April Reichert

April is a long-time resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, a native Californian that loves to stay physically active. Stronger than she was in her 20s and helping others achieve gains in all areas of their live, April is what she calls a “rain or shine” Personal Trainer. “I hit the ground running and go the extra mile for our clients. My goal is to deliver exactly what they are seeking in a Personal Trainer.”

Formerly a yoga enthusiast, April was intrigued by an exercise studio that featured slow-motion strength training. She decided to meet with the business owners to learn more about the protocol. The couple had been training by this method for a few months, and were so enthusiastic about their own results that April decided to give it a try herself.

After just a few sessions, she couldn’t believe the changes in her body composition, and from that moment on, she was completely hooked on the concept! This 20-minute, full body workout helped her quickly build lean muscle mass and she felt like her results from slow-motion strength training were superior to her yoga routine. The workout sessions were quick, challenging, productive, totally safe and she didn’t have to get all sweaty in the process!

Inspired by her own results and the belief that she could help others, she became a Personal Trainer in 2013, and earned her accreditation through IACET as a Level I Instructor. Over the next few years, she developed a devoted client base, and in 2018, after completing our extensive certification program, she was selected to be a part of The Perfect Workout’s team in Pleasanton.

April enjoys working with people of all ages and fitness levels, but particularly enjoys working with our seniors. “A lot of clients identify with a trainer of a similar age, someone who understands their body and their limitations. As a ‘mature’ instructor, I have perspective now that I didn’t have in my 20’s and 30’s. I find it particularly rewarding to assist older adults who are struggling with muscle loss, lack of balance and/or deterioration of bone tissue, helping them turn their lives around so they can tackle the simple tasks of daily living without assistance.”

One of April’s favorite client success stories was when she worked with client who had multiple sclerosis. Over time, she experienced an improved sense of well-being in addition to increased muscle strength. She knew she couldn’t reverse the diminished strength in her legs but was able to both maintain core strength and increase muscle mass in her upper-body. “It was a fulfilling experience for both of us. “

Many clients come to The Perfect Workout with chronic pain from arthritis, joint pain, or post-physiotherapy following surgery. Personal Trainers, like April, can assist them in getting them back into exercise, greatly improving their quality of life. Nobody is too old or too de-conditioned to reinvent their lives with exercise, which is one thing April loves about being a Personal Trainer. “I strive to develop a trusting and personal relationship with every client. I treat them as I would want to be treated.”

In addition to helping clients achieve a happy, healthy balance of life and fitness, April enjoys hanging out with family and friends, her kitties, cooking, gardening, riding horses, riding motorcycles, honing her culinary skills, communing with nature, collecting DIY ideas on Pinterest, anything on a tortilla, making lists, LOSING LISTS, beach outings, and collecting shells and sea glass.

As the Facility Manager of Pleasanton, April is determined to help as many clients as possible and help her studio grow. “It feels wonderful to know that your helping people to stay fit, strong and independent.”

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