Mom & Daughter, Training 1000+ Miles Apart

mom & daughter prove what's possible, training 1000+ miles apart

virtual training possible

Believe it or not, it’s actually been on our list for some time to create a Virtual Training program because a lot of our clients aren't always able to make it to our studios.

With the pandemic, it became even more obvious for us that it was time to innovate.

Luckily, a special mother and daughter duo were already testing the waters of Virtual Training before we knew how vital it would be for everyone…

In October 2019, Robin Lancaster traveled to Texas to visit her daughter Hannah McKinley, a trainer at The Perfect Workout.

Robin has Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and it's always been a little bit of a struggle for her to maintain her fitness.

So, while Robin was in Texas, Hannah decided to put her through a workout in one of our studios. Robin loved the workout and wanted to continue with it but The Perfect Workout currently doesn’t have locations in North Carolina.

This gave Hannah the idea to train Robin virtually when she got home.

After some trial and error, they figured out how Robin could do slow-motion strength training with limited equipment and live coaching from Hannah over the computer.

In just three months of Virtual Training, Robin lost 15 pounds.

She’s also drastically improved her strength and improved her quality of life in everyday activities

One of the key pieces to her success was the 1-on-1 coaching she received from Hannah, in addition to our science-backed strength training methodology.

Client loses 15 pounds with Virtual personal trainer before and after results

We've helped a number of clients with MS improve their quality of life by:

  • increasing strength
  • improving balance and stability
  • creating independence in daily activities
  • providing them with a workout they can do with MS and for life!

Read about some of our clients below!

“She feels like she can enjoy being out in the yard and doing what she wants to do. She's even got [muscle] definition. She said she's never seen that before.” – Hannah

What they didn’t know was that Hannah and Robin were laying the groundwork for what would become The Perfect Workout’s Virtual Training Program.

When the first shelter at home orders were mandated, we were able to quickly pivot from our in-studio personal training to online personal training.

The work they had done to improve Robin’s health ultimately helped us offer slow-motion strength training to everyone, no matter where in the world they are.

These incredible women proved to themselves and the rest of the world that there was still a way to stay strong, healthy, and lose weight by doing slow-motion strength training virtually.

How She Beat a Lifelong Struggle with Weight Loss

How she beat a lifelong struggle with weight loss

Strength Trainer Menlo Park CA

“If you've ever struggled with weight, it's a lifelong, constant battle.”

Those are the words of our client, Tiffaney Quintana.

After trying every diet and workout under the sun, she found that her sessions at The Perfect Workout were a missing piece to getting in shape and leaving behind her weight loss struggle for good.


She’s Tried it All

When it comes to diet and exercise, Tiffaney had tried it all. From weight training classes to kickboxing and DIY at-home workouts. She would try something new and give it up shortly after, making it a struggle to ever see results.

“I remember one time I had multiple memberships to gyms, and I ended up not going to any of them.” 

Without a workout program to stick with and many failed diets under her belt, Tiffaney found herself 50 pounds heavier than her “normal” body weight.

Then she heard a radio ad for The Perfect Workout near her home in Menlo Park, CA and decided to give it a try.

She Keeps Coming Back… Twice a Week

Tiffaney joined The Perfect Workout in 2014 and her 20-minute, twice a week workouts have been the one thing she has consistently come back for, over and over again.

When asked why she is so successful with slow-motion strength training, Tiffaney says the 20-minute duration is hard to find excuses to not stick with. In addition to her workouts being time efficient and effective, she highly values the connection she makes with her personal trainers.

And one of the biggest reasons she has stayed consistent for 6 years has been her ability to continually gain strength. That feeling of being strong keeps her coming back for more.

40lbs Down and Sustaining

In addition to her personal training sessions, Tiffaney began a medically supervised weight loss program earlier this year which helped her drop over 40lbs to date. 

She realized that she was just as successful with her weight loss as her workouts because she gets the same features with her nutrition plan as she does at The Perfect Workout:

  • Accountability of a Fitness Trainer
  • Consistency of weekly scheduled 1-on-1 workouts
  • Simple, evidence-based program

Crushing it During Corona

Like many of our clients, Tiffaney was concerned about her workout progress when COVID hit. As a self-proclaimed lover of our Nautilus machines, she was skeptical about Virtual Personal Training and the idea of working out from home… but she was pleasantly surprised. 

“I almost feel like I've even gotten more out of the in-home workouts than I was in the studio. I really, really love them and it's all your own body strength.”

After challenging her body in a different way and realizing that she could still gain strength with bodyweight exercises, Tiffaney now views her body and her Virtual workouts with a greater appreciation.

Empowered & Strong

One of the things that Tiffaney has noticed is she no longer exercises solely for intent of weight loss. 

“I want to see the fat loss. I want to be healthier. But it's about doing it because you feel better. It's not about the weight anymore.”

There's nothing more empowering than feeling strong. Whether you're training 1-on-1 in one of our studios or getting virtual personal training, you will get stronger.

“My whole body feels different. I feel lighter. And I don't feel as tired. I'm not apprehensive about group activities where before I'd be like, this is gonna be painful.

And that's a really big deal.”

Mother-Daughter Duo lose 40lbs (Virtual Training)

Trainer Helps Mother-Daughter Duo Lose 40 Pounds With Virtual Training

Personal Trainer Del Mar CA

“You helped me.”

“You helped me finally lose the weight.”

“You helped me change my life.”

These words are magic to a Personal Trainer’s ears and Gary Suka of Del Mar, CA is one of the incredible Trainers at The Perfect Workout helping clients make these changes in their lives – including a mother & daughter who lost 40lbs with Virtual Training.

Here’s his story…

Gary Suka was training to become an amateur boxer when he was first introduced to slow-motion strength training. His friend Anna, a Personal Trainer in our Mission Valley studio, put him through a workout, leaving Gary feeling “humbled.”

“I was kind of skeptical. I think anyone coming from working out twice a day, six to seven days out of the week would be.”

At the time, Gary normally bench-pressed 225lbs. When Anna got him in for his first slow-motion strength training session she gave him a weight of 125 pounds. After just 90 seconds, Gary fatigued out. He couldn’t push anymore.

It was at that moment Gary decided to shift his six-days-a-week training protocol to the 20-minute, twice a week approach we offer at The Perfect Workout.

“I have not done traditional weightlifting in over five years. I haven't done anything like that. And at the age of 34 I am in the best shape of my entire life.”

After a rigorous certification process, Gary joined the team and became a Personal Trainer in our Mission Valley studio. 4 years later, he took over our Del Mar studio as Facility Manager where he still trains today.

a life improved

One of Gary’s clients from Mission Valley used to come to her workouts using a walker. She had a frustrating experience at the grocery store where another car blocked her handicap access and she couldn't get up on the curb alone, forcing her to wait until the car left. She told Gary she wanted to be able to tackle that curb if it happened again.

A few months down the road, she came back into the studio and she was in tears, smiling. She said, “Gary, I need to share something with you. The same thing happened at the grocery store and I didn't even think twice about it. I just went up to the curbside and stepped up and pushed myself onto the sidewalk!”

A lot of us might think that it is a small goal, but those are the meaningful things that many of our clients love. Those are things that they need to improve their quality of life.

Fitness Trainer Del Mar CA

reshaping bodies virtually

Gary currently trains a father, mother, and daughter trio. During two months of sheltering at home, Gary was able to help the mother and daughter collectively lose 40 lbs with Virtual Training.

“It's a resource during a lot of uncertainty. I really hope that people see the importance of doing Virtual Training.”

Most of Gary’s clients have been floored (in a good way!) at their Virtual Training experience and how intense the workouts are.

“It brings a lot of value to what we do as a company and our method. You can workout on our Nautilus machines, with your body, or you can use free weights. We truly believe it is the correct way of working out meaningfully.”

who should work with a personal trainer?


“It doesn't hurt to just try it and you have nothing to lose. And it's going to probably be the most fulfilling thing that you've ever done for yourself. You improve your health and you improve your life.

Together, let's give it a shot!”

Data-Driven Workout to lose 30 pounds in 4 months

Math teacher uses data-driven workout to lose 30 pounds in 4 months.

Personal Trainer El Cerrito CA

They say you’ll never regret a workout.

But not all workouts are created equal and you definitely don’t want to waste months or years doing workouts that produce zero results.

Which is why Liz Little skipped the group training classes and used our data-driven workout to lose 30 pounds in 4 months.

On the road from Missouri to California a couple summers ago, Liz Little had an epiphany.

“I thought about how much weight I had gained the past two years and realized I had to do something.”

She was playing a game on her phone and an ad for The Perfect Workout came up. It was impeccable timing.

“I was able to schedule an intro session right there. A 20-minute workout, twice a week? I liked the sound of that!”

During her first session at The Perfect Workout’s El Cerrito studio, she told her trainer that slow-motion strength training wouldn’t work for her. She felt too out of shape.

He listened to her concerns but respectfully disagreed. He was so confident that this would work for Liz that it gave her confidence. And he was right!

“I was impressed by his attention to detail and his ability to motivate me to reach muscle success. He modified each exercise to fit my particular needs – my size, my range of motion, mechanics, old injuries, my goals, and current fitness levels. And he kept adjusting them to keep up with my changing needs and body. When he’s training me, I don’t have to think.”

Liz came twice a week, put in effort and got incredible results.

Strength Trainer El Cerrito CA

In her first year with The Perfect Workout, Liz dropped from 160 to 130 lbs. and lost inches in all the right places.

She’s gained muscle tone all over, and feels stronger and more energetic in her daily life.

“I’m finally able to enjoy what I want to enjoy. When I was overweight, I couldn’t do activities the way I wanted to. I thought it was aging, but once I started slow-motion strength training, I realized I was just out of shape.”

As a math teacher, Liz wasn’t going to anything that's not data driven.

“This technique has shown to have the best and safest results, especially for older people like me who have lived a life of injuries and issues.”

Liz is in her 50s now, and her “body age” is 10 years less than her chronological age. She’s also stopped going to the chiropractor because The Perfect Workout got rid of her back pain.

Liz is thrilled that she's never been injured at The Perfect Workout, making it the first time she's ever gone through any sort of workout where she hasn't had to take days off to nurse an injury.

“The Perfect Workout is the right thing for everybody on the planet. It seems like magic but it’s science.”

Trainer coaching woman on the Lat Pulldown machine

High-Intensity Training

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The Perfect Workout for Aging Women

The Perfect Workout for aging women

I’ve been spending the last 20 years trying to lose the same 10 pounds over and over again.

You don’t want to be the person chasing the same quick fixes for weight loss and health your whole life.

Especially if you are in your 50s and 60s.

We know you want something that works for you and will continue to work for you as you get older.

So, what works for aging women?

Our client, Frances has been successful at losing weight, gaining strength and aging with confidence in her 60s with a simple solution… slow-motion strength training.

Frances Aparicio has been a university professor for 35 years and despite her love for it, it's taken a toll on her physical health.

“It's a very unhealthy lifestyle because we spend most of our hours sitting on a desk, either reading or writing and the only time we really move around is when we're teaching.”

As she began getting older and approaching her 60s she decided to do something to keep her body in shape and to stay healthy. Frances began to enjoy activities like power walking, Zumba and yoga, but she wasn’t actively strengthening her body.

Her yoga teacher told her she had wonderful flexibility but needed to gain strength. An important task for women in their 50s and 60s when muscle and bone loss becomes prevalent.

So, when she heard about The Perfect Workout, she thought, “This sounds like a good thing because I'm not spending too much time in the gym and it seems like it's pretty effective.”

In July 2018 she joined our Wilmette Studio near Chicago, IL and has been training with us ever since.

“I love it. I love the personal, intimate setting. It's really nice because you can ask silly questions or questions that may be embarrassing if there were other people around.”

The semi-private setting is particularly inviting to Frances and many women her age because it's a non-threatening environment like many of the “big box gyms.” It allows our clients to feel safe and comfortable during their workouts so they can focus on what’s important- getting stronger and healthier!

An investment in aging

“This is my investment in my health.”

Because slow-motion strength training has been proven to greatly impact health and wellness in a number of ways, the time and financial investment is without a doubt preventative care for those who do it.

By investing in your health today, which a science-backed program like we offer at The Perfect Workout, you will save more time and money compared to the costs of medications and doctors visits that could add up in the future.

Losing weight at 64... and in quarantine.

Frances; 50s were challenging. At age 50 she gave birth to her son, battled menopause immediately after and gained weight throughout the years following. But now at age 60, she is grateful to be experiencing a healthier and happier body.

In fact, Frances has been able to achieve something many people are struggling with while sheltering at home…

She’s losing weight!

With the combination of her workouts at The Perfect Workout and nutritional guidance from her Personal Trainer, Drew, she’s lost 9lbs in the past couple of months.

It’s common for women in their middle-age and senior years to struggle to lose weight, but Frances and many clients at The Perfect Workout are doing it.

And to top it off, the workouts that are supporting her weight loss are being done at home, virtually with her trainer.

Having been with The Perfect Workout for almost two years, Frances took to Virtual Training pretty quickly when we began to offer it as a solution to maintain strength during Covid.

“I wake up early, make sure that I'm ready and [the workout] gets me going. It gives me this energy during the day that I don't have on other days during the week.”

Aging with grace & strength

Seeing people her age face chronic illness and lack of mobility motivates Frances to work even harder to maintain her health and the progress she’s made.

Luckily, Frances hasn’t faced any major illnesses or conditions. She feels the work she’s doing at The Perfect Workout is a preventative measure to stay healthy and age with as few issues as possible.

“But you have to work at it! You can’t expect to be healthy without doing anything.”

I hope to stay strong as much as I can. And as I get older, that I can still do things like travel and be relatively active for whatever age I'm in”

And the little, day-to-day things are becoming easier too.

“Even things like mopping my floors and vacuuming my house, doing laundry, carrying grocery bags from the car to the kitchen, gardening, all these things that are physical activities. I just feel much more strong now than I did five or even 10 years ago.“

The Perfect Workout for aging women

Frances had worked with a Personal Trainer once before and although it was generally a good experience, she noticed the approach wasn’t quite right for a woman her age.

During one session, she felt like the workout was just too difficult and physically painful.

“Sometimes Personal Trainers are not really sensitive to how you need to start doing things- little by little. You can’t just expect a 60 year old woman to be doing push ups the way a 30 year old does.”

You won’t get that at The Perfect Workout.

“Once I started The Perfect Workout, I felt very safe. But still they push me to do the best I can.”

And all that hard work Frances has put in with the help of her Trainers has paid off.

“My belly has gone down tremendously, I feel thinner, I feel lighter. And I feel like I have muscle now. I feel my muscles in ways that I haven't before.

I’m much more self confident with my body and my strength. I just feel more healthy. I'm definitely more active in general, just having the energy that I haven't had in a long time.”

The Perfect Workout has just been amazing. It's been a blessing to be able to know that I'm getting stronger.”

Trainer coaching woman on the Lat Pulldown machine

High-Intensity Training

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Losing 50lbs: Founder Matt Hedman (Part 2)

Losing 50lbs and maintaining it for decades with founder matt hedman part III

Matt Hedman maintain fat loss

“I want to lose weight!”

We hear this every day in our studios, and chances are you’ve spoken those words too.

But have you ever said, “I want to lose weight, gain it all back and do it over and over again?”

Of course not.

Two of the most sought after goals our clients have are to: build muscle strength, and lose fat.

In fact, when Matt Hedman, the Founder of The Perfect Workout first began slow-motion strength training at the age of 20, his primary focus was to build bigger muscles, all while keeping his joints safe. But fat loss was a big part of his journey as well.

In Part II of this feature with Matt Hedman we discuss how he’s been able to safely and effectively build muscle and maintain a 50lb weight loss for decades.

fat loss & fat loss maintenance

One of the most common health and fitness goals in the U.S. and in our training studios is fat loss.

We’ve shared a lot of information on how our method, a form of High-Intensity Exercise is the most effective way to lose fat. But did you know it can be an extremely effective way to maintain fat loss too?

Losing fat can be a challenging feat, but maintaining the weight you’ve worked so hard to lose can be even more challenging.

In his early adulthood, Matt Hedman gained 50lbs, lost it, and has kept it off for over 27 years with slow-motion strength training.

“I have personal experience with this.

There was a brief period of time in the early 90s where I had 50 lbs more fat on my body than I do right now. One of the mistakes I made was force-feeding myself extra calories, thinking it was going to help me get more muscular. I got to the point where I was literally carrying 50 lbs more fat on me than I do today.

As far as exercise goes, these days strength training is all that I do. It’s been decades since I’ve done running in the name of exercise and I’ve been able to maintain the fat loss that I achieved.”

Matt Hedman the perfect workout founder

Doing aerobics or cardio exercises, like walking, jogging, bicycling, spinning or swimming are not necessary for fat loss, or to keep it off.

Many people enjoy doing these activities for fun. But if you’re a busy person like Matt, you may not be looking for extra activities to fill your time, especially if it doesn’t add much to your life.

“I’m not someone who can eat as much as I want whenever I want and not gain fat, because I have been heavier in the past. But really the hardest part is the maintenance and that’s been relatively easy for me.”

As we mentioned in Part 1 of this series, a book by Ellington Darden made a significant impact on Matt’s fitness journey.

Another one of Darden’s books compared fat loss results over 8 weeks between one of his research groups with two of Wayne Westcott’s research groups. All three of the groups were, or were attempting to eat the same diet plan– the Nautilus Diet (which averaged 1500-1800 calories a day for males and 1200-1500 calories a day for females):

  • GROUP 1: Low Intensity Aerobics only, plus the Nautilus Diet (Westcott)
  • GROUP 2: Aerobics and strength training, plus the Nautilus Diet (Westcott)
  • GROUP 3: Strength training only, plus the Nautilus Diet (Darden)
Fat Loss Comparison chart - Nautilus and Darden

All three groups lost fat and the smallest amount of fat loss was in Westcott’s aerobics-only group, (and they also lost muscle mass!)
Westcott’s second group, the aerobics plus strength training, got better fat loss results and instead of losing muscle they gained a couple pounds of muscle during the 8 weeks.

Darden’s strength training group averaged 18 lbs of fat loss over 8 weeks, which is almost twice as much as either of the other two groups. In addition they added slightly more muscle gain than strength training and aerobics group.

It may seem counterintuitive, but it is possible to lose a significant amount of fat and lose it fast doing just strength training for exercise

justin brunette testimonial the perfect workout
pam oliva transformation the perfect workout

“But if a person’s going to do exercise, they’ll want to do strength training because it’s certainly going to give you the most bang for your buck, in my opinion, compared to low-intensity exercises, like walking and jogging.”

There are other things which strength training can do during the fat loss process as well, including helping with discriminate weight loss. Normally a person wants to lose weight, but they don’t just want to lose just any weight, they want to lose fat.

Like we saw in Darden’s aerobics only study, a reduced calorie diet plus aerobics only, resulted in [muscle] loss, and that’s what’s going to happen without strength training.

“If I had to do it all over again, I would do effective nutrition, number one, and number two– effective slow-motion high-intensity strength training. Those are the two big levers in my opinion.”

fight muscle loss strength train

strength & muscle Gains

Lifting weights helps people get stronger and add lean muscle tissue to their bodies, which is helpful in a number of different ways.

In slow-motion strength training, momentary fatigue in the muscles is really important. If you fatigue your muscles down to that point of “muscle success,” you’ve basically recruited all the different muscle fibers that are available.

If you do it well, you stimulate the muscles to get stronger and to add more lean muscle tissue to the body.

“That’s one reason why you don’t want to stop before you hit that muscle success point, especially if you got 90% of the way there, you might still be leaving some of that stimulus on the table if you quit at that point.”

We all want to add muscle to our bodies, but why is it so important?

The answer can be different for different people including their age, what they’re interested in, and where they are in their lives.

As people start to age, there’s something called age-related sarcopenia: the loss of muscle tissue.

Generally around the age of 25- 30, if a person doesn’t do effective strength training then they gradually start to lose muscle tissue. Some research states as we get into our 50s, 60s, and 70s, the rate of muscle loss can be faster.

That’s problematic for a number of reasons:

  • Getting weaker as you get older makes every-day activities more challenging
  • Frail bones can result in osteopenia or osteoporosis and your muscles lose the strength to push against heavier loads
  • Having to use walkers or canes, or having a hard time getting out of a chair, out of bed, or the car can result in losing independence

That’s something that all of us want to avoid.

Most people in our society are not getting smaller as they age into their 40s, 50s, 60s. People are oftentimes getting bigger. The amount of body fat gradually increases and the amount of muscle shrinks.

If your muscle tissue is shrinking over time, then your metabolism is shrinking too.

Therefore, if we’re not actively strengthening our muscles, we are losing them, and likely gaining fat.

Leveraging exercise to lose fat & build Muscle

Slow-motion strength training (SMST) is the second biggest lever, behind proper nutrition, you need to achieve fat loss and build muscle.

Matt describes the proper way to strength train on the Leg Press. This is one of the most impactful exercises we leverage in our studios.

LEG press the perfect workout

Once a trainer has assessed your body type and fitness level, he or she will decide the proper seat setting and weight to perform the exercise. Start with an Intro Session for this customization– it makes all the difference in the world, trust us.

  1. You want to start as slow as you can without stopping. Start pressing the foot pedal forward. It’s okay on that first repetition if it takes several seconds to gradually build up force against the foot pedal.

  2. Try to take two-three seconds just to do that first inch of the range of motion. In other words, being extra slow in the beginning, because that’s one common form discrepancy– to fire out of the start of a repetition.

  3. Once you've barely started moving, you want to keep going as slowly as you can without stopping, which on most exercises including the Leg Press is about 10 seconds.

  4. The Leg Press is an exercise where you’re going “turn around,” meaning reverse direction, before your legs straighten all the way without stopping. You want to avoid resting at the most extended position and take another 10 seconds to come back, about as slowly as you did on the way out.

  5. As you near the bottom, you want to try to slow down even a little more than you’ve already been going slow and ideally, barely touching the weight stack and trying to take another two or three seconds for that first inch of that repetition and go as slow as you can another 10 seconds on the way out until you get to the extended position where your legs are still bent. Then repeat that process for several repetitions. Each subsequent repetition will become harder as your muscles start to fatigue. You’ll likely get to a repetition where it takes almost all or maybe even all of your effort just to get it to move and complete a repetition.

  6. Then, barely touch and barely start, and attempt to complete another repetition. There’s a good chance on this next repetition you need to push as hard as you can, too, but this one might not actually move. You might get a little ways, it might move a little bit, or you might not be able to move it out of the start.

  7. You’ll get to the point where you’re pushing as hard as you can, trying, at this point, not to go slow anymore, but to go as fast as possible and it’s not moving at all. You’re recruiting all the muscles you possibly can for that exercise. Slow-twitch, fast-twitch, everything is being recruited to try and move and no movement is happening.

  8. Once you get to that point where you’re pushing as hard as you can but no movement is possible, that’s when you want to slowly back off and rest. But you want to make sure you’re there.”

Sometimes it’s easy to misjudge this. It might feel really hard on one repetition and you might think, “Oh, man, there’s no way I’m going to get another one,” but sometimes you can get the next one so you have to try as hard as you can. Even pushing for a couple or several seconds after it stops moving, just to make sure, can be a good idea.

“This point is called “muscle success.” Because fatiguing to that point is success. Once you achieve the fatigue of muscle success, you’ve done as much as you can to stimulate the muscles to get stronger and stimulate the muscles to, when they’re able to recover, to be able to add more lean muscle tissue to your body, and do all the wonderful things that strength training exercise can do!”

leaving fat loss & strength on the table

Think of hitting muscle success during a SMST workout as your ticket to winning the fat loss, strength gain jackpot.

If you don’t, you leave a lot of money on the table.

Misjudging whether or not you’ve hit muscle success is very common.

“In my experience, I’ve trained hundreds if not thousands of clients over the years. It might even be that most clients have trouble identifying that they’re there. They think they might be as fatigued as they can, when they might still be able to even finish a whole one or more repetitions.”

That’s where having a trainer right there to coach and encourage you is so valuable and so crucial.

It’s easy to misdoubt our own abilities. One of the most common things we’ve heard from clients over the years is, “My trainer pushes me [safely] to where I never thought I’d ever be able to go… beyond what I thought I was capable of doing.”

Again, that’s just one of the amazing things of having a coach right there telling you, “You’ve got a little bit more in you.”

matt's favorite & least favorite exercises

We asked Matt Hedman what his favorite and least favorite exercises were, and why. Being someone who strongly values efficiency and effectiveness, there were some compelling reasons for his choices, and to no surprise, they had to do with maximizing strength and fat loss.

The Favorite:

“The Lat Pulldown exercise. It’s my favorite I’ve ever used as far as the way the handles track and it happens to be one exercise where I’m pretty strong on.”

The Lat Pulldown machine primarily targets the Latissimus Dorsi muscles and another primary mover, the Biceps.

“Those would be the prime movers, but believe it or not your chest is involved. It’s a climbing muscle and it’s actually helping you pull your arm down when you’re doing it. It uses your forearms too because you’re gripping. And of course your abs are definitely involved on this exercise.”

To some degree this machine hits the vast majority of muscles in the upper body.

“I’m not saying it hits them all optimally, but all of them are involved to some degree.”

If you’re going to do an upper-body exercise, this would be one to maximize your efforts on. Think of it as the Leg Press (or squat) of the upper body.

The Least Favorite:

“A lot of people would disagree with this, and I’m totally fine with that… I personally hate doing abdominal exercises.”

A lot of people like abdominal exercises for reasons which aren’t actually happening on the exercise. They think it’s going to do something that it’s not actually gonna do at all.

For example, a lot of people will think it will lean out their midsection and make their abs look better. If you are lean enough then the abdominal machine can make your muscles a little bit larger, sticking through the fat a little bit more.

But unless the person already has relatively low body fat, it won’t do that.

The abdominal exercise itself won’t create the look of having “abs.” Overall fat loss in the body will.

“I make the argument that the leg press, a variation of a squat, or some lower body exercise which heavily involves the quads or gluteus maximus muscles is going to have the biggest impact that strength training can have on the person’s metabolism. These are the biggest muscles in the lower body, making the biggest impact on adding lean muscle to your body, and therefore the biggest contribution that an exercise program, or at least a strength training program, can make towards fat loss.”

What the abdominal exercise actually does is it makes your abdominals a little bit bigger, which, again, if you’re lean, it will make your definition a little better, but for folks which aren’t lean enough, it’ll just make those muscles a little bigger.

Most people like to include abdominal exercises because it doesn’t hurt anything and it makes those muscles stronger and firmer underneath whatever fat is there.

“For me personally, it burns so much for not a whole lot of good at least for what I’m going after.”

This doesn’t mean strengthening our abdominals is a waste of time or should be avoided. Having strong abdominals muscles can help to improve posture and help with low back pain, among other benefits.

So, if you love the abdominal exercises or want to incorporate them into your own routine, we’ve got the machine for you!

lose fat gain muscle

what you need to know to lose fat & gain muscle

It’s easy to over complicate the process of achieving your fitness goals. But if losing fat or gaining muscle are one of your goals, the solution is actually quite simple. Next time you feel frustrated or discouraged about your progress, remember these:

  • Slow-Motion Strength Training partnered with a diet geared towards fat loss is the most efficient way to lose fat, and maintain or gain muscle in the process
  • Matt Hedman maintained a 50lb weight loss for decades with SMST and it's possible for you too.
  • Achieving muscle success and focusing on big-muscle group exercises during your SMST sessions will greatly support your ability to lose fat and gain muscle.
  • Having a Certified Trainer to coach you through safe and effective exercises will keep you on track and help to maximize your workout efforts
  • Doing aerobics or cardio exercise are not necessary for fat loss, or to lose fat and keep it off.
  • You can achieve incredible results in just 20 Minutes, Twice a Week!
Trainer coaching woman on the Lat Pulldown machine

High-Intensity Training

High-Intensity Training: Everything You Need to Know High-Intensity Training: Everything You Need to Know What is High-Intensity Training? High-Intensity Training is doing one set of

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Karen’s Back Pain Disappeared and She Lost 12 Pounds!

karen's back pain disappeared and she lost 12 pounds!

female client at the perfect workout flexing her arm muscles

Karen says, “The Perfect Workout gets down to the mechanics of the muscles, to make sure they’re working correctly every time.” Now that Karen’s lost 12 lbs. in three months, she’s a believer. Her confidence has increased, and at 49, she has more energy than ever.

When Karen Edwards started going to The Perfect Workout’s Park Cities studio in February, she didn’t expect such rapid results. A friend had told her how effective the training was, but Karen was skeptical. Karen works a high-stress job as a nurse, and before The Perfect Workout, “My body would be so tense all the time, it was hard for me to keep up.”

Her back issues used to prevent her from doing strength workouts—she gave up lifting weights because it made the inflammation worse. She tried going to a physical therapist, but “they only focused on the now— how my body felt in the moment. The Perfect Workout gets down to the mechanics of the muscles, to make sure they’re working correctly every time.” Now that Karen’s lost 12 lbs. in three months, she’s a believer. Her confidence has increased, and at 49, she has more energy than ever.

With the help of her trainer, Emily, she’s been able to overcome her back issues to take on all of The Perfect Workout’s strength exercises. In fact, slow-motion strength training has made her pain disappear altogether. “Emily knows me so well. She always works hard to balance my workouts and respond to my body’s needs. Her personal attention has been the biggest help in getting rid of my back pain.” One of the biggest surprises for Karen was realizing she actually enjoys working out. “I love how much Emily pushes me to be my best. The arm workouts are my favorite—they stretch out my shoulder blades and make me feel great. Muscle success? Bring it on!”

Karen is seeing the results of her training outside the studio, too. Her clothes fit better, and she’s happier with the way she looks. Plus, she has more energy to do the things that give her joy, like playing with her ten nieces and nephews, and going out to dinner with friends. Her newfound strength has also made her more effective at refurbishing furniture, a favorite hobby she taught herself how to do a few years back. Not worrying about throwing out her back in the process has made her more focused on the work, which she finds enjoyable and lets her show off her toned muscles. The people in Karen’s life have noticed the changes, too. They see how energetic she is now, and have commented on her slimmer figure. “I’ve told everyone about The Perfect Workout. Even my boss wants to go!” Karen isn’t stopping here. “I want to keep up my momentum and stick to my two workouts a week with Emily. I know I’m going to get stronger and stronger!”

Trainer coaching woman on the Lat Pulldown machine

High-Intensity Training

High-Intensity Training: Everything You Need to Know High-Intensity Training: Everything You Need to Know What is High-Intensity Training? High-Intensity Training is doing one set of

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More Results in 1 Month, Than 6 Months At a Gym!

i got more results in 1 month than i did working with a personal trainer for 6 months at my former club!

female client at the perfect workout smiling

Michele Rosenbloom, 51, has lost 15 lbs. and 3 dress sizes and says, “I used to come home exhausted (after work), but now, I still have energy after a 10-12 hour day.”

When Michele Rosenbloom went to Hawaii last March, she wanted to cry. Even though she had been working out, she didn't feel good about herself. As she put it, she had saggy “chicken arms” and her legs were “jiggly” all the time. “At age 51, I shouldn't feel embarrassed. I was worried that I'd end up wearing old lady ‘fat' clothes!”

By August, Michele had had enough. Another upcoming trip to Hawaii to celebrate her 28th wedding anniversary made her realize that she needed to do something this time. She saw an ad for The Perfect Workout in the paper and thought, “Yeah, right!” Like most people, she figured she needed to spend hours in the gym to look good. Skeptical, Michele looked it up online and got more information. It sounded good, but she still put it off. Finally, her girlfriend who lived next door said, “We need to do this,” and they went in together.

Michele was amazed with the results! “I had a personal trainer a year ago at another fitness center, and in the first month working out at The Perfect Workout I got more results than I did in six months with the other trainer. Within the first month, I saw huge changes in my body! After two months, I had already lost 11 inches and gone down three pant sizes, and I have more energy than before. I used to hate working out, but I haven't missed a session yet.”

All that made for an incredible anniversary trip to Hawaii recently. “This time, I felt great!” says Michele. “Overall, my whole body looks and feels different. I used to ‘jiggle', and I don't have that anymore. Now I have definition.”

Slow-motion strength training at The Perfect Workout has changed Michele's body, it's changed her eating habits, and it's even changed her attitude. “I feel very good about my body now. Overall, I look happier. My whole being is happier, and it overflows all areas of my life. My three kids are so proud of me, and my husband is, too. He called me ‘slim' the other day, and he hasn't said that in years!”

She's come a long way in a short time since that first trip to Hawaii back in March. All from her quick, intense, 20-minute workouts every Monday and Thursday. “I love the program, and I love the people. You can have the body you want to have, at any age, without spending six hours a week in the gym! I think everyone should experience The Perfect Workout.”

Trainer coaching woman on the Lat Pulldown machine

High-Intensity Training

High-Intensity Training: Everything You Need to Know High-Intensity Training: Everything You Need to Know What is High-Intensity Training? High-Intensity Training is doing one set of

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Increased Her Muscle Tone And Energy

physician diane rand has increased her muscle tone and energy

Female client working with a personal trainer on an exercise machine

She also Dropped 1-2 Clothing Sizes Since Strength Training.

When Diane Rand reached age 50, she got concerned that her weight was slowly creeping higher and her clothes were feeling too tight. As a practicing physician in San Diego, she knew the diagnosis. “Your muscles atrophy as you age, and this slows down the metabolism,” says Rand. “I knew it would keep getting worse if I didn't correct it.”

The antidote? Effective weight training. But, she'd never lifted weights before. Plus, her full-time job as a physician as well as her family life left little time in her schedule for exercise. Fortunately, Diane read an article about “slow-motion” strength training, a revolutionary new exercise method promising a firmer, stronger, more shapely body from just two 20-minute training sessions per week. Even though the time efficiency and results sounded almost too good to be true, she decided to enroll with a personal trainer at The Perfect Workout, a local company with 11 private fitness studios in Southern California specializing in this unique approach.

Right away she noticed immediate increases in her muscle tone and energy. After several months she'd also dropped 1 to 2 clothing sizes and was fitting into the clothes which used to be too small.

lean muscles - the key to reshaping your body

Many people – especially women – have a fear of “bulking up” like a bodybuilder if they were to start strength training. In reality, if you're older than 25, it's much more likely that too little muscle is a problem rather than too much muscle. Research performed by William Evans, Ph.D., and Irwin Rosenberg, M.D., demonstrates that adults who don't strength train lose an average of a half pound of lean muscle tissue each year starting at age 25. As an example, a typical 55-year-old woman will have 15 pounds less lean muscle (and significantly more fat) than what she had at age 25. Muscle takes up less space than fat, so this typical 55-year-old woman has arms and thighs that are softer and less firm, wears a larger clothing size, and has a slower metabolism that burns fewer calories each day.

Effective strength training changes all of this. It increases your body's metabolism, causing you to burn more fat and calories all day long, even while sleeping. Strength training reshapes and tones your legs and arms. And since muscle is denser than fat, adding muscle and losing fat will make your body firmer, smaller, and more shapely. As Diane's muscles got stronger and more toned, her faster metabolism helped her burn the extra inches around her waist, hips, and thighs.

“My trainer pushes me in a safe way, and I walk away feeling great after each session,” says Diane. “This is the wave of the future.”

Trainer coaching woman on the Lat Pulldown machine

High-Intensity Training

High-Intensity Training: Everything You Need to Know High-Intensity Training: Everything You Need to Know What is High-Intensity Training? High-Intensity Training is doing one set of

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Strength and confidence she couldn’t find at a gym

debbie lost 15 pounds and a clothing size, and gained strength and confidence she could't find at traditional gyms

female client at the perfect workout who lost 15 pounds

Before hearing about The Perfect Workout, Debbie Michalski tried many different workouts and diets to lose weight. “Nothing was working,” she says, though it wasn’t for lack of effort. When Debbie first made the decision to shed some pounds 11 years ago, she motivated herself to work out regularly and eat better.

She tried gym after gym but didn’t want to commit to any of them because they didn’t help her understand what was really needed. Beyond the ineffective workouts, regular gyms wouldn’t give Debbie any nutritional guidance, something she wanted to focus on but didn’t know how to start. “I knew, somehow, I was failing. I wasn’t helping myself.”

Finally, enough was enough. Debbie decided to give The Perfect Workout a chance after hearing Chicago newscaster Bonnie Greene rave about it on her radio show. After her first slow- motion strength training workout at The Perfect Workout’s Orland Park, Illinois, studio, she could tell this was something different. “I couldn’t believe it! I never realized how beneficial strength training could be.” The short, powerful workouts and nutritional advice from her trainer were both easy to incorporate into her daily life. It drastically improved Debbie’s health and erased her doubts about finding a workout program that worked for her.

The biggest change Debbie noticed right away was her arthritis pain decreasing. “When I started in April, I couldn’t untwist a water bottle top.” A few weeks later, not only could she perform physical tasks her pain used to make impossible, but she started fitting into her old clothes better and standing with better posture. People started complimenting her slimmer appearance, and she felt happier and more confident. She always made sure to tell them right away about The Perfect Workout and slow-motion strength training because “it’s the best thing ever.”

Debbie attributes her success with The Perfect Workout to the incredible personal attention she gets from her trainer. She says that unlike personal trainers at the old gyms she tried, The Perfect Workout trainers allow you to “focus on yourself.” Instead of having to fumble with the machines and worrying about logistics, “you can concentrate on really breaking down the muscles.” She also praises her trainer for being attentive to her individual needs. “Jeff is always looking to help. His suggestions turn out to be solutions.”

Now that she’s lost 15 pounds and dropped a size, Debbie is committed to The Perfect Workout for the long term. She describes it as “life-changing” and “a lifestyle, not a fad.” Seeing the great results slow-motion strength training has had on her weight, appearance, and comfort, she looks forward to going all the time. “It’s a great way to start your day. I always say, The Perfect Workout – it’s in the name. It’s perfect!”

Trainer coaching woman on the Lat Pulldown machine

High-Intensity Training

High-Intensity Training: Everything You Need to Know High-Intensity Training: Everything You Need to Know What is High-Intensity Training? High-Intensity Training is doing one set of

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