Gyms are Dying. How The Perfect Workout is Thriving

gyms are dying. how the perfect workout is thriving

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**Published December 21, 2020

Gyms are dying.

Many people are unsure how to safely keep up with their fitness when it matters most.

And they’re sacrificing their health and longevity by choosing to do nothing.

But, we’re not going anywhere. 

And we’re deeply committed to helping more people get stronger and healthier through 2021 and beyond.

We're NOT a Gym

There’s one thing we need to get out there ASAP. 

The Perfect Workout isn’t a gym. Seriously.

Our studios are Medical Fitness Facilities and classified as an essential health business.

The big reason we're classified as a Medical Fitness Facility and essential health business is because our methodology is so safe and effective for people of all ages and diseases or conditions.

With the Medical Fitness Association (MFA) guidelines designed in conjunction with the Director of the CDC, our safety practices exceed standard pandemic recommendations.

the perfect workout safety standards pandemic cleaning

Strict Cleaning Standards

We disinfect all equipment and surfaces after each client interaction. We use hand sanitizer before and after each workout. We have HEPA air filters in each room to recirculate air.

the perfect workout safety standards pandemic social distancing

Social Distancing

We adhere to social distancing during all our interactions. While exercises are being conducted trainers will remain 15 feet or more away from the client.

the perfect workout safety standards pandemic screening

Client Screening

All clients will remain outside until a trainer screens them at the door prior to entering the facility with an exposure questionnaire. Clients' temperatures are taken with a contactless monitor upon arrival.

the perfect workout safety standards pandemic masks

Protective Masks

All training staff will wear a mask at all times. We require all clients to wear masks & gloves while in the studio.

The MFA identifies our organization as a leader in proactive health care.

We’re developing a Medical Fitness Advisory Board to develop ideal protocols for different diseases such as osteoporosis and diabetes.

Our clients’ health and safety remain our number one priority and we’ve gone lengths to provide much more than a space to workout.


We're NOT a Franchise

It’s pretty common for people to think The Perfect Workout is a franchise because we have so many locations. 

But we're not. In fact, we are the LARGEST privately owned 1-on-1 personal training company in the world.

The quality of our workout and our Trainers is very important to us. We feel strongly about having the ability to ensure we can provide exceptional training and customer service in all of our studios.

All Facilities OPEN for Training

You might be wondering why our Trainers aren’t training clients outside like a lot of gyms.

That’s simple. We are a medical facility for private members only, not a gym!

We work 1-on-1 with our clients to treat and prevent underlying health issues such as auto-immune, osteoporosis, sarcopenia, pre- and post-rehab, etc.

We are safe, efficient, and effective which means the training our clients receive is perfect and replaces any need to go to a gym or “exercise” in any other way.

We are 100% focused on helping clients better their health and improving underlying health conditions and we've been doing that for over 20 years combating all sorts of health issues. 

You can help us fight this pandemic.

Stay in control of your health by keeping up with your workouts 20 minutes, twice a week. Share our method with your family and friends to impact the health of the population.

New to The Perfect Workout?

You now have two ways of working out with us:


Diabetes & Blood Pressure Under Control (naturally)

how he got diabetes & blood pressure under control...naturally

personal trainer

A Mediterranean escape on the itinerary.

A plan to get in shape.

A perfect workout to help get him there.

Then COVID hit.

Read about our client Tom Curry’s story of keeping up with his get-in-vacation-shape plan during quarantine and the surprising health improvements he made training at home.

His Vacation Motivation

Tom’s story started with his wife, Cathy. She had been training in our West Plano studio for about a year and a half before she finally got Tom to try it out. The only exercise Tom had been doing was walking his dogs twice a day. It was better than nothing, but not nearly enough to get in shape for a big trip they had planned.

Going to Greece was on the horizon for the Curry’s and Tom had made it a goal to get in shape for it. 

“We were going to be doing a lot of walking and I just wanted to make sure I could handle all of that for the trip.”

Tom had done weight training before but never tried the slow-motion strength workout we do at The Perfect Workout. In less than a year, it’s proven to be more effective than anything else he’s done.  

With just two, 20-minute workouts a week, Tom feels like he has more energy each day, especially the next day after his workout. And he is getting the benefits of a cardio workout with strength training. 

“I never was a big cardio fan. The idea of getting on a treadmill and doing that was not ever very much fun. I'm getting cardio with this workout, because I can certainly tell my heart's beating faster!”

Tom got in the groove of training at the studio twice a week and felt excited about his new workout regimen and how it would help him tackle the hills of Greece, and then COVID hit.

COVID Didn’t Halt his Progress

“I was skeptical of this at home (Virtual Personal Training) at first just because I'm not very good at doing things here at the house.”

Many people struggle to keep up with their workouts at home, which is why having a Personal Trainer, even via video, makes each session productive and worthwhile. 

“It’s motivation knowing that I'm connecting with somebody, even if it's on a computer screen.”

Luckily, being a resident in West Plano, TX, Tom didn’t have to quarantine nearly as long as other parts of the country, so he was back in the studio as soon as it opened back up.

After going back [to the studio] I didn't lose any ground. That was nice not having to start all over again. I can certainly tell now that I'm back in the studio that I'm a lot stronger than I was.

Tom Curry

But Tom is considered “high-risk” in COVID-terms so he needed reassurance that the studio would be a safe place for him to workout if he returned.

Tom was in excellent hands returning to the studio since we are by-appointment-only and adhere to all CDC guidelines on distance, masks, and sanitation, We've even gone one step further and installed HEPA air filters in each room, which cleans the air every 2-3 minutes, just like on airplanes and in hospitals. See what else we’re doing to keep you safe.

“They're doing a great job keeping it clean and the number of clients down. I'm in one of those categories they say you got to be really careful So far, I've felt safe.”

Diabetes & Blood Pressure Under Control

Tom has Type II Diabetes and almost a year ago he was having problems managing his A1-C levels. His Doctor was changing his medications to see if they could get it under control. After dropping one type of medication, his A1-C levels spiked up to 7.4 (anything over 7 is considered “bad.”) 

During quarantine and over the course of his Virtual Training Sessions, Tom was able to lower his levels back down to 6.4. 

“I dropped a full point during the pandemic doing things at home!”

In addition, his blood pressure dropped as a result of his 20-minute strength training workouts.

Feeling Good About Health Again

“I sing the praises when somebody asked me about [The Perfect Workout] because I think it's, far easier to go do something like this than to spend 45 minutes in a gym- 25 minutes on a treadmill and, and then trying to pick out your own routine with weights which you're inevitably going to screw something up.”

Tom is extremely happy with all of the Personal Trainers he’s worked with. They’ve all been very encouraging and are personally invested in his progress. He feels like the entire team has been very engaged in helping him make positive changes in his health.

“I really feel good about my health.“

Depression & Anxiety Reduced in 20 Minutes

Depression & anxiety reduced in 20 minutes

If you feel stressed, anxious, or sad during this quarantine/COVID-19 period, you are part of the majority.

Fortunately, you have the power to improve and maintain your own mental health.

Several activities have been proven to reduce anxiety and improve overall mood. One of these is… a 20-minute strength training session! (Come on…you knew I was going to say that, right?)

The CDC recently reported that the coronavirus period is adding stress manifested in several ways, including difficulty with sleeping and/or concentration, changes in sleep patterns, fear about your own and/or others’ health, and increased alcohol or tobacco use.

Here is what we know about how strength training can help your mental health:

  1. For people with existing health issues, a strength training program reduces depressive symptoms and improves overall mood (1).
  2. Strength training decreases the severity of depression for those with diagnosed depression (1,2).
  3. As little as eight weeks of strength training works for reducing depression (2).
  4. Training two or three times per week is shown to reduce depression (1,2).
  5. A decrease in anxiety and improvement in overall mood can be seen as quickly as five minutes after the workout is over (3).
  6. A single strength training workout can significantly decrease anxiety (3,4).

A few weeks of strength training, at least twice per week, can reduce depression. A single strength training session can elevate your mood and greatly improve your anxiety level.

More importantly, please remember to take care of yourself. Your physical and mental health are worth investing time in, especially now.

Strength train AND take part in other activities that reduce your stress and add happiness: connect with your family, spend time outdoors, create time for your favorite hobbies, and aim to regularly get enough sleep. This is a stressful time, but remember that you have the power to control your stress level.

  1. Brosse, A.L., Sheets, E.S., Lett, H.S., & Blumenthal, J.A. (2002). Exercise and the treatment of clinical depression in adults: recent findings and future directions. Sports Medicine, 32(12), 741-760.
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  4. Broman-Fulks, J.J., Kelso, K., & Zawilinski, L. (2015). Effects of a single bout of aerobic exercise versus resistance training on cognitive vulnerabilities for anxiety disorders. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Private Workout Gym: Safety After COVID-19

How we're ensuring safety in our studios after covid-19

How we're ensuring safety in our studios after covid-19

Updated Tuesday October 12, 2021

You might be thinking, is it safe to workout in a gym?

Can I trust the equipment will be clean enough to use?
Will my gym let just anyone in?
How can they make sure we are safe?

What if you could skip the worry and focus on just getting in a good workout?!

One of the pillars of exercise and an absolute must is providing a safe workout for our clients. Our method is safe, our coaching is safe and the workout environment… just as safe.

For 20+ years, The Perfect Workout has provided a Clinically-Controlled Environment for all Personal Training sessions in our small, semi-private studios.

What does that mean?

It means we always have and always will continue to provide you with an ideal exercise environment to get in a safe workout… in more ways than one.

Here is what The Perfect Workout is doing to ensure you are safe when you return to one of our studios:

  • A Private, Safe Workout Space
  • Added precautions to reduce contact & germs
  • An Immunity-Boosting Workout
Clean and Safe interior of a Studio Location

A Private, Safe Workout Space

Since we opened our doors in 1999, providing an ideal exercise environment for our clients has been at the top of our list of priorities- amongst keeping you safe and helping you get incredible results.

An ideal exercise environment is important for a few reasons:

It’s Distraction-Free. This means no mirrors, music or other distracting noise. No photos or artwork within your line of sight while you're exercising, and no people yelling and jumping up and down in front of you while you're trying to pay attention to your workout.

It’s Private. You don’t want to worry about being watched by others who may be judging you negatively. A regular big box gym is normally crawling with sweating bodies and you’ll never find that here. Unlike big box gyms, each of our studios has a very small number of people at any given time. Many times it’s just you and your trainer. And if another client is in the studio at the same time, the trainers do their best to keep clients in separate areas during their workouts.

It allows for Optimal Performance in achieving muscle success. Optimum mental focus allows you to create a strong muscle-mind connection and recruit all of your available muscle fibers as you fatigue. As a result you can stimulate the greatest amount of physical improvement!

It’s Cool. Yes, our workout is pretty cool ?, but we mean cool temperature. If your body overheats, it makes it harder to fully focus your attention. And if the studio temperature is not cool enough for you, you can request to have your own personal fan pointed in your direction!

It has Great Equipment. Our Nautilus machines take into account the muscle and joint functions of the body and allow for appropriate resistance. This makes each exercise demanding enough to stimulate maximum improvements.

It includes Expert Coaching. Our Certified and knowledgeable Trainers tailor the workout to fit your unique needs using our science-backed method.

We have always promised and provided our clients

1-on-1 sessions by appointment. This means no crowds, no large groups of people, just you and your Trainer who is always keeping an eye on your form.

Disinfecting all equipment. Most gyms disinfect their machines… we hope! We are able to keep our machines consistently clean due to the private space and limited pieces of equipment we use.

The majority of our clients do not sweat during their workouts. It may sound strange, but the brief exercises partnered with a cool climate simply keep our workout environment mess-free.

Full Service. Our approach to personal training goes beyond exercise. You won’t find unsanitary water fountains in our studios. Part of our clinical environment is to always have cold water on tap for your workouts and we’ll personally serve you as many cups as you need!

This is a loiter-free zone. In fact, our 1-on-1 appointments leave no time for hanging around. The 20-minute workout is designed to move quickly from exercise to exercise to minimize rest time and maximize cardiovascular benefits. Your trainer will keep you moving for an ultra-efficient workout.

In addition to being brief, having designated appointment times means no waiting for machines. Oftentimes at big box gyms you have to wait for your favorite machine to become available which increases wait time, as well as lowers the heart rate, making the overall workout less efficient… and annoying.

Added Safety Precautions

In light of COVID-19 we are taking extended measures to ensure everyone in our studios remains safe while getting the chance to do what we ALL need to do… strength train!

Scheduled appointments are required to enter the studio. We will not be taking walk-ins or allowing the public to enter the studio. This will ensure social distancing at all times.

Screening all clients and employees before entering our facility. Each employee and client will go through a brief screening process, answering 3 questions before admitted into the studio.

  • Are you feeling unwell?
  • Have you had a fever, chills, sore throat, cough, or shortness of breath in the past 24 hours?
  • In the past 14 days have you had contact with known cases of COVID-19?

**If answered yes to any, neither employee or client will be admitted into the studio.

Disinfecting every machine after each use. We have always used and will continue to use Clorox wipes and Lysol spray to disinfect our machines and surfaces and have established a protocol of cleaning in between each client session.

All Training staff and clients must wear masks and will wash hands after each appointment. We will also continue to provide clients with hand sanitizer and/or access to restrooms for hand washing.

HEPA Filters will be placed in each training room in the facility. We have invested in airline grade HEPA Filters and fans in every training room to facilitate sanitizing and moving the air through.

An Immunity Boosting Workout

If you’ve been training with us for some time, then you know how impactful your strength-training sessions are in keeping you healthy year-round.

Our general immune system is the first line of defense against pathogens and we want to do everything in our power to boost immunity.

We have immune cells in our system including Natural Killer Cells (NK Cells), a type of white blood cell which plays a large role in the detection and destruction of virus and cancer cells.

While the presence of NK cells rise as we age, their function begins to decrease in a process known as Immunosenescence.

Studies have shown that engaging in a long-term exercise plan increases NK cell function and activity which leads to greater immunocompetency, especially in the elderly.

Studies show that consistently exercising helps to increase immunity and make us stronger against the fight against getting sick. Read more about this article.

It’s safe to say that we all would rather take a preventative approach to being healthy and actively strength training has been shown to boost our immune system. With slow-motion strength training being the smartest way to exercise, you won’t want to skip your workouts!

Female Client working out safely in person

To take the safest approach in returning to your in-person workouts you should have:

  • A private, intimate workout space that is easily cleaned and monitored.
  • A clinically controlled environment that facilitates safe, efficient & effective workouts.
  • Exercise that boosts immunity. ?? Slow-motion Strength Training.


The Perfect Workout provides all of these for you and will continue to do so.

In studio Covid-19 Safety precautions 1