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Your Virtual Trainer for Fitness & Mindset Mastery

Meet Candace, the dedicated virtual personal trainer at The Perfect Workout, fusing fitness expertise and transformational life coaching to unlock your potential.

Certified in group barre fitness classes, functional fitness, and Slow Motion Strength Training, Candace brings a wealth of expertise to her role as a virtual personal trainer at The Perfect Workout.

But that's not all—she also holds a certification as a transformational life coach, allowing her to connect with members on a personal level, help them overcome mental blocks and encourage them to reach for their goals, no matter how hard they seem in the moment.

“Fitness found me. Once I walked into a studio that focused on whole body health and alignment, I fell in love. At the end of my second class there, I was approached to be a barre instructor, and I've been in the fitness industry ever since.”

Above all, Candace is most proud of being a mom and raising healthy, active children. She believes in building a solid foundation for her kids to face life's challenges with resilience and determination—one step at a time.

The Perfect Workout Featured Trainer Candace Regan enjoy life

Candace's virtual training members sing her praises, and with good reason. Deborah, one of her members, achieved her goal of standing up from a chair without using her hands. Many others have experienced reduced aches and pains, increased bone density, and improved muscle definition under Candace's coaching.

“My favorite part of working with members 1-on-1 is the level of vulnerability they are willing to have with me. I am grateful my members feel safe enough to share some of life's struggles and then be able to celebrate their successes as well.”

Her own journey with slow motion strength training has been transformative as well. Candace has seen her strength and muscle tone grow rapidly. She loves the way slow motion training feels, recognizing its unique benefits compared to other workout styles.

“I love lifting heavy weights and have surprised myself with how much weight I can control.”

Candace Regan, Featured Trainer at The Perfect Workout

For those considering starting their fitness journey, Candace offers a simple piece of advice:

“Just show up.”

She emphasizes that the trainers at The Perfect Workout will take the lead and support you every step of the way. They understand the importance of your goals and will be there to remind you and keep you accountable, especially when it gets tough.

Candace's enthusiasm extends to her work environment, where she values the strong sense of camaraderie and support among her fellow trainers. She looks forward to further growth within the company and eagerly anticipates the possibilities that lie ahead.

If you're ready to embark on a transformative fitness journey, Candace is your ideal coach. With her guidance and encouragement, you'll not only achieve your fitness goals but also experience a newfound sense of confidence and strength that will enrich every aspect of your life.

Don't wait—take the first step and let Candace and the team lead the way to a healthier, happier you.

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The Alzheimer’s Wake-Up Call That Completely Changed The Trajectory of Her Life

Insights You'll Actually Use

Real health and wellness wins
and how to achieve them yourself

The Alzheimer Wake Up Call That Changed The Trajectory of Her Life

Karen's leisurely life took a turn when she discovered her family's health history, prompting her to take an active and transformative path with The Perfect Workout.
Image of Karen working out on a leg press machine

“I vividly recall the moment I saw an ad for The Perfect Workout. Intrigued by the idea of a ‘perfect” workout,’ I decided to give it a try. Little did I know that this decision would lead me to a path of self-improvement and renewed vitality.

Having never really prioritized my own well-being before, I was initially unsure if I could succeed in a fitness program. I felt I lacked athleticism and believed that personal trainers were beyond my abilities. However, my experience at The Perfect Workout shattered these misconceptions.

What I found at The Perfect Workout Sugar Land was a welcoming environment tailored to my needs. The small and intimate setting provided me with the comfort and personal attention I craved. With only one or two other participants during my sessions, I enjoyed the undivided focus of my dedicated trainer, Matthew. The supportive trainers at The Perfect Workout became my cheerleaders, motivating me and making me feel good about every step of my fitness journey.

Initially, some aspects of the program were foreign to me, such as muscle failure. However, as I began to understand the purpose behind it, I realized that reaching muscle failure was an indication of progress and proper technique. With each milestone achieved, whether it was increasing the weights or mastering a challenging exercise, I felt a sense of accomplishment and growth.

The Perfect Workout allowed me to build a foundation for a healthier future, and I'm grateful for the individualized attention and focus the trainers provide. They pay close attention to my form, ensuring I perform each exercise correctly and maximize my results. Their unwavering dedication makes me feel valued and reassures me that I am on the right path.

Karen doing bicep curls

Cardiovascular fitness is a desired benefit of any proper exercise regimen. People commonly spend hours per week jogging, biking, swimming, or on a machine at the gym in pursuit of heart health, lung health, and improved fitness.

However, it turns out that strength is the best activity to perform for global metabolic conditioning and improve your VO2 Max, a potent predictor of longevity.

The Alzheimer Wake Up Call That Changed The Trajectory of Her Life

Simply stated, VO2 Max is a measurement that represents how much oxygen your body can absorb and use during exercise. It measures your aerobic fitness levels.

It is now well-understood in the scientific literature that VO2 Max levels have a direct causative relationship with longevity.

So how do we increase our VO2 Max and maximize the amount of oxygen we’re able to use? How can we use exercise to improve our fitness and longevity?

It turns out that safe, high-intensity strength training is the answer we’ve been looking for.

What Causes Improved VO2 Max?

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Many people will point to breathing exercises, diaphragmatic breathing, and other methods for increasing the body’s uptake of oxygen. And while it’s important to breathe properly during the day and during exercise, these methods are actually downstream of a far more important priority.

The cardiovascular system’s purpose is to serve your working muscles, and high-intensity strength training places demands on those muscles most efficiently and most safely as compared to all other types of exercise.

A great example of this is a 2012 meta-analysis in the Journal of Exercise Physiology that found that the types of adaptations one would expect from traditional endurance-type aerobic exercise can be acquired just as completely through strength training.

These adaptations include (but are not limited to):

  • an up-regulation of mitochondrial enzymes
  • increased time-to-exhaustion
  • enhanced mitochondrial proliferation
  • phenotypic conversion from type IIx towards type IIa muscle fibers
  • vascular remodeling (including capillarization)

To understand why strength training can have all the same cardiovascular benefits as traditional “cardio,” it is necessary to understand that the cardiovascular adaptations we’re after are produced by the body in proportion to the intensity with which the muscles are made to contract.

For example, all things being equal, higher intensities of exercise (high-intensity strength training rather than jogging, for instance) are more effective for improving VO2 Max, a primary determinant of cardiovascular fitness.

It was also found that, at a sufficient intensity, six minutes of exercise can be just as effective for cardiovascular fitness and condition as an hour of daily moderate activity.

Time and time again the literature suggests that less-intense, longer-duration exercise carries no benefit when compared to more intense — yet brief — exercise.


Strength training with machines or free weights will enhance your health, bone density, strength, and muscle size. Your life will benefit from either approach.

If you seek versatility in being able to do the most with the least amount of equipment, if your space is limited, or if you want equipment that’s easier to transport, free weights are the best option.

On the other hand, machines are significantly safer. Free-weight exercises are responsible for the majority of injuries in gyms. Machines eliminate the possibility of injuries as a result of you or others dropping the weight.

Finally, when the workload is the same, machines and free weights produce similar levels of strength and muscle development.

If you would like to learn more about our method of strength training, read about our methodology. If you are new to The Perfect Workout, try a workout with us and start with a FREE Introductory Session.

  • Kirsten A. Burgomaster, Scott C. Hughes, George J. F. Heigenhauser, Suzanne N. Bradwell, and Martin J. Gibala (2005), Six sessions of sprint interval training increases muscle oxidative potential and cycle endurance capacity in humans. Journal of Applied Physiology 98:6, 1985-1990
  • Saltin, B., Nazar, K., Costill, D.L., Stein, E., Jansson, E., Essén, B. and Gollnick, P.D. (1976), The Nature of the Training Response; Peripheral and Central Adaptations to One-Legged Exercise. Acta Physiologica Scandinavica, 96: 289-305.
  • Steele, James and Fischer, James and Bruce-Low, Steward. (2012). Resistance Training to Momentary Muscular Failure Improves Cardiovascular Fitness in Humans: A Review of Acute Physiological Responses and Chronic Physiological Adaptations. Journal of Exercise Physiology Online, June 2012, 15 (3), pp. 53-80

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From Battling Lymphoma to Getter Stronger, Leaner, & Healthier at 57. How Gina Did It

Insights You'll Actually Use

Real health and wellness wins
and how to achieve them yourself

From Battling Lymphoma to Getter Stronger, Leaner, & Healthier at 57. How Gina Did It

Gina, 57, embarked on a journey to reclaim her health and physical fitness after facing setbacks during the pandemic and battling Lymphoma. Now she’s stronger, leaner, healthier, and more optimistic than ever. Here is her story…

“I had always been active and paid attention to my fitness, but a catastrophic illness [cancer] during the pandemic put everything on hold. There was no time to work out, and the treatment caused my weight to shoot up dramatically.”

However, Gina refused to let these challenges define her. After being declared cancer-free, she was determined to rebuild her strength and improve her overall well-being. Searching for a solution that would accelerate her progress, she discovered The Perfect Workout in La Jolla.

“I have three criteria when choosing someone to help me reach my goals:
✅ help me get there faster than I could on my own
✅ help me get there more effectively
✅ make the whole journey fun.

The Perfect Workout checked all those boxes.”

Gina dedicated herself to twice-weekly sessions at The Perfect Workout and so far, the results have been astounding.

“My weight is down, my muscle mass is up. My recent physical showed a 27-point drop in cholesterol, which is unheard of! Most of these changes happened in the last six months. I've even lost five inches off my waist!”

Gina attributes her success to the Trainers she’s worked with and also to our approach to strength training.

“I give so much credit to The Perfect Workout for making strength training doable. They met me where I was, understanding my challenges and limitations, but they didn't leave me there. I always feel amazing after each session, and I've not been injured throughout the process.”

What Gina found particularly motivating were the progress graphs she received after each session.

“They show how much I've improved and how much I've gained. It's incredible to see my progress visually.”

These tangible reminders of her achievements kept her motivated and fueled her desire to keep pushing forward.

As Gina's physical transformation unfolded, so did her mindset.

“Friends and loved ones used to say, ‘You look great, considering what you went through.' But recently, a flight attendant remarked that I looked in good shape, and I thought, ‘Yes, I am.' The Perfect Workout has been a game-changer for me.”

Gina's journey not only transformed her physical health but also had a profound impact on her outlook on life. Her oncologist even shared positive news about her life expectancy!

“I asked him if what I went through would affect my life expectancy, and he said, ‘Now you're probably going to live to your eighties or nineties!' What a game-changer indeed.”

Inspired by her own remarkable transformation, Gina enthusiastically encourages others to join her in embracing The Perfect Workout.

“The Perfect Workout helped me go from rehab to recovery to rebuilding, and I am just getting started.”

Gina's story is a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and finding the right support system. With her own journey as evidence, she empowers others to prioritize their health and embark on their own transformative paths.

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Featured Trainers: Alexandra Lopez & Thomas Bailey

Insights You'll Actually Use

Real health and wellness wins
and how to achieve them yourself

Featured Trainers: Alexandra Lopez & Thomas Bailey

Alexandra and Thomas, trainers at The Perfect Workout, have not only found love but have also transformed lives through personalized fitness, helping clients overcome health challenges and achieve goals.
A husband and wife who work as trainers at The Perfect Workout
Alexandra Lopez and Thomas Bailey went from being two strangers, to working together as Certified Personal Trainers, to a married powerhouse opening up new studios across the country. Here is their story…

Alexandra's journey in fitness began during her childhood when she played soccer, and continued to grow stronger during her college years, when she majored in Kinesiology at Stephen F. Austin University. She found that Personal Training was the perfect fit for her and has since helped many people achieve their fitness goals at The Perfect Workout by creating personalized experiences and forming real, productive relationships with them.

Not only has Alexandra's work with The Perfect Workout helped her clients achieve their goals, but it has also helped her personally. She has learned the proper and safest way to work out, different nutrition tools, the importance of fueling your body with real food, and the importance of hydration. These tools have helped her get stronger, healthier, and lose 10 pounds as a byproduct of her workouts. Alexandra hopes to take her knowledge of health and fitness to work with people with special needs in the future.

Thomas’s passion for fitness was born out of his own experience with injury while working out. He discovered The Perfect Workout in 2014 and quickly became a fan of the protocol, incorporating it into his own fitness routine. What sets Thomas apart as a trainer is his ability to connect with his clients on a personal level. He takes the time to understand their individual needs and areas of opportunity, and then tailors each workout to meet those needs.

Thomas and Alexandra both came to The Perfect Workout for an interview on June 9 2017. They sat and chatted for a while afterwards and immediately had a spark.
“One day after our shifts he waited for me at the elevator (he thought I couldn't tell) and he asked me out for lunch. We shortly began hanging out everyday after that and he's been stuck with me ever since.”

And on April 8, 2022, these two tied the knot.

Together, both Alex and Thomas have helped hundreds of people in Memorial, TX change their health and lives- but a few success stories stand out!

Maggie Philips had several medical conditions that affected her health and daily life, but after a year of strength training with Alexandra, she was able to improve her osteoporosis to osteopenia and gain more strength overall.

Jennifer, a long-distance runner, wanted to improve her strength, muscle, and energy. After just a few months of training with Alexandra, Jennifer lost 10 pounds, showed incredible muscle gains, and improved her posture so much that she felt better when running.

One of Thomas's most inspiring success stories is that of Blaine Edwards, a member who was diagnosed with cancer. Thomas worked with Blaine and his wife Julie to ensure that Blaine was able to continue working out, even during treatment. When Blaine rang the studio's bell to celebrate his victory over cancer, it was a proud moment for Thomas and everyone who had worked with him.

Both their dedication to The Perfect Workout and their members has led to promotions to Memorial Facility Manager and now the opening team for new studios in different regions across the country.

Over the past few months this power couple has had the amazing experience of opening our new Denver region.

“The Denver team is absolutely amazing, dedicated, quick learners, and have absorbed all the knowledge we've shared with them that we've attained through our journey–so much that everyone has jumped into their roles and taken charge.”

Alexandra and Thomas are incredible trainers and leaders who are dedicated to helping change the lives of their clients and team members. Their passion and knowledge for health and fitness shine through in all they do, and their success stories speak for themselves. The Perfect Workout in is lucky to have them as part of their team.

New to The Perfect Workout? Experience your first session FREE

West Plano, TX Member: Jim Hesson

The Perfect Workout Member, Jim Hesson

After doing Crossfit and worsening his joint issues, Jim Hesson found a way to ease his chronic pain, lose weight, and stay consistent with exercise. Here is his story…

Updated 04/11/23

Jim suffered from arthritis and at times the pain would become so excruciating it was unbearable.

Doctors recommended that he strengthen his muscles and lose weight to combat current and future joint issues. Like many others, Jim did what he thought was the obvious solution and tried Crossfit- but it only further aggravated his joint issues.

One day, Jim was on a mission trip and someone in the group introduced him to The Perfect Workout. He decided to give it a try and that “someone” ultimately became his Personal Trainer.

Jim began training at The Perfect Workout studio in West Plano and immediately noticed the difference. All of the trainers focused on his specific needs and gave him the attention he needed. He believes the combination of the coaching and technique are what have helped him achieve his goals.

Now at 67, Jim has lost over 15 pounds, improved his diet and become more disciplined about getting his workouts in regularly.

Images of Jim, a member at The Perfect Workout

One of Jim’s most significant achievements is that he recovered from an injury in record time. After tearing his quadricep muscle during a hike he was supposed to be in a brace for six months. But because he had been actively strength training, he was out and back to normal activities in just three months.

Jim highly recommends The Perfect Workout program, especially for those dealing with joint issues. The method helped him achieve his health goals, and he believes it can help others as well. Jim gives all the credit to his trainers for the progress he’s made so far.

If you're considering starting a program with The Perfect Workout, Jim encourages you to go for it and experience the life-changing benefits for yourself!

If you are new to The Perfect Workout, try a FREE workout with us.

Featured Member: Melissa Furman

Image of The Perfect Workout's January Featured Member, Melissa
By Jordan Thomson | Updated 01/18/23

50 year old Melissa Furman used to wake up daily feeling achy, stiff and often was brought to tears with pain and frustration. Now, she feels stronger, pain-free, and she’s more confident in her body. Here’s her story…

For years, Melissa suffered from lower back pain due to an injury incurred at the gym. She’d always been active – riding horses for 35+ years, training in TaeKwonDo, taking various gym classes, walking the dog etc..

Imaging revealed she had a slipped disc in her spine and was told surgery would resolve it.

But Melissa didn’t want surgery.

So over the years, she tried a number of things to help her back pain…

“I did physical therapy several times, home exercises, dry needling, home gym workouts (that didn't last or work), gym workouts that were run-of-the-mill boot camp/crossfit/training programs (that were interesting and often grueling but left me sore and hurting), chiropractic care (that was painful and didn't work), chiropractic office strength workouts that left me sore and stiff, stretching (that only felt good then, but didn't have overall long-lasting benefits to my back pain), over-the-counter pain meds and even a new very expensive, fancy mattress! .

None of that ultimately helped relieve the back pain. The pain often brought me to tears. I couldn't sleep comfortably and was frequently exhausted due to not resting deeply and waking achy, barely able to turn over to get out of bed.

I was far too young and active to feel this way! So as I approached my 50th birthday, I knew I had to finally do what I've known to be necessary: strength training.

So I sought a place that would offer me quality training, with attention to form and function and could attend to my limitations – The Perfect Workout.

I finally decided the financial investment was worth it to commit to personal training. After spending a lot of money on a fancy mattress with little benefit, which was my last attempt to feel better on my own, I realized it was time to invest that kind of money in personal training that focuses on functional fitness and overall strength.

I knew I needed the accountability and skilled trainers to make the difference in my strength and comfort. I didn't like feeling sore and stiff after the typical gym workout, and I didn't have the time in my week to devote the necessary hour or two of time in the gym, so The Perfect Workout fit the bill. It's hard work, in little time. And it's effective.”

Melissa first noticed positive benefits from The Perfect Workouts in just 2 weeks…

“When I first started these workouts, I was exhausted – my body was adjusting and ramping up. This workout is taxing! But after adjusting my protein and water intake and increasing calorie amounts to help build muscle and give my body what it needs to conduct these workouts, I got over the exhaustion and started thriving.

Before, I would wake up achy and stiff and tired. Everyday tasks like laundry, picking things up off the floor, vacuuming, emptying the dishwasher, lifting heavy objects – all of it was done with pain or discomfort. Now, I'm stronger and can do those things with ease. I still have to manage some knee pain but it's far less significant.

But the biggest achievement I’ve experienced is getting rid of my back pain. It's liberating.

This relief has been such a blessing in my life. And as a midlife woman, I also am happy to see muscle definition where I didn't have it before.

The strength I've gained at The Perfect Workout supports my back and my overall ability to function in daily tasks more easily.

I'm stronger. I feel better. I’m more confident in my body and more positive about the future.”

If you are new to The Perfect Workout, try a FREE workout with us.

We know strength training is important, but nutrition is also a huge piece of your wellbeing. If you'd like help learning how to implement these new habits alongside your workouts, schedule a Nutrition Intro session today! Email [email protected] to get started.