She Cut Her Workouts in Half & Dropped 26 Pounds

she cut her workouts in half & dropped 26 pounds

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When your husband is a foodie and a chef who makes amazing meals, it can be a challenge to stay in good shape, especially at age 66. 

But Judy was able to lose 26 pounds and drop from a size 12 down to an 8.

She says her clothes fit better, she has more energy, she sleeps better, her shoulder and neck pain is gone, and she has a more muscular, toned body.

How'd she do it? Slow-Motion Strength Training…

She Was Bored With Her Workouts

Judy didn't always take such a smart approach to exercise. Before The Perfect Workout, she did the obligatory one-hour block at her health club, whether that was a spin class, on the treadmill, or some other aerobic exercise.  She got good results, but Judy describes that kind of exercise as being “a rat in a cage,” and thinks exercising inside for an hour is ridiculous and abhorrent for anyone who lives in beautiful San Diego.  “I did not look forward to it. At 20 minutes I was tired, 30 minutes I was bored silly, and 45 minutes I accepted it and just tried to finish.”  Making it to 60 minutes was gratifying but simply took too long. She also wanted to increase her bone strength and density and change the way she looked. “All my life I’ve had chubby thighs and hips. It ran in my family. I always felt like I wasn’t wearing clothes well. I didn’t look good in pants.” Naturally, The Perfect Workout’s twice a week, 20-minute workouts were a big draw. Did you know?
  • You can get the same strength gains, if not more, in 13 minutes than you can in 68 minutes
  • More workouts per week can actually hinder your results
  • Doing more exercises than needed in a session is an indication the workout may not be intense enough and you can be working harder
  • You can get a full body-workout in with just 4 exercises
  • More rest in a workout can reduce muscle growth and cardiovascular impact

She Built Strength & Burned Calories

The slow-motion workouts fit perfectly into Judy’s schedule, and the Trainers at the Mission Valley studio made sure she got the most out of every session.

The key with slow-motion strength training is the emphasis on working toward “muscle success” on every exercise.

That’s the point at which you can’t possibly move the weights even a fraction of an inch further, after doing several repetitions for 10 seconds out and 10 seconds back.

If you continue maximally pushing or pulling for a few more seconds, you achieve this deep muscle fatigue, and that’s what brings results.

Judy started seeing the effects within weeks. Her pants started fitting better, she had more energy, she slept better, and she lost inches.

She also noticed her shoulder and neck pain from sitting at her desk was gone.

While gaining muscle everywhere (she leg presses 400 pounds now!), Judy lost 16 pounds while going from a size 12 to an 8.

Judy was able to lose fat more efficiently than ever before by adding lean muscle everywhere. 

If you want weight loss, you must know this: Muscle burns calories.

Strength training adds more lean muscle to our bodies, which increases our resting metabolic rate, or the calories we burn on a daily basis.

In fact, strength training is more effective in burning fat than most “aerobic” activities because the added muscle helps you burn calories, even while you rest. Aerobics can burn a lot of calories but only in the moment of the activity.

Learn More about The Science of Losing Fat and Preserving Muscle.

She Debuted Her New Look

Judy had another goal, though – to get into a dress that her husband had gotten her.

“I tried it on and it had a lot of lumps and was stretched to the max.”

During a challenge at The Perfect Workout, she lost another 10 pounds, just in time for her 15th anniversary, where she debuted her new look.

“I got a lot of compliments on how the dress looked on me!”

While Judy would like to lose another five pounds or so, the increased strength and new look is paying huge dividends.

  • She’s able to hoist heavy bags of soil from Home Depot
  • She hits the golf ball a good 30 yards farther than the women she plays with
  • She isn’t huffing and puffing after pushing her golf bag for four or five hours

Even better, she’s now comfortable wearing whatever she wants – skinny jeans, skirts, sundresses, shorts, and sleeveless tops. And she doesn't have to think twice about trying her husband's five-star cuisine.

“I’m delighted! I don’t have the ‘wiggle wobble’ in my arms. I enjoy The Perfect Workout, and I’m very happy with what it’s done for my body.”


Make time for Health, or Make Time for Being Sick

Make time for health, or make time for being sick

Nobody schedules time to “Be Sick” on their calendar!

But as our client Marcia says, “If you don’t make time for being well, you make time for being sick.”

So, schedule 20 minutes on your calendar this week to “Be Healthy.” and keep reading for more…

Marcia Farrar wanted to get stronger for her active and adventurous lifestyle. As an avid international traveler she wanted to have the strength to lift her luggage into the overhead bin on her flights.

As well as traveling, Marcia wanted to be able to keep up with the adventures of grandparenting. With two growing granddaughters it's important to her to be able to play with them, keep up with their high energy and have the strength to lift them up.

But Marcia was missing the strength to be able to do all of those long-term.

She knew she needed to start strength-training but the typical gym atmosphere was not a good fit for her. Hearing limitations made it challenging for Marcia to hear in a big gym with loud music and a lot of background noise.

And frankly, she just didn’t care for the gym in general.

“I didn't like the circuit having to wait for things. Also I would be so close to my house, I would see people that I know and then I would start talking with people. And then I would be there for like two hours!”

She needed something that would get her stronger, cater to her needs and not take hours out of her day.

In April 2017 Marcia heard an ad on the radio talking about a workout that was 20 minutes, twice a week.

“I thought, wow, that sounds pretty good. Anything that I have to do three times a week, it's so much more difficult than twice a week. And 20 minutes was also a great length of time for a workout.”

So she joined the Walnut Creek studio at The Perfect Workout and has been with us ever since.

Personal Trainers Walnut Creek CA

Adventures in her 60's

Marcia’s been with The Perfect Workout for over 3 years and has become stronger in all areas. Strength training has helped her continue her adventures of swimming, hiking, and traveling.

“I feel stronger, especially arm strength. Carrying groceries, riding a bicycle, I can go up hills a little further than I used to. I just feel like I have more energy.”

Marcia is a member of a senior hiking club where she goes on 6-9 mile hikes with others in their 60s and 70s.

Her 20 minute strength training sessions have helped her keep up with her hiking crew and have given her the ability to maintain the activities she loves.

“I have more stamina for those things. All of it was enhanced.”

Virtual Strength Training Client on a stand up paddleboard in Walnut Creek, CA

Consistency in her workouts

In her 3 years of slow-motion strength training at The Perfect Workout, Marcia has not missed a single session (except for being out of town- which we now have a solution for that!).

And this included working out through two foot surgeries. Each time she was operated on, she was able to return immediately to her workouts to which her trainer adapted to her recovery and customized the workout.

Being able to continue with her personal training sessions during a time where it's common and convenient to be sedentary, helped Marcia mentally, physically, and emotionally.

“Just to know that I was staying fit while I was convalescing- because I couldn't walk distances- was good for me.”

Every trainer Marcia has worked with has treated her as an individual and personalized the experience for her specific needs.

“There's some things- I have arthritis in my hands, they'll give me a splint or something on top of certain equipment. [They] will modify exercises or think of new ones for me for a greater challenge. [They] make sure that I'm safe.”

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Her lifetime health plan

By working out with a Personal Trainer and using our slow-motion method, Marcia knows she’s doing something safe, yet challenging and in such a brief, convenient way.

“It's well worth the expense. It's really worth it because if you don't make time for being well, then you have to make time for being sick. I need to keep doing this for maintenance. It's a lifetime thing. You don't just do it for a short term goal. This is a lifetime health plan.

At The Perfect Workout we know you want to avoid age-related pain, injury or health issues, and keep up with loved ones.

But in order to do that, you need to get stronger, gain energy, and have a workout you can stick with.