Bill’s Love Handles Are Gone!

bill's love handles are gone!

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Bill travels a lot as a defense contractor, so a time efficient workout is important to him. He explains the value of The Perfect Workout, “There’s no messing around. You’re in and out. This is very intense, and not for the person who’s not dedicated. You have to want it.”

Calling Bill Younis a fan of The Perfect Workout would be an understatement. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think he was a paid staff member whose sole purpose was to sing the praises of slow-motion strength training. He’s not, of course. He simply can’t think of any better way to get great results in such little time. “This is the best thing that ever happened to me, workout-wise,” he says. You have to understand a few things about Bill. He doesn’t have a lot of time, he’s extremely disciplined, and he already belonged to an exclusive athletic club where he lives when he heard about The Perfect Workout.

He takes working out very seriously, especially after a heart attack when he was 54. After that, he knew he needed to make some changes. In a five-year period at his other club, Bill went from 256 pounds down to 210. He was religious about his workouts there, spending 90 minutes per session, three or four times a week.

Everything was great, but he hit a plateau, the equipment there was older technology, and there were a lot of needless conversations with other members, which stretched his workouts out too long. That was the biggest issue – time. Bill is a busy guy and doesn’t have time for social chitchat at the club. The workouts had to fit into his schedule since he travels a lot as a defense contractor.

His business partner’s wife told him about The Perfect Workout, and it seemed to fit what he was looking for exactly. “There’s no messing around. You’re in and out. This is very intense, and not for the person who’s not dedicated. You have to want it.” Bill credits the one-on-one personal training for a lot of his success. “My trainers, Soraya and Nicole, wring me out!

It’s amazing what you can do in 20 minutes. I’m completely spent.” He says Soraya is encouraging, knows how to get the best out of him, and is great at communicating results to him after each exercise. “This is serious business. It reminds me of football practice. You live and die by the stopwatch.”

Bill loves that aspect of The Perfect Workout – the way he and his trainer can meticulously track all the numbers, including his weight, number of seconds on each exercise, amount of weight lifted, inches lost, body fat percentage, and more. He knows that his average weight now is 198.6, exactly where he was at age 28. His arms are looking good, his abs are carved up (going for the “six-pack” look), and that dreaded love handle syndrome? It’s pretty much gone. The results impressed his girlfriend so much that she’s planning to join now, too.

One thing that bothers Bill is how much people focus on the cost. “Everyone is so worried about the cost of a personal trainer. Think about it. If you’re doing 30-minute sessions at $50-60 each, three times a week, that’s far more than The Perfect Workout. And there’s no benefit to doing it more than two days a week.

This is a very good value. When it comes to food and exercise, that’s not where you want to compromise. Money
is a non-issue. How bad do you want it?”

I got rid of my love handles I’ve had my whole life!

"i got rid of my love handles that i've had my whole life!"

Client Testimonial of Seymour Bond

After his doctor (who is also a client at The Perfect Workout) warned him about muscle loss with the aging process, Seymour Bond began slow-motion strength training. As a result, he’s not only put muscle on his legs, arms, shoulders and back, he's also lost inches on his waist.

When your doctor recommends something, you tend to listen, right? Seymour Bond's doctor said that when you get older you start losing muscle, and you need to build strength and not allow your body to go downhill. That was good enough for Seymour, and the fact that his doctor was already a client at The Perfect Workout confirmed it. “I respect his opinion,” says Seymour. Weight training is nothing new – he started at age 17, then continued at the University of Illinois in Chicago. In fact, Seymour competed in body building and weight training during his time there. That was quite a few years ago, and he's stayed in good shape ever since, even jogging until the age of 70. Now 79, coming to The Perfect Workout was a way to get back toward his younger physique, a challenge at any age.

Seymour got down to business with his trainer, Ray, at the West LA studio. He noticed results after a couple months. “I got rid of my love handles that I've had my whole life. Then I noticed my strength coming back in my legs and arms, and put muscle on my shoulders and back.” Seymour says Ray is “coach-like,” the type of man who would be a good coach. “He makes you feel like you're doing the right thing, makes you feel like you've accomplished something.” Seymour likes the fact that Ray watches everything very carefully, keeps moving him up to heavier weights, and is good at strengthening his entire body – legs, upper body, and core.

The great thing about slow-motion strength training is that you can do all this with only two 20-minute workouts per week. It's an intense workout, but you're not in the gym for hours. The payoff? Even though Seymour wasn't overweight, the workouts have helped him take his belt in a few notches. He's now the same size he was in his 30s and 40s. He noticed the increased strength recently on an airplane when he lifted his luggage effortlessly into the overhead compartment, and he's leg pressing over 250 pounds now. Plus, his cholesterol is down, an added bonus.

Seymour is proof that age is in large part a state of mind. He's come full circle with his exercising – lifting weights in his college days, jogging through his 60s, walking in his 70s, and now back to the weights as he approaches his 80s. “I'm very pleased with The Perfect Workout, and pleased with my trainer. My goal is to keep my body toned and strong.” Want to do the same? Listen to your doctor – especially if your doctor is already a client at The Perfect Workout.