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The Peninsula

Sunnyvale, CA

Personal Training Studio
Sunnyvale, CA

Searching for a Personal Trainer in the Sunnyvale area? The Perfect Workout offers private personal training in Sunnyvale, with a team of trainers certified to help you. Located off Sunnyvale Saratoga Road, just south of W. Remington Dr. is an exercise studio with equipment specifically designated to provide slow-motion workouts. These slow workouts produce maximum results in very little time. Experience a workout in the Sunnyvale studio for yourself and work with a Personal Trainer today to begin making changes in your body!

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  • 1110 Sunnyvale Saratoga Rd. Suite B1
    Sunnyvale, CA 94087
  • (408) 912-1387

Trainers At This Studio

Valerie Anderson

Facility Manager 

Sunnyvale, CA 

Growing up, Valerie was involved in many activities such as dance, gymnastics, soccer and swimming. Her active sports lifestyle shifted to weightlifting after college. She began to take exercise and nutrition seriously and when she made them a part of her day to day routine, she dropped 30 pounds. She saw how much her life changed and how incredible she felt from consistently working out and eating nutritious balanced meals.  

Valerie was born in Redwood City and grew up in Folsom. When Valerie decided to move back to the San Francisco Bay Area to live, she came across The Perfect Workout and was drawn into slow-motion strength training. She was very interested in the scientific research behind it all and the amazing benefits that come from it. “I’ve been able to gain more strength in my lower body and lift heavier weights than I thought my body was capable of doing, which has been great!” 

Valerie previously worked as a trainer for a kickboxing gym and was used to doing momentum workouts, so when she was put through a slow-motion workout herself, she was amazed at the difference she felt between the types of working out—she loved slow motion so much more! Knowing that it is an incredibly safe and efficient way to work out, she was excited about making a change in her own workouts. After implementing the slow-motion protocol in her routine, she decided to help others incorporate this method and truly revolutionize the way people exercise. 

In April 2018, Valerie committed to helping others change their lives through fitness in the safest, most effective way. So, she joined The Perfect Workout’s San Mateo team and quickly began helping clients hit their goals. “I was able to help one of my first clients to  lose 20 pounds!” 

Valerie is very excited to be able to help change all her clients’ lives and help them live the healthiest lifestyle they can. Valerie is very kind and loves to work with each one of her clients to help them reach their own personal health and fitness goals. She loves how personable 1-on-1 training can be. “I take the time to really get to know my clients and what they want to achieve. I like how I can spend that time making sure we can customize our workout to their needs.” 

Valerie is a very hard worker and has developed workouts for all kinds of clients, from world-class athletes to developing custom workouts for seniors. “I always give my clients great workouts and work with them on whatever goals they had.” As a result of her hard work and success with clients, Valerie was chosen to be a Facility Manager and took over the Sunnyvale studio in June 2019. 

Valerie prides herself on creating a warm and welcoming environment at the Sunnyvale studio. “I strive for my studio to be a positive place to come, and a place full of encouragement. Everyone at The Perfect Workout is friendly and brings something special to the table.” Valerie enjoys working with the different personalities and coaching styles of all of her trainers. “It helps me grow more as a person and as a leader and I’m lucky that I have a great team to work and grow with.” 

When Valerie is not working she enjoys working out, doing yoga, rock climbing, and going on hikes. She also loves being in the sun, wake surfing, wakeboarding, and snowboarding! “When I’m not working, I like to focus on my own health and fitness goals so I stay as active as possible. I want to keep growing my muscles and pushing myself in every aspect ” Valerie is also actively working towards hitting her professional goals. “I want to continue to advance within the company and grow as much as possible. I try to learn from everyone I get the chance to meet.” 

Ian Robinson

Personal Trainer

Sunnyvale, CA

Philadelphia native, Ian Robinson has always led an active life. He played a sport every season in high school and spent his “spare” time bicycling, rock climbing, boxing, and lifting weights. His competitive nature and interest in fitness led him to research exercise, how it works, and how to be more effective in every activity. 

After a partially torn meniscus and an impinged shoulder, Ian shifted from focusing on the intensity of his workouts to working on proper technique to ensure that his training was both safe and efficient. He discovered that slow-motion strength training was the solution and became totally committed to the method.

Ian joined The Perfect Workout April of 2017 and has been a Personal Trainer at the Sunnyvale studio ever since. He appreciates how each 1-on-1 session is extremely safe, effective, and educational for all of his clients. “It’s important that I can teach people how to properly engage their muscles instead of their joints, which is what typically leads to injuries.”

One client Ian has helped in particular had deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and after working with Ian, he had gained enough strength in his legs to stand up without using his arms. “I’ve also had the opportunity to help a client with an old spinal injury keep the strength in her legs, enough so that she could walk without excruciating pain.” Ian has helped numerous clients build strength so they could enjoy doing what they want.

Ian is 110% committed to everything he does: nothing done halfway, nothing left unfinished, nothing out of reach, and most importantly, no excuses! And he is equally committed to his clients at The Perfect Workout.

Adriana Martinez

Personal Trainer

Sunnyvale, CA

Adriana is a native of sunny San Diego. She later moved to the Bay Area where she attended college and received a Bachelor’s degree in General Psychology. Adriana has had a passion for sports and athletics for as long as she can remember. With her psychology education and sports background, she felt like she could help others excel in their physical health through fitness and psychology. 

Adriana believes that fitness positively challenges the body, as well as the mind. Her own personal experience is a testament to that. Adriana started her fitness journey as a New Year’s resolution. As she continued to develop healthy habits and utilize resistance training, her resolution turned into a path to good health. This fueled her drive to help others build better habits in their own lives.

In 2018, Adriana was referred to The Perfect Workout by a friend and Personal Trainer. Adriana felt like it was the ideal place to instill healthy habits in others and coach them to physical fitness. She went through her Personal Training certification and joined the Sunnyvale team later that year. 

Adriana believes that the slow-motion high-intensity training at The Perfect Workout is great because it gets the muscles activated and boosts metabolism in an extremely safe and very time-effective manner. She also loves being able to give her clients her full attention in order to personalize their workouts. “It’s exciting getting to know each and every one of my clients personally. It really makes each session more fun!”

One of Adriana’s clients lost 30 pounds in her first 8 months working with her. “She came in day one and told me she really wanted to lose weight. Together we both agreed to be fully committed and dedicated to making this happen doing whatever it takes to get to the end goal but by building good healthy habits at the same time!!”

Adriana’s goals for the future are to keep getting stronger and stay healthy, and to expand her knowledge of the human body and movement science so she can become an even better trainer.

Alyx Tripp

Personal Trainer

Sunnyvale, CA

Alyx is a New Orleans “Big Easy” native who has always had a passion for exercise and fitness. After high school she earned a track & field scholarship to the University of New Orleans in the pole vault. After a year, she moved to the Bay Area where she continued with track and field and ultimately earned her B.S. degree in Psychology and Social Action. 

After graduating, Alyx took an assistant track & field coaching position at De Anza Community College while continuing to work part time as an applied Behavioral Therapist. Alyx wanted to expand her experience in fitness, so she began studying for her NASM Personal Trainer certification. Shortly after, she found The Perfect Workout. She fell in love with the slow-motion technique from her very first workout. “When I finished the first exercise I began to understand how amazing and tough the workout really was. I also realized how perfect my sport psych background would be for this kind of workout and the clients I’d be working with.”

She ultimately joined The Perfect Workout and obtained her Personal Trainer certification. Having been a part of the Sunnyvale studio since 2018, Alyx has helped clients at The Perfect Workout to reach their full potential. Alyx strives to apply her knowledge to help each client overcome any mental or physical barriers in order to reach their goals. One of Alyx’s top priorities as a trainer is to teach correct form at all times; she is committed to helping her clients establish body awareness which will help them achieve muscle strength and reach their goals.

Since starting with The Perfect Workout, she has personally felt the benefits! In college, Alyx started experiencing GI issues and would be stuck home sick for days. Once she started doing the slow-motion workouts consistently, she started noticing she wasn’t getting ill as often and was actually gaining her appetite back. Since then, she has put on lean muscle mass and has not experienced a stomach episode. “That’s HUGE for me!!”

Alyx intends to continue to grow within The Perfect Workout and to gain as much experience and knowledge as possible. She also has a personal goal to finish her Master’s in Sport Psychology. “I love assisting others in bettering themselves and reaching their goals.”

Candice Giordano

Personal Trainer

Sunnyvale, CA