Allie Boettcher

Allie was born and raised in sunny San Diego and graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor's in Theatre. Later she received her Master's in Teaching from the University of Southern California with the goal to teach Special Education. 

Throughout her childhood she was very active, from playing sports to the performing arts. Her active background and experience in the arts motivated her to pursue performing professionally. 

After graduating from San Diego State University she performed both regionally and internationally from places like Jackson Hole Wyoming, New York, Los Angeles and even Tokyo, Japan. 

Allie had big dreams for the stage, but a few years ago she experienced chronic pain in her feet and was diagnosed with bone spurs. Since then she’s had an increase in symptoms, but after finding slow-motion strength training it has immensely decreased her inflammation and discomfort. 

As a result of her 20-minute, twice a week workouts, Allie doesn’t feel limited or unable to do the things she always loved, like dancing and performing. After spending much of her time as a patient, and even working as a Physical Therapy Aide, she has come to realize the value in strength training for overall health and wellness. 

After going through her own healing journey, Allie came to realize her calling for helping others and was selected to become a Certified Personal Trainer at The Perfect Workout.

As part of The Perfect Workout team she gets to share her passion for fitness and teach and help her clients to reach their goals.

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