Adrian Walker

Adrian Walker fell in love fitness when he began power-lifting at an early age. Unfortunately, this style of exercise resulted in a serious rotator cuff injury. Luckily, Adrian got a coach that helped him rehab his shoulder through slow-motion strength training.

After high school, Adrian pursued a degree in Process Technology. When he began to work in that field, he realized he was meant for a career focused on helping others with their health. So, he decided to follow his passion of helping others through fitness and health and become a Personal Trainer.

After going through only a few sessions of The Perfect Workout, he fell in love with the program. Having already been experienced with slow-motion training, Adrian was sold on the workout, but he loved the special touch each Trainer brought to the 1-on-1 client sessions and the private environment of the studios.

Adrian completed his own Personal Trainer certification and joined the Houston team in The Woodlands studio. “To be able to share my knowledge with others and have an impact in someone’s life to help them become the best version of themselves is highly rewarding.”

When Adrian isn’t working or working out in the studio, he is out enjoying activities such as hunting, fishing, hiking, and tennis.

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