Christian Cardeans

With years of strength training experience and an Exercise Science background, Christian is thrilled to be training members 1-on-1 and The Perfect Workout, and helping them reshape their bodies and lives with slow-motion strength training.

Darnell Pipkin

Darnell grew up an athlete playing multiple sports all throughout school including wrestling, football, baseball, ice hockey. He received first hand education on the human body’s movements through sports and rehabilitation for sports injuries.

Once Darnell became a Certified Personal Trainer, he began working 1-on-1 with members at The Perfect Workout.

Darnell is thrilled to be helping members improve their lives. One member in particular diabetes has been reversed due to their training together. This member continues to show improvement in strength, flexibility, and overall health.

Darnell is ready to help you make it to your goals and beyond.

April Storer

Nutrition and Kinesiology student April, is passionate about health, fitness and nutrition. She received her first health book when she was a teenager and became very excited about learning how food and fitness can change our physical and mental health. 

Now, as a trainer at The Perfect Workout, April has worked with many members who have experienced success. “They love what it has done for them. One member in particular said how she can spend time with her grandchildren, picking them up and playing with them because of the workouts. I want to be there to help people get stronger so they can live their life to the fullest.”

April has also experienced some of her own personal wins in her workouts. She feels stronger ever since she started doing slow motion strength training, and doesn’t experience some of the injuries or pain she used to when weight lifting.

April's goal is to get to know you and help you achieve your goals. “I'm a good listener, but I also want to impact your life by giving you real advice and pushing you as much as you'll let me.”

“I believe you will be so grateful that you came. The benefits of this workout will amaze you!”

Nico Jean

Nico Jean was born in Bayonne France in an agritourism lifestyle. As one might expect he has developed a passion for travel and is starting to build his cultural experience having already visited 15 countries. 

He first developed his appreciation for working out when he joined his high school Water Polo team freshman year. Competing with his teammates in many different categories allowed him to develop an appreciation for pushing the body's limits in a safe and regenerative manner.

After spending 9 months in Puerto Rico working as business development for a startup company in the age reversal industry, Nico got very interested in how to maintain body health in the 3 main categories of mind, body and spirit. Learning how to prevent muscle from developing atrophy over time and keeping the body in top shape both physically and chemically has become an obsession of his and is continuously learning. 

Nico was selected to join The Perfect Workout’s team of trainers, where he now works 1-on-1 with members in the Carlsbad area.

Nico would tell anyone that wants to develop strength and stay in great shape that The Perfect Workout is the ideal workout for any age and you will see results; whether on the progress graph quantifying the gains and or seeing the difference in the mirror.

Nico’s number one focus with his 1-on-1 members is good form, pain prevention and accomplishing their health and wellness goals. Working 1-on-1 allows for customization of workouts and a quiet and distraction-free experience allowing for mind and body connection to occur.

Nico prides himself on being a smiling and joyous person by nature and likes to see his members achieve their personal goals weekly. He also is a great listener and makes anyone he talks to feel special and safe. None the less Nico will push his members every workout with his confident and motivating voice towards muscle success. He will be tough with his members for all of the 20 min in a safe and goal oriented manner.

Tosh Podella

Tosh has always been athletic, but was guilty of pushing himself too hard and getting injured. He spent his free time reading about strength training and how to improve his form and prevent more injuries. What started as a hobby turned into a realization that Tosh should put his passion for helping people and strength training into a career goal; so, he started to pursue his career in physical therapy. 

While he is still in school for physical therapy, Tosh also currently is helping people gain strength and reshape their bodies as a Personal Trainer at The Perfect Workout. 

Tosh has experienced his own personal wins with slow-motion strength training too. With a frozen shoulder from a surgery he had in 2021. Despite trying everything to regain and/or maintain mobility over the years, he can confidently say he’s already seen improvement with himself. After just his second slow-motion workout, he had more shoulder mobility than he had over the past year. 

“I’m no longer scared to squat down and pick things up because I’ve gained strength in my legs and I know my knees won’t collapse on me. Not to mention that my cardio health has improved as well.”

When it comes to his members, Tosh is 100% invested in their success. He loves that he gets to learn about each individual member while helping them achieve goals. He feels like the 1-on-1 approach allows him to tailor his coaching styles to each member which helps them get excited about their goals.

“If members like someone who is somewhat goofy while still being knowledgeable, I’m a good fit!  I’m an old soul and grew up surrounded by multiple generations and cultural backgrounds so I’m a “mixed-bag” of culture. I’m a genuine person with a long caregiving background, who truly wants to help push you to achieve your goals. I’ve always wanted to help people from as far back as I can remember. I pay attention to detail and make sure to adjust my coaching style so it’s individualized for each member.”