trainers        How It Works

  • 3300 Irvine Ave. #135
    Newport Beach, CA 92660
  • (949) 619-6468

Trainers At This Studio

Tyler Argento

Facility Manager

Personal Trainer at:
Newport Beach, CA

Tyler has always had a passion for sports, health, and fitness. At age seven she began playing field hockey and basketball; she was also a competitive figure skater until she was 19. Tyler’s first job was teaching group skating lessons at the local ice rink, where she fell in love with coaching. She then attended Radford University in Virginia, where she followed her passion for fitness and pursued a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Health Education. Devoted to self-improvement, she holds certifications with Cycling, Yoga, and Slow-Motion Strength Training.

After graduating from college, Tyler suffered a torn ACL and meniscus. Needing intense physical therapy after surgery, she was introduced to the slow-motion strength training method. The process of physical therapy helped heal her body and provided a personal experience as to why strength training is so important. Following her passion for working in the fitness industry, she pursued personal training and ultimately discovered The Perfect Workout!

In 2017, Tyler went through her Personal Trainer certification and began training clients at the Newport Beach location. “Since starting my journey at The Perfect Workout I have had so many opportunities to help people. I love engaging with my clients. Being here truly feels like family.”

Even though Tyler gets to work with people of all ages, she especially loves seeing her senior clients get healthier and stronger. “My oldest client presses 185 pounds on the abduction machine and she is 80 years old!”

Being an avid strength trainer, Tyler has been ultra-consistent with her own slow-motion workouts for years, and feels the benefits. “it’s improved my yoga and I am overall healthier, leaner, and stronger!” As a byproduct of applying this method to her workouts, she’s also slimmed down and lost 15 pounds. “My workouts are HARD, but quick and simple. This method gets the job done and works wonders!”

Tyler’s clients and trainers would describe her as being passionate, bubbly and genuine- all characteristics that have helped her become a very successful Personal Trainer at the Newport Beach studio. “I LOVE getting to know my clients on a personal level! I can find what really motivates them which helps me challenge them, keep them accountable, and deliver results.”

The work environment is one of Tyler’s favorite things about being a trainer at The Perfect Workout.” I love being able to come into work every day and look forward to seeing my team and clients.” She loves what she does and values having fun. To Tyler, it's a win for everyone. “We’ are a very positive team, and also very close. We like to joke and have fun. It is a fun environment.”

In early 2019, Tyler felt like she was ready to take on a new challenge and began learning the role and responsibility of a Facility Manager. The timing could not have been better, because a couple months later her Facility Manager was promoted, leaving her an opportunity to join the Orange County leadership team and stay at her home studio. She applied for the position and was selected to lead the Newport Beach team. “I have been loving every second.”

When Tyler is not personal training, she is teaching and practicing yoga, blogging, baking nutritious treats, spending time outdoors at the beach, playing with her puppy Oliver, and spreading positivity wherever she goes.

Tyler continuously educates herself in nutrition, strength training, and overall health science. “My goal is to change as many lives as possible and encourage followers to become leaders!”

Ryan Perreira

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer at:
Laguna Niguel, CA
Newport Beach, CA

Since he was a kid, Ryan Perreira was fascinated with building a strong physique. “I always wanted bigger muscles as a kid, so I started working out with friends.” He fell in love with bodybuilding and immersed himself in the culture.

Ryan got his first job in the fitness industry in 2006 working in a popular supplement retail store where he became a Certified Nutritionist, receiving his certification from Exercise and Sports Nutrition Works. While extensively educating himself on the many different supplements available, Ryan learned the skills to develop customized meal programs for people that wanted to get in better shape.

In 2009, Ryan decided that he wanted to help people change their lifestyles by not only helping them with their nutrition, but with their fitness goals too. He received his Personal Trainer certification through the National Academy of Sports and Medicine and started working full time as a Personal Trainer at a local gym.

He achieved great success with his clients and developed a passion for making a positive impact on peoples’ lives. After working with clients independently, Ryan decided it was time to surround himself with a culture and a philosophy that was focused on delivering results.

Ryan ultimately found The Perfect Workout and his life was changed forever. Once he realized he had found the opportunity he was looking for, he applied. The Perfect Workout’s certification process was by far the most extensive certification Ryan had been through. In 2012, Ryan began working full time as a personal trainer for the Perfect Workout. His positive, hardworking, compassionate, and motivating attitude helps him go above and beyond for his clients. “Now I’m able to enhance people’s well-being and health with this revolutionary method. And I work with an incredible team of trainers who are dedicated to the same goal!”

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