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Sugar Land, TX

Workout for only 20-minutes, twice a week in our Sugar Land studio! The Perfect Workout Sugar Land is located off Highway 6 and Brooks St. with Personal Trainers ready to help you on your fitness journey. This training team customizes exercises for each individual to create a personal fitness experience and to help you reach your goals. If you’d like to learn more about how to work with a Sugar Land trainer, schedule your Learning Session!

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  • 1111 Hwy 6 #245
    Sugar Land, TX 77478
  • (281) 783-3892
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Trainers At This Studio

Matthew Medeiros

Facility Manager

Personal Trainer at:
Sugar Land, TX

Matthew and his wife now call Houston home, but Rhode Island is where he grew up and developed a love for being active. He enjoys almost all sports, but his favorites are football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and snowboarding. As he became older, he wanted to improve his performance in these sports and became interested in fitness. His love for fitness only grew, and as he became more educated in health and wellness, he wanted to share his expertise with others.

Matthew began lifting weights with his dad when he was just 17 years old. He learned the traditional way of strength training- fast reps and a lot of them. He loved to lift weights but found that every couple of months he would pull a muscle or pinch a nerve. This made it really challenging for him workout consistently and it was even more challenging to see any tangible results. Knowing that strength training was important for his body to maintain strength, bone density and high metabolism, he searched for another way to strength train.

His search for a workout that wouldn’t injure him, yet still have the ability to get him bigger and stronger, lead him to The Perfect Workout. “I instantly knew I was getting a better workout doing just 5 machine exercises I did in my first workout. It was better than I ever did in an hour with my old workouts.”

He was hooked. To his surprise, not many of his friends had heard about this method of exercise. After his initial experience and learning that The Perfect Workout’s mission was to Revolutionize the Way People Exercise, he knew he had to help spread the mission.

Matthew joined The Perfect Workout in January 2015 after completing an extensive Personal Trainer certification. He found his home at the Sugarland studio and has been helping clients change their lives there ever since. “My main goal is to provide my clients the best experience possible.”

Working with clients has helped Matthew grow tremendously over the years and he’s been able to take his own experience and apply it to his coaching sessions. He has found that hard work and determination, coupled with doing what he loves, results in success. And brings that to his work with clients every day.

In January 2019, Matthew was promoted to Facility Manager of the Sugarland studio and is thrilled to be a part of the leadership team in Houston. He looks forward to growing to his full potential as he helps his clients and trainers achieve their own goals. “I love that our studio has a fun and welcoming environment. I have a lot of fun working with other trainers and working toward a common goal with them.”

When he’s not in the studio, you can find Matthew on the baseball field or playing golf!


William Butler

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer at:
Sugar Land, TX

William Butler has been personal training for over 10 years. Along his fitness journey he was introduced to slow-motion strength training. Although skeptical in the beginning, William saw progress in his own physique and physical fitness after implementing our method consistently for 20 minutes, twice a week.

He believed so strongly in the method that he wanted to join The Perfect Workout team and train clients 1-on-1 in our studios rather than continuing his own personal training. “I wanted in on it. I've been blown away by this method. I’ve seen great results not to mention the awesome progress our clients are making and their testimonies!”

Being a part of The Perfect Workout has allowed William to fulfill his passions in fitness and also improve his clients lives. “Our clients continue with us because we build sound relationships, so that you are not just a client but a friend and we desire to you living a full healthy life for many years to come!”

Christian Robinson

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer at:
Sugar Land, TX

Christian was born in Long Beach, just outside Los Angeles, Ca. He took up action sports as a kid and enjoyed long-boarding, snowboarding and skiing. He was also involved in traditional sports, including competitive soccer, intramural swimming, basketball, and one of his favorites as a child, seaside bike rides. However, this California kid was about to get a life remodel when he moved to Houston in 2005, becoming a Houstonian at the age of 11.

Taking up track and field his freshman year of high school not only changed Christian’s physical appearance, but gave him confidence as well. By  his senior year he was in the best shape of his life and running competitively. He won a half-marathon relay with his cousins and completed the 2015 Houston half-marathon. Christian knew his success was coming from hard work and proper diet and he became hungry to spread his knowledge of exercise and nutrition to others.

After nearly 10 years of constant running, finding the proper, safest, and most beneficial strength training regimen was the missing piece for Christian. After first-hand experience with the safe and effective slow-motion strength training provided by The Perfect Workout, he definitely wished this program had been introduced to him from the beginning. He fell in love with the method and the company and decided he wanted to be a part of it. In 2018, Christian became a Certified Personal Trainer and joined the Houston team.

Now, having joined The Perfect Workout, Christian lights up at the daily opportunity he gets to help change someone’s life. “I love getting to know all the clients! It’s so much fun helping them identify their goals and motivating them to reach success each session.” Having incorporated the slow-motion workouts himself, Christian has personally noticed his endurance and energy levels increased dramatically. “I am able to gain strength in a short amount of time and I’ve noticed it’s easier to cycle and run.”

Today Christian is completing his bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Nutrition at the University of Houston, with intent to continue his education in Occupational Therapy. If he is not in his books studying away, he does enjoy watching his Houston Rockets. He also enjoys traveling any chance he gets and spending time with family and friends.

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