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Do you live in the Wheaton or Silver Spring areas and are looking for a personal trainer? The Perfect Workout has 9 locations across the D.C. Metro area including the Wheaton studio! Located off Ferrara Drive and Viers Mill Rd, there’s a team of Personal Trainers helping people just like you! The Personal Trainers in the Wheaton studio are certified in slow-motion strength training which produces game-changing fitness results with just two workouts a week. If you’d like try a workout for yourself and see how it can help you, schedule a session! TrainersHow It Works

  • 3937 Ferrara Drive
    Silver Spring, MD 20906
  • (301) 760-2459
  • admin@theperfectworkout.com

Trainers At This Studio

Roberto Molina

Facility Manager

Personal Trainer at:
Rockville, MD
Wheaton, MD

D.C. metro Native, Roberto, attended and played football at McDaniel College. He went on to join the McDaniel College football staff as an assistant defensive line coach, where he fell in love with coaching and that’s what sparked his interest in creating a fitness career. Graduating with a degree in Kinesiology, Roberto applied his education by teaching health and fitness at camps all over Montgomery County, MD.

As a collegiate athlete, it was normal for Roberto to exercise using explosive movements. “That is what was most familiar and comfortable for me to do.” However, after college he realized, his normal type of training was taking a toll on his lower back, knees, and shoulders.

Roberto was familiar with the benefits of utilizing slow repetitions for muscle growth. “I understood that lifting with a slower lifting tempo is how you achieve a greater time under tension, which I incorporated into my training.” However, he had not been trained by someone else utilizing this method. After a couple of sessions with the wonderful trainers at The Perfect Workout, his form greatly improved and he started seeing results a lot sooner than conventional training!

After seeing the benefits of the workout and having a Personal Trainer to guide him, Roberto was instantly hooked. “Not only was I working out at a higher intensity, but my joints and back were no longer in a state of discomfort as I was performing exercise. Being pain free allowed me to go out and start up playing recreational sports again!”

Passionate about fitness and the slow-motion protocol, Roberto felt compelled to become a part of The Perfect Workout team. He was selected to join the D.C team and in July 2018 he went through the extensive Personal Trainer certification. Since then, Roberto has trained clients in all of The Perfect Workout’s Maryland locations and now manages both Wheaton and Rockville studios. “What I enjoy most about working with clients 1-on-1 is that I am able to help a client to complete an intense workout. I love seeing them not give up on themselves. I get to witness clients experience self-empowerment by going beyond where they thought they could physically, and, from that, they began enjoying the many wonderful health benefits that they thought were out of reach.

Multiple clients have worked with Roberto and his teams and have achieved significant results. “Some of our clients bring us their bone density scans and have almost cried at the fact that they are not only gaining bone density back, but are off medication, and feeling better and more independent than ever before.”

Since becoming a Facility Manager in early 2019, Roberto is grateful to have played a part in his trainer’s growth as well. “It’s very fulfilling because I see that my influence does have a positive effect on others.” The work environment at The Perfect Workout helps Roberto be his best because it allows each trainer to hold each other accountable in a positive manner. There is always open communication between trainers and with clients and it is a place that seems less like work and more like a second home.

When Roberto isn’t working, he enjoys reading novels, playing his cello, playing badminton, and hanging out with his pup!

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