Jared Toulon

After years of fitness experience and losing over 160 pounds, Jared Toulon is spreading the importance of healthy living and helping his clients at The Perfect Workout lead healthier lives too. 

Danielle Vizcarra

She was born and raised in San Diego along with two older brothers, which brought out her competitive side from the very beginning. She was put in every sport you can think of starting at the age of 4. She started playing competitive soccer at the age of 8 and continued through high school and college which gave her the opportunity to become part of a travel team. With her love of sports and exercise, she ended up getting my Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology at Cal State Long Beach. This is when she found a whole new appreciation for the human body and the value of strength training.

She started strength training in college and continued to notice results and increases in her strength beyond college. After college, she knew she wanted to be a personal trainer and change people's lives through exercise.

She came across The Perfect Workout and is grateful she did! She was in complete shock with how effective slow-motion strength training is and realized how much she was overtraining and injuring her body with other methods she used.

Now, she’s never felt stronger! The ability to change lives and do so in 20 minutes, twice a week seems like dream but she’s happy to be able to make those dreams a reality.

Courtney Andersen

Born and raised in San Diego, Courtney spent most of her childhood running from one sport to the next. Whether it was tennis, volleyball, basketball, or a competitive game of dodgeball, she would dive in headfirst ready to leave it all on the court. She has always loved any opportunity to challenge herself and grow stronger. As Courtney grew older, this drive for competition for sports transformed into a passion for health and fitness.

Because of her love for physical activity, Courtney began to pursue a degree in Health Science (Healthy Lifestyle Coaching). After graduating, she decided to become a personal trainer and got her ACE Personal Training Certification.  Courtney couldn’t wait to put her knowledge into practice! When she first heard about The Perfect Workout, she knew it was the job for her.

“The concept of slow-motion strength training blew me away. I have never tried anything like it!”

Since working at The Perfect Workout, she has loved spending time one on one with each client helping them push towards their goals.

“It makes me proud to see my clients working so hard each and every week to push towards their goal of becoming a healthier and stronger person.”

Kristi Lowery

Kristi was never much of a competitive athlete; she stumbled through track & field in middle school, giggled her way through tennis matches into high school, and despite playing rugby for two years still doesn’t understand the rules. It wasn’t until college that she started understanding the impact of strength training on her physique and mentality.

After college she found herself going through waves of staying consistent at the gym and then forgetting about it entirely. Her true passions were in nutrition and making a positive impact on people. That is why becoming a health coach was the perfect fit for her. For three years, she has been guiding people in their journey towards sustainable better health and happiness. 

From her years of study and experience, she firmly believes that building strength paired with finding the right nutrition for your body is where the magic happens. After learning the slow motion strength training method, it all clicked: this truly was the most effective and safest way to build strength, all in twenty minutes! That is why becoming a personal trainer with The Perfect Workout was a no-brainer for Kristi. It is the ultimate way that she can make an impact and help people thrive. 

“I finally found what works for me, both as an effective fitness routine that I can stick with and a fulfilling career. This workout has taught me the importance of slowing down and focusing, in and out of the studio.”

As your trainer at The Perfect Workout, Kristi not only leads you through results-driven workouts, but serves as an accountability partner and educational resource in all health-related topics, always keeping your best interest in mind. She can’t wait to meet you!

Ramona Chavez

Janee Stone

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. Janee’ graduated from the University of West Florida with a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science. She has always had a passion for health and fitness and loves helping people reach their goals.

In middle school she noticed at a young age that she had a passion for strength training and injury rehabilitation. She was always willing to help with training and creating new team drills for the injured and uninjured players.

For highschool, she attended Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. Being in the vocal department she had the opportunity to sing for the DisneyWorld Choir. She started taking piano and dance lessons but still kept her eye on her overall passion, fitness.

In college, she decided to make this passion into her career choice to help others with their fitness goals. This charming southern bell brings laughter and optimism to all her sessions.

She is looking to continue her education in nutrition and injury rehabilitation. Fun fact about her is that she used to be a disc jockey in college.

Janee’ is fun and competitive by nature, engaging in all kinds of sports, hobbies and performing comedy. Janee’ is always welcoming a new challenge. In 2016, she took a leap of faith and traveled to California to experience life on the west coast. Over the years, Janee’ has assisted friends and family all over with their fitness needs and is ready and willing to do the same for you.

Emily Elpedes

Since the age of 10, Emily has enjoyed and regularly partaken in various fitness activities including: cycling, weight training, running, high intensity interval training, kickboxing, hiking, step, and yoga. She has also dedicated three years of her life to Taekwondo and ranks today as a red belt with black stripe.

Given her exercise experience with primarily fast-paced, power driven workouts, Emily understands the potential for participant injury. Her consistent involvement in turbo-kickboxing during high-school caused wear and tear on her plantar fascia. What drew Emily to The Perfect Workout was the focus on participant safety without compromise to the efficacy of the participant’s workout. Having experienced The Perfect Workout’s slow-motion strength training herself, Emily believes and claims that, “The Perfect Workout is definitely a challenge”. She partakes in The Perfect Workout at least twice a week and can see and feel the results as a cause of doing so.

Emily highly values holistic health and is a firm believer that developing and sustaining physical fitness is a major key to living a healthy, more enjoyable life. She likes to maintain an active lifestyle not just for herself, but to be healthy and present for the ones she loves and cares for. In her free time, she loves nothing more than to spend time with her family or friends. Emily seeks to assist others in achieving their goals (fitness related or not) and aspires to share a positive outlook on exercise in relation to life.

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