Aurelio Rosas

Originally from North San Diego, Aurelio Rosas attended California State University East Bay where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. Having been in love with strength training since high school, Aurelio decided to combine a love of fitness and his fascination with people’s motivational triggers into a career as a Personal Trainer. He joined The Perfect Workout in the S.F. Bay Area and later transferred down to Rancho Bernardo where he trains today.

Having the opportunity to work with clients 1-on-1 is one of Aurelio’s favorite aspects about being a Personal Trainer at The Perfect Workout. “My client has 100% of my attention and that really allows me to hone in on their form and what their needs for that particular day are. I believe it really brings value to their training session.”

Aurelio also values the emphasis that The Perfect Workout puts on safety while exercising, and truly believes that slow-motion strength training can work for anyone. “It is a great feeling to be told you were an integral part in changing someone’s life for the better, especially when they didn’t think it was possible.”

In his free time, Aurelio likes to enjoy the company of his family and friends. Outside of strength training, his biggest interest is cars, specifically, classic American muscle cars. One of his dreams in life is to restore a classic of his own one day.

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