Tyler Johnson

Since he was a teen, Tyler Johnson has been passionate about understanding and slowing the affects of aging. When he learned you can balance again with a healthy approach to strength training, Tyler decided to pursue a career in Personal Training.

Tyler received an opportunity to impart this knowledge (primarily in the realm of body recomposition) during his time in the military as a training officer for Marines.

Now, as a Certified Personal Trainer at The Perfect Workout, Tyler enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge with his members.

“Improving one’s own life physically is a rewarding accomplishment, and one that I hope you’ll join me in achieving.”

Patricia Cazares

Born and raised in California, Patricia Cazares grew up in Los Angeles and moved to the Bay Area to attend college at the University of San Francisco. She fell in love with the area and has called it “home” ever since. Being a true nature lover, she couldn’t part with being so close to Yosemite and so many other amazing hiking locations. 

Years back, Patricia was struggling with her weight and health. One concern in particular was her knee. It can be quite scary not being able to move in the ways that you are used to. She knew right then that things needed to change.

Learning about nutrition and applying that knowledge had a profound effect on her mental and physical health. It’s what got her hiking again and inspired her to get certified to become a personal trainer. She wanted to help others, who just like herself, have felt stuck or confused about how to move forward. 

Strength training was instrumental in getting her back to doing what she loves. Having this first-hand knowledge of the benefits, she knew that as a personal trainer she wanted to specialize in HIT strength training so when she found The Perfect Workout, she was thrilled! 

Being part of a team that works towards a unified goal, offering evidence-based training, and working with clients one-on-one to help them continue doing what they love is what Patricia finds most fulfilling. 

“There’s nothing more satisfying than a member reaching their goal, hearing a member say that they’re moving easier in their day-to-day, or being able to keep up with their kids or grandchildren and feeling great afterwards with a big smile on their face.” 

In addition to hiking and being out in nature, Patricia enjoys spending time with her family and reading in her spare time.

Adisha Kar

Adisha grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and enjoyed participating in sports such as gymnastics, figure skating, soccer, volleyball, and track and field. At eight years old she joined the competitive gymnastics team. Gymnastics eventually resulted in her fracturing her back and having a herniated disc. After struggling through two years of physical therapy, she was able to return to the sport and continued to participate in it throughout college. 

Adisha went on to get her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from UC Berkeley and is currently studying for her doctorate in physical therapy at UCSF. While in college, she became a NASM certified personal trainer to expand her knowledge of the human body.

Her own experiences in gymnastics, physical therapy, and psychology classes showed her that exercise is a gateway to the mind and revealed that movement is empowering -it can help you regain control of both your body and mind.

She loves being a part of The Perfect Workout because she believes it is the perfect example of how exercise can improve both physical and mental health. The super slow motion, high-intensity workouts are ideal because they provide an effective workout without putting much force on your joints -reducing the likelihood of injury during and after the workout.

Adisha also believes that these safe and effective workouts, although still very challenging, are more enjoyable resulting in the added benefit of reducing the stress and anxiety that many people experience daily.

“I truly love to get to know all of my members and as a personal trainer, I aspire to connect physical health with mental well-being in order to provide integrated and personalized care!”

Jeremiah DeBellis

Jeremiah has always been passionate about fitness and his interest in exercise and staying fit reached new heights during his 5 years of U.S. Naval Service.

He learned the importance of having strict focus on form and technique on any given exercise. He believes in The Perfect Workout's Super Slow-Motion Strength methodology and applies it to his and his member's workouts.

Jeremiah will find ways to lift you up when you are already down and give you the extra push to find that motivation you need.

Apart from training members, Jeremiah works full-time as a Biomedical Sharps Technician, visiting all Naval and Marine Corps clinics in San Diego County.

He looks forward to give you the most intensive 20 minute workout you will ever have!

Carlos Huerta

Carlos was born and raised in the Bay Area and has no plans of leaving. He began a career in the medical field out of high school and has always loved learning about health, fitness, and nutrition. 
His education of human anatomy and physiology has helped reinforce the benefits of slow-motion strength training. He spends most of his free time training, doing yoga, cooking, reading, meditating, and spending time with his family. 
“Being a personal trainer has helped me grow and expand my thinking. Helping others get to their strength and fitness goals, building professional and personal relationships, and sharing guidance and encouragement makes the field very rewarding.”