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Have you tried working with a Personal Trainer before? The Perfect Workout offers private 1-on-1 workouts in the Paoli area. The Paoli studio off Darby Road and E. Lancaster has Personal Trainers prepared to work with you today! Each Personal Trainer is certified and provides coaching and expertise during your 20-minute workouts. Each workout is customized to you, and uses a science-backed method, proven to produce better results than traditional weight lifting. If you are looking for a more effective way of exercising and are in the Paoli area, schedule a workout! TrainersHow It Works

  • 53 Darby Rd. #2
    Paoli, PA 19301
  • (610) 492-6939

Trainers At This Studio

Crystal Poli

Facility Manager

Personal Trainer at:
Paoli, PA

Crystal discovered that she had a passion for fitness and nutrition. She became fascinated with researching the best ways to maintain a healthier lifestyle and getting into the shape became a top priority for her. This new and exciting journey inspired Crystal get certified and pursue a career where she could combine her love of fitness with her love of helping others--personal training.

“The Perfect Workout has been life changing. It’s helped me gain strength and work my muscles in the safest way possible.”

One of Crystal’s clients had knee problems and experienced daily aches and pains for a long time. She assumed she would feel this way forever. After being coached by Crystal in slow-motion strength training, her pain has decreased significantly. She now leaves the studio feeling amazing and excited to come back for her next session.

One of the best parts about being a Personal Trainer is seeing clients’ faces light up. “It’s about building a relationship. I love collaborating with people. I like to have a dialogue with my clients, break down each exercise for them and respond to their individual needs. I’m not a robot!”

Helping clients achieve their goals and overcome obstacles is the true motivation for Crystal. “You have to take action steps to achieve good health and I love helping people take those steps.”

In addition to training clients, Crystal does slow-motion strength training twice a week herself. The Perfect Workout’s focus on form and safety has made a difference in Crystal’s favorite hobby, running. “I just ran the Philadelphia Marathon, and my form is much better now. My strength training helped me shave time off.”

Crystal instantly realized The Perfect Workout was the kind of place where she could have a fulfilling career, with people who cared about the same things. After she made the career change to become a trainer, she never looked back. She felt that it was the right place to be. “It’s nice to work with like-minded people. At The Perfect Workout, you’re not just a number. People really care about you.”

At just 30 years old, Crystal is now the Facility Manager at The Perfect Workout’s Paoli studio. She loves having a leadership role and getting to play a part in other trainers’ growth within the company. “Building trust and communication with both trainers and clients is important to me, and that’s made working for The Perfect Workout such a positive experience.”

Katie Laughlin

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer at:
Paoli, PA

Katie Laughlin has been active from a young age, playing sports year-round including basketball, soccer, and softball. Her favorite sport was softball. She was recruited to play at the collegiate level for Kutztown University and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice in 2014.

Katie was in a car accident in 2015, shattering her kneecap and losing most of her patella tendon. The surgeon was able to reconstruct her knee but the recovery was a slow process. She was determined to be able to work out again and worked hard on her rehabilitation. She learned through this recovery process that slow-motion training is the most important thing you can do to prevent or recover from injuries. And she’s living proof, now she is training and competing in obstacle course races.

Having been in athletics and fitness all her life, and now an advocate of slow-motion strength training, Katie decided it was time for her to make her passion a career. In January of 2017, Katie was referred to The Perfect Workout by a friend and she felt like it was the perfect fit! She applied and was selected to join the team of Personal Trainers. Once certified, Katie began helping clients in Ardmore and Paoli where she is still a Personal Trainer today.

Slow-motion strength training has been extremely effective for Katie and her clients. “My composition has never been like this before! This workout has increased my stamina, endurance, and strength overall. It's made a huge difference in my training for marathons and Spartan races.” One of Katie’s clients is seeing and feeling the difference too. After working with Katie for a year, her client is down 50 pounds!

Katie is a morning person, full of energy and enjoys making people laugh. One of her favorite hobbies is meal prepping. She enjoys cooking, finding new recipes to try and make. Katie loves to challenge herself… hence the marathons!

Katie would love to be the Facility Manager of a studio someday and spends time learning how to become the best leader and trainer possible. Katie plans on becoming a Certified Nutrition Coach, traveling, and training for more Spartan races.

Diane Truskin

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer at:
Huntingdon Valley, PA
Paoli, PA

Diane Truskin has always been involved with physical fitness. After being on her high school gymnastics team and while achieving a Bachelor’s of Science degree in college, she taught gymnastics at the local Y and was a lifeguard there for many years.

Diane spent 25 years in customer service and during that time she continued to work out at the gym and coached many people using her workout successes. Diane obtained her Personal Training License and has continued to pursue her passion for physical fitness, even after an entire career in customer service. She has explored many types of workouts, but nothing compares to the slow-motion workout technique she uses at The Perfect Workout.

She finds that slow-lifting speeds give her the best results as her body matures. “I am stronger and can see a more toned result in my body with slow-motion strength training!“

Diane is eager to share her experience and success with as many clients as possible at The Perfect Workout. She is proof that a toned and strong body can be achieved whether you are a young adult, middle aged, or a senior, and that the slow-motion strengthening is safe and effective.

Being physically active is very important to Diane, since she needs to keep up with her growing family. She has been married for 39 years and has 2 grown children and 2 young grandsons. Her many hobbies include involvement with varying types of youth support groups, but most of her hobbies involve exercise. She loves to ride her bike, be in the gym, and jump on the trampoline with her grandchildren!

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